Everything You Need to Know About Silver Supplements

Everything You Need to Know About Silver Supplements

Ancient Roots and Science

Will silver supplements turn you blue? Does silver build up in your organs? Does it kill both good and bad bacteria? 

In this episode we are going to explore the ancient roots of silver, its evolution through human history, and the modern understanding of its biological effects. 

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Silver is one of those controversial supplements that inspires both curiosity and caution. Today we are unraveling the mysteries of silver, examining its potential benefits while addressing concerns, and ultimately empowering you to make informed decisions about incorporating this ancient remedy into your modern lifestyle. 

In this episode we are going to explore the ancient roots of silver, its evolution through human history, and the modern understanding of its biological effects. By understanding the science behind silver's antimicrobial power and differentiating between responsible usage and misuse, we can navigate the controversy surrounding this earthly element. By the end of the episode you will have the information and confidence to determine if silver is something you wish to incorporate into your family’s wellness routine or not.

Silver is an element as old as the Earth itself. It has woven its way through human history from crafting goblets for kings, swords for knights, to spoons for the wealthy, it was used to purify water and has even served as operating tools since the 1500s. In each instance, the core purpose is the same - silver's remarkable ability to destroy bad bacteria, making it the most potent natural antimicrobial agent known to humanity.

In ancient civilizations, silver was revered not just for its aesthetic brilliance but also for its remarkable healing properties. The Egyptians,who marveled at its lustrous beauty, believed in its mystical powers. They used silver vessels to keep water and other liquids fresh, a practice that transcended cultures and centuries. The Greeks and Romans, too, harnessed its antibacterial qualities. They stored liquids in silver containers to prevent contamination, unknowingly tapping into its potent antimicrobial nature.

As civilizations progressed, so did the applications of silver. During the Middle Ages, silver coins were placed in milk to maintain its freshness, showcasing the element's ability to preserve food. Fast forward to the Renaissance era, silver nitrate was discovered, a compound with potent antibacterial properties that was used to treat wounds and infections.

The 19th century witnessed the widespread use of silver in medicine. Its antimicrobial properties were harnessed to create silver sutures, preventing infections in surgical wounds. Silver-lined containers were used to store water during long sea voyages, ensuring that sailors had access to safe drinking water.

In early modern medicine, silver found its way into a variety of medical applications. Silver sulfadiazine, a compound containing silver, became a leading treatment in burn patients, saving countless lives. Despite the emergence of new antimicrobial agents, silver has continued to stand the test of time.

This gets us here to today, where the age-old wisdom of silver meets modern science. We now understand the intricate mechanisms behind silver's antimicrobial power. Silver ions, when in contact with bad bacteria, yeast, mold, parasites, and even some viruses, disrupt the cell membranes and inhibit their growth, leading to their ultimate destruction. This powerful yet precise action makes silver a unique player in the world of natural antimicrobials. Its ability to specifically target harmful pathogens while sparing the beneficial microorganisms within our bodies sets it apart. Unlike conventional antimicrobial agents like antibiotics that harm both good and bad bacteria indiscriminately, silver's selective approach ensures that our delicate microbiome remains untouched and unharmed.

This delicate balance is especially crucial when it comes to your gut health. By protecting the balance of your gut flora, silver supplements, particularly Alkaline Structured Silver, offer a holistic approach to health and balance of your microbiome. As we dive deeper into the episode, we will talk about the nuances between different types of silver supplements, highlighting the vital importance of choosing the right form for optimal benefits.

Now despite its rich history and scientifically proven benefits, silver supplements have become a topic of controversy and concern. One particular condition, known as Argyria is a condition where the skin turns bluish-gray due to the silver particles settling in the organs. However, it's important to emphasize that these extreme cases are exclusively associated with individuals who prepared silver solutions at home, often using improper techniques and without adequate knowledge of dosage. In these instances, people consumed gallons of silver daily over extended periods, leading to the abnormal accumulation of silver particles in their bodies.

