Healing Children’s Sleep, Behavioral Issues and Focus with Bridget

Healing Children’s Sleep, Behavioral Issues and Focus with Bridget

It’s so easy to measure the healing of visual symptoms like skin rashes, constipation and diarrhea. It gets a lot harder to measure the improvement of your mood, sleep or your children’s behavior. These tend to be symptoms that when they are present they are all consuming but as soon as they go away, you hardly remember how challenging they were. You can’t take pictures or compare side by side. But when you witness the transformation like our guest, Bridget, did in her son - you sing it from the rooftops.

Our gut health is so intimately connected to our mood, behavior, thought processes and focus. I cannot wait for you to hear how rebalancing helped Bridget get her son back.

This is a statement that I hear often from mamas . . . “I got my child back!”

As mothers, we are oftentimes the only ones who know with certainty that our children are not themselves. Everyone else can tell us “oh that’s just how boys are” or “all kids experience hyper active symptoms at times”. This can be so isolating when we intuitively know differently. We know something is wrong and we desperately want to help them but society’s way of normalizing symptoms, prolongs our journey. 

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Juniper (00:00)
Today we have Bridgette here to share her son's healing journey with you. I remember I was laying in bed snuggling my boys and I got a voice message from you on Instagram saying how you have your son back and every time.

I hear a mama say that it sends chills up and down my body because that is like those few words exactly describe what happened when we healed our son. I got my son back and I'm so excited to hear your story and to share with our listeners because a lot of times someone like you, your voice is so much stronger than mine. You know, me experiencing this healing is one thing and then sharing it, but

to then hear others like yours. Like your son's transformation is so powerful. So I'm first really, really grateful for your time and for you accepting the invitation to come on the show and share your story. And I can't wait to get to know more about you and to hear more of your story. So will you just start by introducing your stealth and then we can move into your story.

Bridget Ryno (01:14)
Yeah, of course. Well, I want to say thank you for asking me and thank you for taking the time to listen to the voice message that I sent you. I felt just compelled that you needed to know how much your sharing, your story, and your products have helped us. So thank you for that immensely. Like I will not be able to tell you thank you enough. yeah, I'm Brigid, cosmetologist. I own my own salon. I have two young kids. My

My son is seven and my daughter is five and we live in a rural ranching community. So I grew up in the ranching area. We live 18 miles from my parents so we frequent down there and get to still partake in all of those activities and stuff too. So yeah.

Juniper (01:59)
That is amazing and so special. I didn't realize that you owned your salon and that we share that together as business owners, which is really, really something special and speaks about the messages that you sent me. Because when you get to hear someone's story and how your work impacts their life, that is like the fuel that just keeps you going. And as...

Bridget Ryno (02:13)

Juniper (02:27)
someone else who owns and runs a business, you know how hard it is and the dedication that it takes. And, and then being able to celebrate the transformation is absolute, is such a gift. And so this is a very mutual conversation here of, we are together celebrating the transformation of your son. So will you share his story? Like when, when maybe just kind of his life story.

Bridget Ryno (02:50)

Juniper (02:57)
of when you noticed his body wasn't thriving.

Bridget Ryno (03:03)
So I didn't get into like the cleaner style of living until after I had my son and was having like some of my own issues going on. Mine started with mascara. That's a completely different, completely different topic, but it led me to dig and come full circle into where we were at. So after I had my son, I had started with a cosmetic company who is...

focused on clean living, our stuff is European standard based, so very clean. So learning through there, I learned to look at different things within your body, how your body's functioning, how it's not functioning, what triggers you, what doesn't trigger you. And when I never really noticed a lot of stuff with Huxley until he was probably five and it was like he would be

sensitive to sugar. So we're just like, okay, we're not gonna do like the artificial sugars, whatever. We're gonna look into, you know, honeys and pure maple syrups and stuff like that and start baking with things like that. So limited the candy and things like that. And then it really came like full circle last summer. We discovered that Huxley can't do red food dye, the red 40, which I'm sure lots of you know lots of different things about red 40. So we just...

