Even When You Have Tried Everything, Your Child Can Heal with Brooke Norris.

Even When You Have Tried Everything, Your Child Can Heal with Brooke Norris.

It is so easy

to feel alone and scared when our children are unwell. We naturally isolate ourselves when our babies are covered in red oozing rashes, or our toddlers experience speech delays or children melt down with violent behavioral issues because we feel embarrassed and ashamed that our children are suffering.

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Welcome to the podcast, Brooke. I am so happy to have you here and I know our audience is going to be so greatly impacted and inspired by your story. So can we just start by getting to know you and maybe you can just introduce yourself, who you are, if you want to share your Instagram handle, you're more than welcome to, if you want to keep that private, I completely respect that, but whatever about you that you wanna share.


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Juniper (00:30)

We would all love to get to know


Brookelyn Norris (00:33)

Okay, well first I'm really glad to be here. I love inspiring and showing other people different ways rather than, you know, the way you have to go is like going to the doctor and stuff like that because that's what I thought. I was like, well he obviously has all these issues so the only way to do this is to go to the doctor and have them prescribe all these things and well I eventually learned that that's not the case. But let me just start by introducing myself.


My name is Brooke, I'm 24 years old. I've been married to my husband for almost four years. We are a military family, so we are everywhere. We're actually in the middle of possibly moving a little bit to the East Coast. Hopefully that's where we wanna go. We have a son, his name's Easton, he's gonna be two in April, and then we're also expecting another baby very soon.


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Brookelyn Norris (01:28)

Thank you. I'm not really sure how we're gonna manage to, but I don't think God would give me more than I can't handle, so I'm really excited to see how it's all gonna unfold. Um, let's see here. I found you on Instagram. I think it was like under like a tag. It's like gut health, because I have suspicions of Easton's gut.


kind of being off and then I found your page and I followed you and I'd seen like all the bunch of different stories and I think I watched a few of your podcasts and that's kind of what led me to take the chance and take the leap of you know doing the children's gut rebalance and I also did the skincare line and everything and then I was like


Juniper (02:06)



Brookelyn Norris (02:17)

you know what let's just try it so.


Juniper (02:17)

Okay. So will you tell us a little bit about your like your pregnancy, your postpartum, what your son's like, what symptoms he developed and kind of just like the timeline of his, his imbalance in his journey.


Brookelyn Norris (02:35)

Sure, so I spontaneously went into labor at 35 weeks. I had him early, I had him that next day. I was 35 and two. They did go ahead and give me the antibiotic because I didn't get tested for...


Juniper (02:45)



Brookelyn Norris (02:54)

I don't know what it's called.


Juniper (02:56)

maybe group B strip. Okay.


Brookelyn Norris (02:58)

Yes, this. And I didn't get tested for that, so they just went ahead and gave me that antibiotic just in case. And then obviously I had to get the shot to develop his lungs quicker. So he was already born with a bunch of things already put in his system. And then he was in the NICU for about two to three weeks. And then we brought him home, super colicky. Like they were like, it's your breast milk. He's like, he's just not...


said it's not settling right with him. Like you're gonna have to follow an alternative. And I was heartbroken because I was like, this is my first baby. All I've ever wanted as a woman is to nurture and feed. And that's just something like, I don't know, my mom did it. So I was like, I can do it. So I felt like hearing those words, it kind of like, I was like, wow. I mean, I would do absolutely anything in the world for my son, so of course I'll stop. Well then he got, so he was college.


Juniper (03:46)



Brookelyn Norris (03:58)

His diapers were crazy, like a bunch of different colors. They smelled so bad. When my mom came to visit, because we live about 10 hours away, so when everyone started to come and visit, they were like witnessing like all these issues. He was colicky, crying. He could not be held. He didn't, you know, he was not, if he wasn't crying, he was sleeping. So I was like, that's a red flag. So I like looked into my diet. I was like, okay, maybe it's.


dairy maybe it's you know something along those lines um and then


Juniper (04:31)

So did you stop breastfeeding then?


Brookelyn Norris (04:34)

I stopped breastfeeding at four and a half months. I pushed until I could no longer, could no longer win the argument with his pediatrician.


Juniper (04:38)



Yeah, well, this is something that's really, really common. So you started formula, but of course, his symptoms didn't change.


Brookelyn Norris (04:47)





Yep, so when I started Formula, that's when, it was probably like a month, it was probably like five, four and a half, five months in. I had stopped at four months, four and a half. So yeah, about a month into Formula, he started getting the rosy cheeks, the dry patches and stuff, and I brought up his pediatrician, and she was like, this is normal, he's going from your milk to a factory-made, you know?


milk of some sort and she's like just put some lotion on him. So I did and then it did not get better. It got worse and I was like something's wrong so then he started developing.


