The Number One Thing That Either Preserves or Robs Time

The Number One Thing That Either Preserves or Robs Time

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Welcome to episode 36; The Number One Thing That Either Preserves or Robs Time. 

Happy new year! I hope you had a wonderful end to 2022 and are as excited for 2023 as I am! I am coming back from my first ever break from my business, ōNLē ORGANICS, and I am feeling refreshed, recharged and so full of inspiration. The idea for this episode came to me in the wee hours of the night the other night and I couldn’t shake it. This happens often - where I startle awake from a deep sleep with an unshakable inspiration. Does this happen to you? Over the years I have come to understand and embrace this unavoidable phenomenon. The more balanced my gut is the more connected and in tune I am with my soul and intuition and the powerful universe. When the world is silent and still the universe whispers to me. She channels wise messages that I either need to personally hear or share with the world. 

If you experience this, I invite you to see these middle of the night inspirations as channeled messages straight from the universe. Tap in and graciously accept them without resistance. 

Something I have learned that has been really powerful and helpful is that when I startle awake with these inspirations - if I fight them, I am unable to hear the message and sleep is restless the remainder of the night. I feel uneasy the next day because my conscience mind knows there is something I was supposed to know but unfortunately allowed my mind to close the door on the universe. Sleep is of course incredibly valuable as a mama and it’s natural to let our minds resist and even dread nighttime wakings. 

But when you surrender and humbly listen - the messages are clear and precise. They are not an interruption to your sleep, they are a gift to your soul and life. The universe wants you to rest, trust that she always has your best interest in mind. She will only awake you when she knows there is a message that will benefit your life. And when you pause to listen and embrace her messages, she will feel heard and ultimately your sleep will be better. 

Something else I have learned is that it is important to immediately write these channeled messages down or your brain will repeat the idea over and over throughout the night in an attempt to remember the wisdom that was shared. And! Of course this leads to restless sleep and you usually end up forgetting. Where as if you write it down, your brain doesn’t have to remember anything and can call right back to sleep. 

If this is a new concept to you I am so excited for you to experience it. And I know you will. Begin by focusing on your gut. The more balanced your gut is the more clarity you will have within your mind, body and soul. Once your gut is balanced you will receive divine wisdom that will guide you toward your most unstoppable life.

Anyway, today is my second child’s birthday. As I am sure they are for you, my children’s birthdays are so darn sentimental to me. They highlight the rapid passing of time. He is nine and I can’t even believe it. This means that as a family we have now been on our gut health journey for nine whole years. Of course, the first 2.5 of those we were in the dark as to what was causing all of his symptoms but oh my sweet love. He came into our lives and just like every child, brought all of his powerful magnificence and completely changed our lives. I am here today, hosting this podcast to share the awareness and knowledge that he has so generously gifted me.

I want you to hear this message right now. There isn’t a single part of our children’s existence that is a mistake. Not even when they experience hard times that rattle our mama hearts beyond comprehension. My child’s symptoms were a gift. An invitation from his body to teach me about the foundation of human wellness so that I could learn how to heal his body. Every bit of knowledge that I share with you on this podcast is thanks to him. He is a powerful force that has gifted not only our family but now thousands of others the awareness of how significant our gut health is. 

The first 2.5 years of his life are a complete blur. In many ways it feels that those 2.5 precious years were robbed from us. Which leads perfectly into what todays episode is really about. The number one thing that either preserves or robs time. 

For better or for worse, I am one of those people who is very aware of the passing of time. 

I see it and measure it daily. Not in an obsessive way but I live my life with the awareness of how valuable time is and that every season of life consists of a limited amount of time. 

I am committed to preserving this current season of my life, motherhood with my children at home with me. I want to be in this season for as long as I possibly can be and my sons journey has taught me a magical way of nearly pausing time to embrace what is right here right now. 

The health of you and your child’s gut is the number one thing that either preserves or robs time. 

When your child’s gut is imbalanced sleep is restless and you are utterly sleep deprived. Life is really hard. In infancy and early childhood your child is more fussy and they are not content in their body. As they get older they experience behavioral outbursts that leave you rattled and so confused. You are doing everything right in life. You are conscience about the foods you feed your family and the cleaning products you bring into your home. You are a hands on, gentle mama yet no matter what you do - it’s never enough. Your child is a mess. Which means your life is a mess. Sickness sweeps through your home every other week, your child only wants to eat foods that you know aren’t nurturing their growing body and darn it! You are lost. You just want this time to pass because it’s so hard but not really because what you really want is to just be able to enjoy your child and motherhood but it feels impossible. All of this and we haven’t even mentioned all of the other symptoms that are connected with a gut imbalance. Itchy rashes, colic, reflux, unhealthy digestion, allergies and food intolerances and speech, growth and developmental delays. 