We had an episode when we were camping with my husband's family that they got to experience themselves. He turns it, we like to compare him to the purple minion, the little crazy purple minions off of the minion movies. He goes nuts, bounces off the walls, is mouthy and talks back and he doesn't listen. And it's like within 10 minutes of him having it and he just goes bonkers. So yes.

Juniper (04:54)
So really quick, can I ask a question? So is this like when you first started when he was five and you first started noticing he had a reaction to sugars, was it similar reactions as the Red Di -40?

Bridget Ryno (05:07)
He would just get really hyper. Like it's almost like um We gave him a bug juice. They're really bad like super bad there I don't even know how many more times sugar is in those than there needs to be but my Husband's cousin had bought him a bug juice and we lived an hour from town They didn't even make it 17 miles and he was like vibrating like you could just see him vibrating in his chair and in his car seat and Chase his cousin looks at me and he goes

What happened? I said, what did you let him drink? Well, I gave him a bug juice. I said, you can't do that. And I said, it's like you're shaking up a pop bottle and you're just waiting for it to explode. Like that is the biggest comparison I can do for him. And he's like, I will not do that again. I said, go get an apple juice or orange juice or a milk next time. Like good grief. So.

Juniper (05:48)

I'm sorry.

Bridget Ryno (06:01)
Yeah, we noticed he definitely reacts more if it's like a sugar based like a candy or a gummy or something like that versus if it's a carb based so like chips. He doesn't have the reaction. He'll get mouthy, but he won't get defiant like he does with the sugar and bounce off the walls. He'll just get more mouthy, which I know he's seven and that's also, but yeah.

Juniper (06:24)
Interesting. So it's like a combination between the Red Dye 40 and the sugar.

Bridget Ryno (06:30)
Yep, yep, yep. And then my daughter is the opposite way. She gets mean. She gets really mean. Like, yeah, she talks back and she just she has no filter. And she'll say really cutting. I mean, she's five. So they're cutting coming out of a five year old's mouth and, you know, stuff like that. But yeah, he goes just hyper and crazy and she just gets really, really mean.

Juniper (06:36)


So someone who is listening and maybe they don't know a whole lot about Red Dye 40, can you tell us just a few things that you...

Bridget Ryno (07:04)
So I learned that it will make kids seem like they have ADD or ADHD. Our biggest thing was like Huxley wouldn't listen. I would tell him something and he just, bloop! Like you could, he would look at me, but it's like it just went in one ear and out the other. And then you would repeat it and it would be in one ear and out the other. And then you'd have to holler at him and he's like, why are you yelling at me? And then he'd get like rude.

And just not listen at all. And I'm like, dude, you have to like, you don't want to yell that you need to listen to me. Well, you didn't tell me anything. And then like focusing at school, he would bring papers home from school. And I mean, he brings lots of papers home. Um, 19, 20, 30 problems wrong. And I'm like, dude, what are you doing? Well, I just got in a hurry. And I'm like, you were doing first grade math at age.

You're in first grade now. This should not be an issue for you. So he was having lots of trouble at school and he's a very smart kid. I mean all parents are gonna say their kids are smart, but very smart kid. Flew through kindergarten without any... his big problem he has is being quiet and listening, but just he couldn't focus and he wasn't sleeping. Like he'd fight with us to go to sleep too. So yeah.

Juniper (08:29)
This is just like stirring up so much for me because I mean, my child, he was two and a half when we healed him, but there is something very similar of, you know, for us, it was, I mean, our son had a very severe gut imbalance and there it is something that is so hard to explain because like a skin symptom, like a huge red inflamed rash, that's like,

very visual, you can see that something is wrong. It is so much harder to communicate how much our gut health impacts our children's behavior and their focus and their ability to really listen and to thrive behaviorally and mentally and emotionally because it's not as visual. And I feel like as a culture,

Bridget Ryno (08:59)
Yep. Yep.


Juniper (09:26)
The majority of people live with an imbalance and it has become very normalized for children to have ADHD, have ADHD symptoms and be medicated or to just get by or just really, really struggle. And that what you said where like you would ask him to do something and he would look at you and it's like.