Thrush, I think he had thrush like four or five times, before he was even one. His colic got so bad, they were like, you need to find anti-colic bottles, and you need to give him all these stomach drops, and you need to find a good probiotic. And I was like, I don't know, I don't know how, like I, you guys are throwing all this stuff at me, like I just stopped breastfeeding, I'm, you know, I'm, eight, or.


Juniper (05:39)



Brookelyn Norris (06:02)

16 weeks out of just having a baby. This is my first baby. I'm 10 hours from home. I have nobody Um, thank gosh for my lactation consultant. Um, she is Very homestead set in her ways. She's just absolutely amazing. She was like brooke. You do not have to stop breastfeeding She's like there is so many other opportunities and other different things that you can do to make him thrive and I just felt so defeated. I was like I have to stop like I was I didn't know what else to do

Juniper (06:31)



Brookelyn Norris (06:31)

Well then it didn't get any better. And then so he started getting his redness and he was just cranky. His, and then it started to like, his diapers started to become more like chemical, like sulfur is what it started to smell like. And I was like, what in the world? And then they were like, you need to give him enemas. And I was like, he's not even a year old. See, I can't be doing this.


Juniper (06:56)

Well, and that smell, it's like, it's a smell that's really hard to explain, but it's like acidic, sour, sulfury. Like it's so pungent that I'm, it is even so many, I mean, my son just turned 10 and that smell is burned in my nose. And so like, a listener can take one thing away from this. Like if your baby's diaper has that pungent smell, that...


Brookelyn Norris (07:03)

Yeah, that's a smell I will definitely never forget.


Mm-hmm. Same.


Oh yeah.


Juniper (07:25)

is a huge red flag of a gut imbalance.


Brookelyn Norris (07:27)

Mm-hmm. Yep. And to this day I still every time you know, he goes to the bathroom or like I change him. I'm like So like I don't know I'm more aware like is am I gonna smell this like and I haven't since July when I started Your probiotic and everything like it everything is just like I think it literally took five days before I seen improvement I think I sent you some pictures and I was like look at this Like this is absolutely insane and my husband's like, oh my gosh


Juniper (07:39)



Yeah, I...


Brookelyn Norris (07:56)

Like this is crazy. I was like, I know, like I cannot even believe it. So this day I'm like, wow.


Juniper (08:02)

Well, I feel like skin issues, skin symptoms are like, we can just visually see them. And so we're able to be like, oh my gosh, something is really wrong, or oh wow, look at this improvement because we can see it. But a lot of times what we miss is a lot of people don't have skin symptoms, but that's just what's happening on the inside of their body. And so while eczema and those rashes are like so alarming,


Brookelyn Norris (08:10)







Juniper (08:32)

A lot of times there are such a gift because we get to visually, yeah. It's such a visual invitation to heal.


Brookelyn Norris (08:35)

Yeah, because we would have never known.


Yeah, and that's just everything.


Your body gives you so many signs and symptoms like, hey, something's wrong with me. And you know, if you can't visually see them, like you're gonna be like, oh, I just drank too much coffee or I'm having too much caffeine or you know, something like that. No, like your body's literally asking you for help. And it got so bad to the point that, I mean, it took him four, five, six months for his body to be like, yup, this is our limit. We're about to start showing you, like we have nothing else more to give you,


Juniper (09:01)



Brookelyn Norris (09:11)



Juniper (09:11)

Yeah, we're gonna move beyond colic and sour diapers and maybe I don't know if he had restless sleep, but um


Brookelyn Norris (09:16)



Oh my goodness, yes. He didn't sleep for more than like an hour or two at a time and it was brutal for me because Kobe and my husband, he's in the military and at the time they only got four weeks off. Well, since he spent the first two, two and a half, three weeks in the NICU, he was only home with me for a week before he had to go back to work. Yes, so it was like me and he tried to help but like I'd rather one be tired than both.


Juniper (09:38)

Oh my gosh.


Brookelyn Norris (09:46)

So I was like, you know what, just, it's fine. Like he's, you can't breastfeed him. So I will just try to, you know, make it work. And then, oh my gosh, it was just something I never want to relive again. The whole first two years of his life have just been such a challenge, but.


Juniper (10:02)

So at first his symptoms were inside his body, and then when he was, how old do you think he was when it started moving externally?


Brookelyn Norris (10:12)

So it, about September, he was born in April, May, June, July, August, September, about six months. It took about six months and then we went to the dermatologist and they prescribed like 0.05% tricinamolone. It's a steroid cream and he said apply it three to four times a day for however long it is there. What was there for a while?


