Why We're in the Midst of a Microbiome Epidemic

Why We're in the Midst of a Microbiome Epidemic


We do everything right, so why are we still struggling with symptoms? Why do our children have eczema, chronic colds and ear infections? Why do we women suffer from extreme PMS, fatigue, migraines and/or lack the oomph we so greatly desire? Uncover the hidden factors behind unexplained health issues and learn why the majority of the population is unknowingly living with a gut bacteria of some severity.

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Welcome to Episode 65; Why We're in the Midst of a Microbiome Epidemic

I hear it every single day. “We eat healthy in our family, we don’t use chemical cleaners, I have never given my child antibiotics. I am doing everything right so why is my child struggling with all of these symptoms?” Or “why am I sick? I totally relate to this question of why. I was one of you asking the exact same questions. In this episode we are going to talk about why the majority of the population has a gut bacteria imbalance of some severity. Most people will live their entire life either getting by just fine because they don’t even know they have a minor imbalance or suffering from symptoms that eventually lead to disease. But you are here and this sets you apart. Today you are going to learn why it is absolutely necessary to intentionally create an environment for your microbiome to thrive. This will not happen on its own in our modern world. So let's jump into why this is and what you can do about it. 

Here are the reasons why imbalance is so common. Why you or your child might be struggling even though you are doing everything right. 

First, Our ancestral diets consisted of whole foods, rich in fiber and a spectrum of nutrients. Modern diets lean heavily on processed foods, refined sugars, and unhealthy fats. This shift has led to a decline in beneficial bacteria nourished by fiber and plant compounds, which gives harmful bacteria the opportunity to flourish. Not only this, but these processed foods actually even go as far as feeding the bad bacteria, yeast and parasites in your body. This is your invitation to take the leap! Stop buying processed foods and commit to the health and well-being of your family. Make it a family value. Make it fun. Choose to see your commitment as an empowering choice. You get to choose this and own it. 

The second reason: The beneficial environmental bacteria that our ancestors got in abundance from fruit, vegetables and grains without ever having to think about it is next to extinct. Chemicalized Farming practices, characterized by the heavy use of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers, have destroyed the balance of our environment. This not only affects the food we consume but also the surrounding ecosystems, diminishing the availability of the diverse microorganisms that once enriched our surroundings. When you are growing your own garden, make sure you buy organic soil that doesn’t contain roundup in it. Make sure the seeds or starters are organic. Encourage microbiotic life to grow in your body, home and garden. 

The third contributor is part of chemicalized farming. GMOs and the herbicide Roundup (glyphosate). GMOs contain built-in pesticides, affecting not only harmful insects but also beneficial bacteria in our gut when we consume them. Meanwhile, Roundup is directly linked to microbiome imbalances by killing off beneficial bacteria and promoting the growth of harmful ones. There was a recent comprehensive study done on hundreds of very mindful eaters around the world. These are people who consider themselves “non-gmo”. They shop locally and organically. 100% of them showed significant amounts of glyphosate in their urine. The United States alone uses 800,000,000 pounds of roundup every single year! Not only for agriculture but on the grass in parks, on the boulevard in front of your house. So even if you are really mindful like the participants in this study, you are still exposed. It is in the air, in the rain, our water is highly contaminated and it. Is of course on our food. This is heavy information but awareness is power and I have more to share on this soon but I am partnering in a movement where you can get roundup banned from your county. I will share more as soon as I can. But to emphasize how serious this is; 1 in every 1.2 dogs die of cancer today. This is directly connected to the timeline of GMO foods being incorporated in pet food. This is serious! What can you do? Strictly commit to organic as much as you possibly can. 

The next contributor. Antibiotic Overuse: While antibiotics have revolutionized medicine, their rampant overuse and misuse creates unintended consequences for the microbiome. These drugs not only target pathogens but also wreak havoc on beneficial bacteria, leading to imbalance. Stock your medicine cabinet with products like Cleanse that can be used as your first line of defense. Cleanse nurtures your good bacteria while destroying the bad. It is the product that has prevented my four children from ever needing antibiotics. It works wonders for ear infections, strep throat, pink eye and so many other things that antibiotics are so readily prescribed for. 

Another contributor is over sanitization. Sanitation practices have undeniably advanced public health, yet they limit our exposure to diverse microorganisms. This deficiency in exposure compromises the development of your internal resilient and diverse microbiome, potentially contributing to an uptick in allergies and autoimmune disorders. I am all about washing hands and wiping counters. But it is so important to use plant-based cleaners and microbiome friendly soaps.

I have two more contributors. Next is stress and Lifestyle Factors: the chronic stress that we experience today, insufficient sleep, and sedentary lifestyles reshape the composition of the microbiome, again favoring the growth of bad bacteria linked to inflammation. Fresh air, meditation and exercise are not a luxury. They are necessary when it comes to nurturing your microbiome and therefore your overall well-being. 

Lastly, Treated Chlorinated Water: Just about every town and city treats the water. This is wonderful as it rids the water of harmful pathogens, but it simultaneously eliminates the beneficial bacteria in the water and not only that but the chlorine in the treated water actually kills the good bacteria in your body. It is so important to invest in a nano water filtration system that can filter out the chlorine. I am working on getting a discount code to share because I know it can be an investment but I highly recommend the Berkey Water Filter. Pack your own water on outings and just be mindful when it comes to the water you consume.  

Your microbiome impacts your digestive health, your ability to absorb nutrients in the foods you eat and it regulates your immune system. A balanced microbiome is essential for producing neurotransmitters that influence your mood and mental well-being. Not to mention your Metabolic Health: An imbalanced microbiome has been linked to obesity and metabolic syndrome. Imbalance causes inflammation and every health professional agrees that disease stems from inflammation. Your hormones and microbiome are intricately entwined and an imbalance in one means an imbalance in the other. Your skin, sleep, mood, outlook on life - literally every part of you is connected to the health of your microbiome. 

Many of the things we talked about in this episode are out of our control. It is so so important that we take the steps we can to nurture balance in ourselves and families by shopping, cleaning, eating and drinking mindfully. And the most powerful thing you can do is supplement to nurture balance. If you haven’t already, please listen to episode 63; Beyond Survival and Getting By: Thrive With This Proven Roadmap to learn exactly where to start with supplementing. 

Thank you for joining me today. If you haven’t already, please leave a review and subscribe to the show. Can’t wait to be back next week! 

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