Bridget Ryno (09:40)

Juniper (09:55)
purposefully not listening or purposefully doing the opposite. It is a defiance that we as moms, we know that is not who our child is, but there is something really powerful happening inside their body. And it's like, you can see this like little spark in their eye where you can just tell like, oh man, they're on fire right now. This is not going to go well.

Bridget Ryno (10:00)

Juniper (10:24)
And when the body is balanced, that doesn't exist. And so, okay. So you made this connection between sugar and Red Dye 40, and then what happened?

Bridget Ryno (10:25)

No, it doesn't.

So I had followed your account. And so again, back to my makeup group, one of my very good friends there had shared that her family was taking your cleanse and that they had went through about a sickness and took the Nourish. And I was like, oh, cool, click follow, you know, whatever, forgot about it. And then I had one of your posts popped up and it was like checking all of the boxes to what I had going on with Huxley. And I was like, I need to look at.

Like I need to look at this. So we got, I looked at your stuff multiple times, put it on the back burner.

And I was like, we've got way too much stuff going on. You're, you know, you're talking out of turn and you're not listening at school and you're having issues at school. And like, I had saw your post and I said, no, we're gonna, we're gonna start. And he goes, okay. And we were noticing stuff like the second night of him taking it that second night, he took it that third morning, he woke up and he comes to me and goes, mom, I'm sleeping better.

And I didn't tell him like anything that could happen. Like I was just like, well, we're just going to see what happens. We're going to see what he tells me. And that morning he's like, mom, I'm, I'm sleeping better.

Bridget Ryno (00:00)
so we ordered the children's, the Rebalance Kit. So it has the Nourish and the Cleanse in it. And I didn't tell him what any of like the side effects could be that he would have or anything that we would see. So he was on his second night, took it. And that third morning he got up and he looks at me and he goes, Mom, I can sleep better.

I just like looked at him and I was like what? He goes, I can sleep better since taking my stuff. I said, oh okay well that's a good thing. Yeah I was shocked that he was already noticing that fast that he was feeling better. So then we go to... I think it was right before...

four parent teacher conferences. So at this point, he had been on it for like two and a half going on three weeks. And he comes like super excited when he comes running to me after school. And he's like, I have to show you something. I have to show you something. I have to show you something when we get home. And I'm like, okay. So we get home and he's like tearing his backpack apart. And I'm like, what are you doing?

Juniper (01:00)

Bridget Ryno (01:21)
And he digs out all of his papers and he has like six papers and he goes, look, look, look, look, look. And he hands me his papers and he doesn't have a single thing wrong on any of his papers. And I looked at him and this makes me emotional. So, sorry, I figured this has been how many months now it wouldn't. But he goes, mom, I can think better. And I sat there and I bawled my eyes out.

Juniper (01:32)


Bridget Ryno (01:48)
because I was like, how long have you been dealing with feeling like this? And you weren't able to communicate that to me. After that point in time, I could tell him something, okay, and off he would go. He wouldn't fight with me to go to bed anymore. I mean, he'd come in and I forgot to tell you this or I forgot to tell you that, but when you would tell him to go to bed, it wasn't a fight. And it just, like we got him back.

Juniper (02:17)

Bridget Ryno (02:17)
And it just, it's, if more parents could see what something so small can do for their child to just balance that, like his eating habits have even gotten better. Like he likes broccoli and peppers now. He didn't like broccoli or peppers before at all. And he asks for fruits and, I mean, they've always loved fruits, but he's asking for vegetables more now. And he wouldn't before because his little body is craving the nourishing foods that it needs.

not the crap that it was having before.

Juniper (02:46)

Yeah. Oh my gosh, this is such a, uh, an amazing conversation to have because like we were saying earlier, these are symptoms that can define a child. And we as moms inside, we intuitively know like this doesn't seem right, but outside voices are our parents, our neighbors are the school systems. Like,

Bridget Ryno (02:52)

Juniper (03:19)
This has become so normalized for our children to feel so disconnected and off inside And when our gut bacteria is imbalanced, it causes so much inflammation in the body and the gut -brain connection becomes so blurry. For our children, it is like...

Bridget Ryno (03:35)
Mm -hmm.