When you as a mama have a gut imbalance your sleep is restless. And not in a positive let’s receive messages from the universe kind of way. You experience hormone fluctuations and have extreme PMS, possibly experience miscarriages or infertility and your mood is all over the place. You feel down and you know you should be happy but you just can’t find yourself. You are trapped and again, we haven’t even covered the symptoms that are commonly connected to an imbalance. Throw migraines, recurring uti, mastitis, anxiety and depression, itchy rashes, vaginal yeast infections, weight retention, achy joints and allergies into the mix and woowee! You are disconnected from your intuition and feel like you are drowning.

Imbalance is a thief of time. 

Any severity of imbalance is a thief. Maybe I just described your life perfectly or maybe it’s isn’t quite so extreme. Maybe you or your child have only a minor gut imbalance. You are doing just fine. Not great but you are getting by well enough and society says you should be grateful for a life that is just enough. Well, my friend. I disagree with this. You deserve to live your absolute best life and you can have so much more than settling for fine. 

I have lived most of my life feeling fine. I didn’t even know it. I thought life was good but my sons experience opened up the opportunity for me to learn otherwise. Once we learned how to heal his symptoms by rebalancing his gut life changed. Time slowed down and I was able to savor every second of it with pure bliss. 

And not only because we healed his gut which healed his body and made it so he slept really deeply, woke up with a pleasant mood, potty trained himself, developed smooth and healthy skin and began craving nourishing foods. But because he opened my mind to the power of our gut health. 

It took me time to piece it all together and after we had the opportunity to heal our fourth baby of many of the same symptoms by rebalancing his gut I realized the the magnitude of what was at our fingertips. Everything we had done to heal our children was so gentle with zero negative side effects. It hit me hard one day. Why wouldn’t we all, as a whole family, focus on our gut health everyday? Instead of it just being this healing method that we followed to get back on track, why wouldn’t we adopt it as a preventative and intentional lifestyle? So we did an experiment and this is when I realized that I had lived most of my life feeling fine. Even during and after healing my two children’s guts I never suspected my gut was anything other than healthy. But stepping in and intentionally nurturing my gut by avoiding the few foods that are disruptive to the gut flora and taking a small amount of the balancing supplements we had given our children, and I became a new version of myself. 

My life changed from being fine to being better than I ever knew was possible. The way I feel in my body is different. The clarity of my mind, the glowing and radiant skin that I always dreamed of having that is just naturally part of me now, my patience and ability to strongly lead my family. 

Learning how to balance my child’s gut not only healed his body but it slowed time down. Intentionally nurturing balance within my whole family has helped me preserve time. Our days are long in the most beautiful of ways. I go to sleep at night and can’t wait to wake up to a new day because we get to do it all over again and again. We get to be in each others presence and you need to know. I homeschool our four children so when I say we get to be together I mean together! We are together all day everyday and it is not only possible but incredibly enjoyable because our guts are balanced. Because we intentionally cultivate health and happiness from the inside of our bodies and it radiates outward.

A living being does not have symptoms for no reason. Symptoms are the body communicating that something isn’t right and when the foundation of the body is not addressed true healing can not and will not be available. You were born to live your best life. You were not born to settle with fine or to get by. This is your life. Right here. Right now! TODAY! 

If you are looking to begin your gut health journey I would like to invite you to explore my adult and children’s gut rebalance kits. This kit contains all the supplements you will need to do a 64 day rebalance cycle. It is time to claim your health and happiness. To intentionally curate the life that you dream of and deserve. To get the absolute most out of your time in the phase of life you are currently in and your life as a whole. Design your life now. Don’t wait. You, beautiful mama, are worth it! And your best life is waiting for you to take action. The same transformation that me and my family have experienced is available to you. I say this with absolute confidence because over 2500 other mamas have now not only healed their children but have found themselves sinking into the new found level of thriving that comes with nurturing gut balance. 

Also! When you purchase this kit you will now get free access to my brand new course; The Essentials of Gut Health. This course teaches you everything else you need to know about cultivating balance in addition to the supplements. This course is so crazy valuable but I am gifting it to you when you purchase the Rebalance Kit because I want nothing more than for you to experience the amazing state of balance that helps preserve time and you stepping into the best version of yourself. You will automatically get access to course when you purchase either the children’s or adults Rebalance Kit. I will link the kit in the show notes if you want to explore it. 

Alrighty! I am going to get going. We have a tradition in our family where I take the birthday child on a 1:1 date on their birthday. They get to plan the entire day. They receive a small gift from my and my husband Ty but the real gifts come from their siblings. I want to do everything I can to foster love and friendship among them so I let them shower each other with one gift straight from their heart. This birthday tradition has made birthdays so so special. I get to spend quality time with the child that I birthed however many years before and savor the amazing human they are. Just wanted to share this tradition before hopping off. It has helped me deeply enjoy my children birthdays. Where as before I always felt so lonely and disconnected. I would be busy cooking food and preparing a party and I didn’t have time to connect with my child on the most sentimental day of the year. Our bodies and hormones remember giving birth and it is so important we satisfy our need for connection. Birthdays are about you too, mama. Make them count. 

Sending you a hug, I will see you next week. 

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