There has never been a reported case of someone getting Argyria from professionally manufactured silver. Professionally manufactured silver supplements, especially Alkaline Structured Silver, follow meticulous production processes that ensure safety and efficacy. One of the key factors in this safety assurance is the particle size. The smaller the particle, the better. And in Alkaline Structured Silver, the silver particles are maintained in suspension, meaning the solution is charged at such a frequency that the silver particles remain evenly dispersed in the water solution. 

Unlike in homemade concoctions where larger particles might settle in organs, leading to Argyria, the minuscule particles in professionally manufactured Alkaline Structured Silver supplements never fall out of suspension. As a result, they cannot settle in the body and are entirely eliminated through your urine, providing a safe and effective way to kill bad bacteria, mold, yeast and parasites. 

Something else that is important to understand is that silver is naturally acidic. This is another reason why alkaline structured silver is the best silver supplement option. The pH balance of the solution is meticulously designed to match the human body. This optimal pH level not only aids in the body's natural elimination processes but also allows the silver particles to exit the system efficiently without causing any harm.

When comparing this to other silver products like colloidal, nano and ionic silvers, the differences become stark. These silvers are acidic and are very hard on the good gut microbiome. 

Ultimately, the choice of silver supplement matters significantly. Opting for professionally manufactured Alkaline Structured Silver ensures that you are harnessing the full potential of this ancient remedy while safeguarding your body from potential harm.

To summarize this, the controversy surrounding silver supplements stems from misuse and improper preparation, often in home settings. Professionally manufactured Alkaline Structured Silver eliminates these concerns. With its tiny particle size and alkaline nature, it guarantees that the silver remains in suspension, never settling in the body, and is swiftly eliminated through urine. By choosing high-quality, professionally manufactured silver supplements, you can confidently embrace the remarkable benefits of this ancient remedy without fear of adverse effects. This is why when I set out on a mission to create the absolute best quality gut healing supplements I worked tirelessly to source Cleanse, Relieve and Wash. There is a reason behind how and why each supplement is designed the way it is and this is the how and why behind the silver supplements and products in my shop. 

I’d like to wrap this episode up by sharing a few ways my family uses silver. First and most profound, I was introduced to silver when my child had a severe gut imbalance. He had suffered with symptoms like eczema, reflux, allergies, restless sleep, speech delays and behavioral issues for years. When our naturopath prescribed him silver along with a powerful spore-forming probiotic his body healed. 

Since then, silver has become a big part of our family's wellness routine. We use it preventatively, taking a small amount daily to maintain our overall gut health and immunity. In times of challenges or when we feel our immune systems need an extra boost, we increase our intake to twice a day.

Ear aches, vertigo, styes, pink eye, canker sores. You name it, Cleanse is our go-to. We also use it in place of mouth wash. We take our small daily dose of Cleanse before bed and gargle with it. This kills harmful bacteria that could potentially lead to cavities and gum issues. And while I am talking about Cleanse in your mouth, I am often asked about the taste. It is mild and will change depending on the ph level of your mouth. If your pH is high or low you will really taste the alkalinity of Cleanse. It’s actually pretty neat - you can gauge your pH balance based on how Cleanse tastes.  

As far as skincare, Wash bar soap is created with silver and combined with Relieve healing gel, is so wonderful for acne and skin rashes. Relieve is our go-to topical for cuts, scrapes, burns and blisters. 

Beyond personal use, silver is a staple in our household cleaning routine. We've swapped conventional chemical-based cleaning products for my homemade silver-infused recipe. This ensures that our living spaces are free of harmful pathogens while allowing the good environmental microbiome to flourish.

I could go on and on about the ways we use silver but the last one I will share here is that we add a few drops of Cleanse to the water when washing and soaking our produce. This extends the shelf life of our fruits and vegetables and kills any potential bad bacteria, yeast, mold or parasites present on the produce.

Alrighty, thank you for joining me on this exploration of silver, from its historical significance to its modern uses. I trust that this episode has provided you with valuable information, empowering you to make informed decisions about incorporating silver into your life. Until next time, take care.

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