Juniper (03:39)
their nervous system inside is just like bouncing off the walls and chaotic. And so what we're seeing on the outside is what is really happening on the inside. And how incredible that in such a short period of time, you got to experience this and see this. I also remember you in the message that you sent me, your daughter had gotten the influenza and he didn't get it.

Bridget Ryno (04:04)

No, he did not get sick in our family. Like I have a crap immune system, which I'm, I'm, you know, discovered. So my daughter and I are, we just started your, uh, the nourishing cleanse, um, because we were starting to see some of the same things with her. And, um, normally if something like that would go through our family, we would all get it. Well, minus my husband, I don't know if he has an iron gut or something. He's just weird, but.

Juniper (04:20)
Oh yay!

Bridget Ryno (04:36)
Like she was sick. We had to go get fluids at the hospital sick. Like she was sick sick sick for a week. being in that whole system of just making sure that we were drinking plenty of water.

and making sure we weren't getting tired. We went to bed earlier than we normally would, but I fully attribute him not getting it. And it was going through the school. Like there was a hundred kids out the one day. So it was going through, he never got it like at all. Him or I, I mean, I got sick later, but we were at our house and that's a different, that's a different topic. There's some agitations there that I can't be there. So yeah, it's just, it's insane to me. Like I said, something so small.

Juniper (05:01)


Bridget Ryno (05:18)
can be so beneficial in so many more ways than just, you know, just, well, it's your health, but so many different aspects of your health.

Juniper (05:27)
Absolutely. And I, oh my gosh, I could like go in deeper and deeper on all of the parts, like the focus, the sleeping, the, just like the calmness of a child who has a balanced gut is like, you can't really put it into words, but there is a different energy in that child and it's contentment, it's feeling.

Bridget Ryno (05:47)

Juniper (05:56)
content inside their bodies. And when you get to experience that as a mom, it is the most beautiful, amazing thing. And so for me, my child went from so many behavioral, emotional, developmental issues to suddenly being a very calm and content and happy child. And...

Bridget Ryno (05:59)
Mm -hmm.

Juniper (06:22)
You know, for him, he suddenly decided to potty train himself, which is really, really common with children who are rebalancing. No matter their age, they will suddenly just like feel this strong sense of self that there's like, well, I'm going to do these things that just make sense. And I love that you got to experience. And by the way, I love his name. I've never heard Huxley before. That's so cute. Yeah.

Bridget Ryno (06:49)
Thank you. Yeah, we have Huxley and Paxley.

Juniper (06:53)
Oh, so cute. I really like that. How long has your daughter been taking cleanse and nourish?

Bridget Ryno (06:55)
Yeah, they're different. Well, thank you.

Um, we let's see, I think we're on our first week after like your boost your four your four days. So we're just we're just getting

Juniper (07:10)

Bridget Ryno (07:13)
And um,

I had asked Huxley, because I had saw your, I think it was on your poster in your forum that you send when you do the kits, about the taste of the cli - and he goes, when he first started and Paxley said the same thing, she's like, I don't like it, it's sour. And I was like, what? Well, then I took it, I'm like, oh, I see what he means. And then so I asked, I asked him, I said, was this sour?

Juniper (07:26)


Bridget Ryno (07:42)
when you started and he goes yeah. I said what's it taste like now? It's sweet. So yeah.

Juniper (07:47)
Isn't that so wild? I love that you're talking about that here. I don't know that I've ever talked about this on the podcast, but what happens

is an alkaline based silver. So when you take it, if your body's pH levels are off, you will taste the alkaline part of the cleanse. And so it'll taste very strong. Whereas when,

Bridget Ryno (08:11)

Juniper (08:13)
Balancing your gut also helps balance your body's pH levels. And so as you work through the rebalance, it'll start to taste like water or it will become slightly sweet. And so that's really cool that he noticed that and that you asked him.

Bridget Ryno (08:23)
Mm hmm. Yep.

Yeah, well, I had read it and then I was like, well, whatever, he's just being weird. Like he doesn't want to take it. And he just, I mean, what he would gag it down. I'm like, it is not that bad. Well, then I took it and I'm like, oh man, like I didn't realize, cause we had taken other silver, you know, solutions and just, they were cold. They tasted like water. And then when I had read that, I'm like, I'm going to ask Huxley and.

