About Me

Hi, I'm Juniper - Certified Family Health Coach with a degree in Social Work. I am a plant based, wanderlust, world schooling mama to four wild and free, nature loving babes. You can check out my personal Instagram feed at @backroadbennetts if you want to see more of who we are.

My family’s journey to wellness started years before I even became a mama but really took a foothold when my second child was born with a slew of symptoms ranging from eczema to mood disturbances. My determination to heal his body from the inside led my family on a 2.5 journey where we finally learned that all of his symptoms were related to a gut imbalance. We rebalanced his gut and all of his symptoms went away.

When my fourth born showed similar symptoms of imbalance and overcame them with the same gut rebalancing protocol I knew I had something really powerful to share with the world.

Ever since that time I have sought to learn and educate others about the significance of our gut health.

This is how ōNLē ORGANICS was born.

ōNLē is a company curated from my heart. It is a collection of my passions. A place of creating, gathering and sharing bits of what makes my life the best it can be. A place where you can come when you need a friend, someone to hold your hand or a place to turn when you have lost hope or are looking for positive change. ōNLē is a community. A group of mamas holding hands in this sea of misinformation - trying to understand what is best for our children and how to achieve wellness. The website and social media will be an open forum for questions, conversations, and linking arms - because this journey can be exhausting and confusing.

I have worked with doctors to formulate top of the line products and rebalancing supplements to share with mamas and children. These are products and supplements that my family uses daily to regulate everything from gut bacteria to hormone balance. I have spent years curating this crunchy-mama-medicine-cabinet of mine and I stand behind its life changing effects.

The name says it all. My products ōNLē have simple ingredients in their most pure form. All products are what they are. No fillers or ingredients you cannot read.

I am not a doctor myself and do not have any certifications to diagnose, treat or cure disease. I am a mama with an experience, a woman of passion. I am on a mission to connect women and children with top quality wellness and a balanced state of existence.

Ordering from ōNLē is different. Your order will arrive on your doorstep and feel like a beautiful gift you have been longing to receive. All of my love and a big hug will be packaged up with your product into a beautiful box.

Five percent of all profits go toward programs helping mamas and children. To find out who we are collectively helping right now click here.