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My naturopath had me rebalance my gut while pregnant and into my breastfeeding journey. And my midwife fully approved. I have full trust in the safety of all ōNLē products in any stage of life and I believe in the power of educating women so they can make their own intuitive choices. Please listen to The Safety of Rebalancing Your Gut While Pregnant and Breastfeeding podcast episode for more guidance and information on the safety of rebalancing your gut.

The Kit is designed for children between 4 months and 100 pounds.

If your child is younger than 4 months and experiencing signs of imbalance this is an indication that you passed an imbalanced onto your child during birth. You can heal both you and your child with the Women's Gut Rebalance Kit.  

If your child is over 100 pounds, the Women's Rebalance Kit will be the most effective for them. It contains the same supplements, just a different dosage.

This is called die-off. It is where the bad bacteria and yeast in you or your child's body is literally dying and whatever your prominent symptoms of imbalance are - they may get worse before they get better. This Die-off podcast episode will be really supportive to you.

Balance CBD supports your endocannabinoid system. This system helps keep all of your other bodily systems in balance. A balanced body equals a thriving body. I recommend listening to the Everything You Need to Know About CBD podcast episode to learn how CBD works in the body and how to source one safe for children.

My midwife suggested that I incorporate it while I was pregnant with my fourth baby and based on her recommendation, the information our naturopath shared and my own research I felt confident giving it to my baby from birth and continue to give it to all four of my children every single day.

Again, I encourage you to learn all about CBD so that you can share the same confidence I had in taking it while pregnant and breastfeeding. Please listen to the Everything You Need to Know About CBD podcast episode to empower yourself with knowledge.

Cleanse does not metabolize in the body. It is excreted through your urine within 24 hours. It is not classified as a heavy metal because it is not toxic to the body. Please listen to the All Things Silver Supplements podcast episode to learn all about silver. The more you know the stronger of a leader you will be for your family's wellness.

No. Cleanse is very different from colloidal silver. By nature silver is very acidic. Colloidal simply means "tiny particle suspended in purified water". This makes colloidal silver very acidic and hard on the gut. Cleanse is an alkaline silver making it gentle on the gut and intended for daily use. Please listen to The Difference Between Cleanse and Colloidal Silver podcast episode to learn more.

Nourish is a spore-forming probiotic meaning that the bacteria are dormant while encapsulated. When you consume the capsule the bacteria wake up and germinate making them very potent and effective. Listen to Is Your Probiotic Actually Doing Anything podcast episode to learn everything you need to look for in a probiotic to make it worth your time and money.

You simply open the capsule and mix the powder with Cleanse, water or breastmilk. Let sit for a few minutes and it will fully dissolve. Some mamas even like mixing it and Cleanse in a little bit of organic applesauce. You really can't do it wrong.

Disclaimer: I always want to be very transparent that I am not a licensed medical professional. The recommendations I make are based on my own personal experience in supporting my family. I am here to educate you on the significance of your family's gut health and empower you to be the intuitive leader of your family. YOU always know best.

The quality supplements that make up my shop are the ones I used to heal my child's gut imbalance. I have personally worked to formulate these supplements with the help of doctors and manufactures.