I can tell it's already shifting for me. Like there's still days, it's definitely days and I think a lot of it is maybe what I've ate during the day or right, you know, at night. I don't notice it so much in the morning, but at night, like if I've had something that wasn't, I don't want to say agreeing, but maybe more on the acidic side of stuff, then it is a little bit more.

Juniper (09:20)

Bridget Ryno (09:23)
on the bitter side at night, but I can tell there's already a shift in how it's tasting for me. I haven't asked Paxley if she's noticed the change. I should, I should ask her tonight and then follow up with you and let you know where she's at with her Tastometer.

Juniper (09:35)
Yeah. Yeah, because it's a really cool, it's such a neat way to be able to, determine where your body's pH levels are.

I do get messages a lot, like, I took Clemson and it tasted different. And that's just your body's pH levels shifting. But as you obtain a balanced gut and maintain that balance over time, your pH levels will shift less. your body will learn how to hold and support.

a steady pH level. And so it's one of the really amazing side effects of rebalancing.

Bridget Ryno (10:19)
Well, I've noticed like just taking myself the difference in, you know, day to day. I had no idea that it would, you know, vary that much.

Juniper (10:19)

Yeah, it's fascinating. Well, I am so excited for you and for Huxley to experience this. Now, can you tell me for Huxley, is he continuing to do maintenance dosing or where is he now? What does he?

Bridget Ryno (10:45)
Yep. Yep. So we're doing the maintenance dosing and it's good thing that you brought that up because we had ran out while we still had the cleanse, but we ran out of the nourish. Um, so I was still having him do the cleanse while we were waiting for our kit to show up and for the women's kit to show up. Cause we're just paxley and are splitting it. And then I'm going to get Huxley on his reorder. Like I had messaged you about, um,

And I could see him like reverting and I'm like, oh my gosh, this stuff can't get here fast enough. Like you're just getting mouthy again. And I'm like, holy buckets. Like it's nuts. And we send their lunches with them. So we try it instead of them eating the school lunch. So we try to have a balanced, you know, meal for them. Granted, a lot of times it's peanut butter and jelly, but they're organic, you know, whatever you got to, you got to pick and choose, pick your battles. That's one battle I'm fine with them, them doing, but.

Juniper (11:35)
Yeah, absolutely.

Bridget Ryno (11:41)
We always have a fruit and a vegetable and you know, they're some sort of complex carbon, a fat for them to have. And I was like, what in the world? Well, then it dawned on me that we were out of the nourish. And I'm like, yeah, no, that stuff cannot get here fast enough. So we've got him back on that. And it's definitely helping. But I do feel like we could probably do another another cleanse with him because I'm wondering if he still has just some parasites left or, you know, an imbalance.

Juniper (12:07)
Yeah, sometimes this happens when you have gone through a full rebalance cycle and you've seen so much improvements. And then if you stop and symptoms come right back up, that's an indication that the gut didn't fully heal. So like another back to back rebalance is amazing. And then moving into maintenance. And I love that you brought up nourish because...

Bridget Ryno (12:20)
Mm -hmm.

Juniper (12:30)
I naturally talk about cleanse a lot because it's so powerful in killing the bad that's in the body and nourish on its own. Like if you have a gut imbalance, taking nourish, that's not going to be enough because you have to kill that, the bad bacteria, pathogens, yeast in the gut parasites. And so, you know, a lot of women will come and say, can we just start with nourish? And incorporating nourish is beautiful. It's amazing to...

Take a probiotic that is, you know, it's made with spore -forming strains and these strains are actually very intelligent and they can go in your gut and they can see what good bacteria you're low in and it will multiply that bacteria. And so Nourish is very, very powerful, but it's the combination that creates the magic and...

A lot of times, you know, we rebalance and it's easy to, I mean, I did this with my son. It's easy to think, oh my gosh, we did it, we're done, we healed. And what I always like to be really transparent and talk about is we're never like, we never arrive. It's a journey and we are continuously exposed to toxins and parasites and pesticides and.

