Beyond Survival and Getting By: Thrive With This Proven Roadmap

Beyond Survival and Getting By: Thrive With This Proven Roadmap

Are you curious about where to begin your own gut health journey? Wondering how to know when your gut is truly balanced? I've got you covered with tried and true insights and actionable tips that will enhance your life no matter if you are living in survival mode or getting by just fine.

Did you catch that? Getting by just fine? Is this you? If so . . . NO MORE! You deserve to thrive and I know you can. I know because I have supported thousands of women just like you by teaching them this exact roadmap. 

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Welcome to episode 63; Beyond Survival and Getting By: Thrive With This Proven Roadmap.

Today I want to walk you through the steps that the women and children who experience the most profound healing with ōNLē ORGANICS follow. We will of course be focusing on the gut because after all, true healing must always begin from the core of the body; the microbiome. I will answer questions like “where should you start?” and “how do you know when your gut is balanced?”

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Okay! Now, jumping into today's episode. This is going to be really helpful so you know where to begin your gut health journey, what to expect and what to do once your gut is balanced. You will leave this episode knowing the exact steps to take to heal your or your child’s body. And now if you are thinking “well I don’t really have any symptoms, I’ll skip this episode. Don’t. I promise - it’s for you too!

So?! Let’s start there. With the question of “Where to begin your or your child’s healing journey?” Maybe you or your child are struggling with symptoms of imbalance? Colic, reflux, sour smelling poop, restless sleep, behavioral outbursts, eczema, constipation or diarrhea? Recurring mastitis or uti’s, extreme PMS, hormone imbalance, bloating, headaches or acne? Maybe you know you have candida yeast overgrowth, SIBO, leaky gut or an autoimmune disease? Or maybe you are getting by just fine and you wouldn’t necessarily associate with any of these symptoms? 

If you can believe it, my answer to this question is the same for everyone. 

For optimal gut health it is always beneficial to begin with either the Children’s or Women’s Gut Rebalance Kit. Nearly our entire population has an imbalance without even knowing it. And it is estimated that 80% of our population has a gut imbalance without even knowing it. I was right there. If it weren’t for my sons gut health journey I would have never thought to rebalance my own gut. I never had any reason to believe my body was anything but healthy. Not really any symptoms, just my ADHD and infrequent cycles. But that was my norm. Or so I thought. Because I didn’t have the awareness to associate those with my gut bacteria and I was getting by just fine. Life was fine and by cultural standards - fine is good. But I got curious once I saw the profound healing in my child and what happened for me was when I rebalanced my gut, my entire life changed. I received clarity that I had never experienced before. My skin became healthier than ever before, my sleep deeper and mothering a whole lot easier. My entire outlook on life shifted. I instantly had the capacity to pursue an idea. ōNLē exists because I took that leap and rebalanced my gut. I wouldn’t have the clarity or brain capacity to run a business if my gut was how it was before. What I learned is that I lived most of my life with a minor imbalance without even knowing it. So if you are a person who is craving a deeper connection with yourself and more clarity in life - the rebalance kit will serve you beautifully. 

As for why most people live with some severity of imbalance? That will be its entire own episode because there are many contributors but for this episode, what you need to know is that no matter how intentional you are with the foods you eat and the products you bring into your home, how careful you shop, and overall how right you are doing everything - everyone is susceptible to imbalance and will benefit from doing a full Gut Rebalance Kit. 

I share this because no matter the current state of your or your child’s health - I want you to experience the same healing and transformation as the women who commit and go all in. Rebalancing your gut will clear the slate for the following suggestions. 

Now, should you subscribe to the Rebalance Kit or just purchase one? I offer subscriptions to make it convenient for women and mamas who need the convenience and recurring support. You should subscribe if you are someone who has struggled with symptoms for an extended period of time. Significant imbalances takes time to come on and it takes time to heal. If your child is really struggling, a couple back to back rebalances will be really healing. My son for example ended up having such a significant imbalance that he needed to do five back to back rebalances to fully heal his skin, allergies and behavioral outbursts. 

If you are like I was and simply curious to see how your life could be enhanced by rebalancing your gut, a one time kit might be best for you. 

Some other scenarios where a subscription might make sense for you is if you are a mama with multiple children and you are on a budget. You can split one kit among two children, get the kit on a four week subscription and be able to not only get the 15% subscription discount but also have enough product for the full rebalance for both children. This same scenario works well for a woman whose partner wants to rebalance with them and you’re on a budget. Purchase one kit on a four week subscription. Just please be aware that subscriptions are a minimum of two orders.

This leads to the next question - can men rebalance their gut? Yes! The Women’s Kit is just as effective for men and children over 100 pounds. I just have the honor of supporting mostly women so I call it the women’s Kit. 

The last thing about subscription options. There is the option to get it on a 6 month frequency. This is for the women who see the benefit of rebalancing regularly. This is what I personally do for myself, for children and husband. We proactively rebalance every six months on top of our daily maintenance that I will explain in a minute. 

Now moving on - 

How do you know when your gut is fully rebalanced? This is simple and complicated to answer. Once you get started you will think back to this and say “I totally get it now!” But trust me, you will know. Your child will be thriving in such a way that you never even knew was possible. Their skin rash or digestive issues will be completely healed and they will have the most pleasant mood you have ever witnessed. They will feel content in their bodies. And the same is true for you. If you are struggling with symptoms, they will be healed completely when your gut is fully rebalanced. If you are simply rebalancing to enhance your well-being, you will be amazed with your new brain clarity, your positive outlook on life, your quieted mind and overall feelings of contentment inside. Your life will go from either survival mode or getting by to absolutely thriving. Once you are there - your gut is fully rebalanced. 

The most common mistake people make in rebalancing their gut is not giving it enough time. So be patient. Know that healing your body is like everything in nature. It ebbs and flows. You might see massive improvements and then take a few steps back. With time though you will heal. 

If you are struggling with topical symptoms such  as skin rashes, vaginal yeast infections, inflamed and chronic diaper rash or acne - you will definitely want to add the the Balanced Bacteria Skincare Kit. This will nurture and heal your microbiome externally while the rebalance kit heals your body internally. 

One last thing to consider when you are getting started is Balance Everyday CBD for Women and Children. I will link episode 54 in the show notes for you to learn more about how this supports optimal health and balance but in brief, it nurtures balance in your digestive, nervous, reproductive and immune systems. Balance = thriving so definitely take the time to learn more about it. 

Once you place your order you will want to learn how to open your drainage pathways to prepare your body for rebalancing. Stay tuned for next week's episode because I will walk you step by step on how to do this. If you purchase a Rebalance Kit you get free access to my course The Essentials of Gut Health. You can immediately dive into the course where you will find all the guidance and support you need to succeed in your rebalance. This step is so important. The reason I created this course is because true healing and rebalancing involves more than simply incorporating supplements. I have consolidated everything I have learned over the years of my family’s gut health journey into simple actionable lifestyle shifts you need to make in order for your gut to heal.

If you are a more visual learner I created The Essentials of Gut Health Workbook for you.

You do need to be prepared for shifts and to be more in tune with yourself and child. These shifts are beautiful but sometimes call for hard life adjustments to be made. Maybe you finally trust your intuitive knowing that there is mold in your home and you need to move. Even though you can see the mold and everyone says it’s fine. Maybe you get the clarity that your child needs to be homeschooled. Maybe you get really clear on a big dream and it’s time to pursue it. Who knows what comes from this. But what is certain is that when you balance your microbiome you support your body and soul in doing and being exactly where you are supposed to be. You were born with a purpose. Your child was born with a purpose. You are on purpose. This is your opportunity to nurture yourself and your child so you can show up for it. 

Don’t skip any steps. I have created my supplements and bundles and cookbook, workbook and course to make it as easy as possible for you but ultimately you have to be committed. It takes work and if you aren’t willing to go all in, please don’t even waste your time. Your healing relays on your commitment to the process and I am here to support women who are fully committed. I am never going to sell the false illusion that it’s easy. It takes work and I want it so much for you but YOU have to be the one to do the work. 

Now once your gut is balanced you are naturally going to feel like “yes!” I did it!! I’m done”. But this is the second most common mistake people make. The first is not giving healing the time it needs and the second is viewing gut health as an over and done thing. It’s not. We are exposed to chemicals, pesticides and toxins every single day in our food, air and water and no matter how mindful we are, we must intentionally maintain our balance. 

So this is where you might consider subscribing to the Gut Health Maintenance Bundle. A small dose of the supplements daily maintains your balance and prevents parasites from moving in.

This completes the full journey. To recap it, start with the Rebalance Kit, prepare your drainage pathways, commit to the course and track your rebalance with the booklet that comes with it. Repeat this as many times as needed. Once your gut is fully healed subscribe to the Maintenance  Bundle. Give yourself this and you will be completely blown away by how enhanced your quality of life is. Nurture balance today to prevent future disease. Live for right now! Don’t wait. Because waiting is delaying your born given purpose and the world is counting on you! We are all interconnected and you nurturing you and your child will radiate in ways beyond comprehension right now. 

Thank you so much for joining me! I will be back next week. 

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