Not only that, but none of us are perfect. We have refined sugar. We will be exposed to dyes and this is why maintenance is so amazing is because you work so hard to get to this balanced state and then maintaining that balance is really where the magic is because that's when you get to thrive in balance long -term.

And so it's not this like over and done thing. And, you know, I wish so bad, quite honestly, that my business could be put out of business that we didn't have to supplement to maintain our balance. But with where our world is today, where we are chronically exposed to all these pathogens, bacteria, yeast, parasites, toxins, chemicals.

It's really important for us to supplement to maintain this balance. And there are some of us that are more genetically susceptible to imbalance than others, which is probably what you see in your husband. And the difference that you're seeing in you and your children is some of us are just more genetically susceptible

And I'm so excited because you are doing remarkable things. You are a mom and a business owner and the two of those together, it's no joke. And I can't wait for you to experience the ease that comes with both of those with a balanced guide.

Bridget Ryno (15:33)
Yeah, I'm already noticing like so I'm having some hormone issues going on and I've talked to a couple of different friends that have done hormones and gut stuff and I just said I just feel like I have this pull to go the gut route first and one of my friends was like, well, no matter where you go, they're gonna suggest you do gut stuff and it had like being able to do the mold stuff. Well, it's one thing one of my doctors wants me checked for is mold and I'm like, well, we're just gonna go this gut route first and start here.

and this is supposed to help with that and I can tell like my my weight that I was hanging on to or the bloating or whatever you want to call it that is diminishing already. Like I put pants on yesterday that I haven't been able to wear comfortably since Christmas. Like I popped on 10 pounds from Christmas and I have not changed how I eat and we eat I mean very balanced.

Juniper (16:15)
Oh, that's amazing.

Bridget Ryno (16:28)
eat very balanced. My family doesn't always they like to eat like garbage cans sometimes like their dad but I can't do that. Like my guts don't allow that they get mad. But yeah, I've already noticed that and I'm like, well, that's the only thing I've added and I really feel like I'm pretty sure.

Juniper (16:33)


Bridget Ryno (16:44)
pretty sure I passed a pair, at least one parasite the other day, because I was like, that's not normal. So my kids, yeah, my kids don't let me go, you know, evaluate whatever they're at that age, mom, that's weird, like go away. But I've been looking at that. I'm like, I'm pretty sure that is what that is. So, you know, I can't say that I'm sleeping better yet, but my cortisol levels are through the roof. So we'll address that later. But, um, yeah.

Juniper (16:50)
That's amazing!

Bridget Ryno (17:13)
No, Huxley's sleep has gotten back on track since we were able to pop back in with his maintenance stuff. So I think we're going to probably rebalance him again.

I know I should probably do it sooner rather than later, but rebalance him again and at least start with the maintenance here for a little while and try to get Paxley on a maintenance and then maybe do Huxley's rebalance, you know, as we go into summertime. So we'll be outside a lot more.

Juniper (17:40)
Yes, well, amazing Bridget and I'm so grateful to hear your story and you know, I said at the beginning, but your words are just so powerful and being able to hear a mom's experience of watching her child transform emotionally, you know, again, like skin symptoms are so visual and it's so easy to speak on those, but there's so much more.

Bridget Ryno (18:05)
Mm -hmm.

Juniper (18:09)
connected to our gut than just our skin. And so thank you for sharing your experience. And it was such an honor to get to know you a little bit.

Bridget Ryno (18:12)

Well, thank you for asking. And again, thank you so much for digging deeper for answers for your children to be able to share with us. I just, I hope another mom can hear this and, you know, dig deeper for herself to help her kids and her sanity. Let's be completely honest. It helps her sanity.

Juniper (18:36)
Well, that is a whole other side, right? Is how much more enjoyable mothering becomes when our children are balanced. It's not that daily battle of, I mean, I don't know about you, but I used to dread waking up because I knew I was up against a storm.

Bridget Ryno (18:44)
Bye bye.

Yup. Fully. Yup.

Juniper (18:57)
Yeah, yeah, parenting becomes so much more enjoyable and easier.

Bridget Ryno (19:05)
Yes, yes it sure does.

Juniper (19:06)
Okay, thanks Bridget.

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