Juniper (10:19)





Brookelyn Norris (10:43)

Um, we saw some improvement, but the minute we stopped, it's like his body was like, no, I need that. So like I'd put it back on and I'd be like, okay, like he's good now, he looks good. So then we'd stop and then his body go back again, like I need that. Well, it got to the point that it was like, we were applying for weeks and weeks and then months and then months. And then we had actually went home, took for, to our home state.


And Christmas Eve, we had to rush him to the emergency room because his face got so swollen. His body was so red. Like his, like, it was just, there was so much ooze out of his cheeks and his arms and oh my gosh, his back. It was just, well, I had pulled the steroids. I was like, this is not, this is not right. So his body had gone through, I assume, a withdrawal.


And I had explained, you know, to the ER doctor and she was like, no, you should have never taken him off these. So then they prescribed him like an oral steroid, which was like presnizone. And every time I'd give him that, he would get so sick, so sick. And I'm like, OK, he can't take this anymore. And no one would listen to me. Well, then we had come back to where we're stationed. And we are, quote unquote, seen by the best hospital on the East side.




No. We just, we got ignored and pushed out the room so fast every single time. I would be like, no, something like that's not, doesn't work, that doesn't work. Well then I took one more chance. I was like, okay, I'll try it. And we, she said that it was for like hay fever. And so I applied it and it did the same exact thing. But this time I was like, no, we're done. February 3rd.


marked one year that I had ever since I have applied a steroid on him. And it's February what? 8th of 2024? Yep. And I still have not? No.


Juniper (12:46)



I think the ninth, yep.


Wow, will this...


Brookelyn Norris (12:56)

But it was a long, long journey. Mm-hmm.


Juniper (12:59)

I recently recorded an episode with a mama who she experienced medical kidnapping because she didn't want to, she didn't, like these band-aids, that's why they work, right? You put on a band-aid and it works, well, the band-aid is there, but when you remove the band-aid, the symptoms come right back because the body isn't healed. And it's really unfortunate that our system is designed to treat.


Brookelyn Norris (13:08)



Juniper (13:28)

and not heal. But as you're talking, like this whole medical kidnapping is kind of new to my awareness. And as you're talking about refusing these treatments, my mind is just triggered back to her story and how wildly lucky we are because I was the exact same way. I took my child to 17 healthcare.


Brookelyn Norris (13:49)



Juniper (13:55)

professionals and every single one was like, you've got to use syringe creams and it just didn't feel right or you've got to stop breastfeeding the same exact story. And I was bold enough to say, No, that's not gonna fix it. And what I learned in her story is, hmm, that's like bold of me. I should have just been like, Okay, and then gone home and told my husband No, we're not going to do that.


Brookelyn Norris (14:07)



Yeah. Well, it caused, so once I got to the point of saying no, my husband was like, we have to. So it caused like a wall between us and I was like, no. And he was like, we're doing it. So it caused a lot of problems, not just with like healthcare in between me, it was within my own home. So it was, ugh, I just cannot.


Juniper (14:31)



Absolutely. Well, and I hear this all the time, like this marital disruption, because I don't know if this is like, it feels really common. I hear this a lot where like our partners, our male partners are very conditioned to follow the system and professionals know best. And we as moms, like when we become moms, we...


Brookelyn Norris (14:50)



Thank you.


Juniper (15:13)

are gifted this powerful voice inside of us that's like, hell no. And it is really hard, especially new in parenting for our partners to understand the power of this voice. And as time goes on, so many of us are lucky enough for our partners to see and like witness the healing of when we are like, okay, I'm gonna lead this, I'm gonna heal my child.


Brookelyn Norris (15:15)

Yes. Yeah.


Thank you.


Juniper (15:39)

and our partners are able to witness that, they're like, oh, okay, like I trust you. But when you are new in parenting and in this journey together, it is so hard. There were so many times where my husband was just like, you just have to do what they're saying. They are professionals, they know, you don't know. And inside, like my gut was just screaming at me, like, you cannot do that, it is not right. And...


Brookelyn Norris (15:41)





This is not right. Yep.


Juniper (16:09)

So when as a mom, you are not only scared for what's wrong with your child that you don't understand, but you're battling a system and then your partner. And a lot of times for people, it's their extended family. When our families see our children covered in a rash or experiencing this and they don't have the awareness of what real healing is available.


Brookelyn Norris (16:22)



Oh yeah.


Juniper (16:39)

We are shamed and guilted for not following that.


Brookelyn Norris (16:43)

So yeah, I can't tell you how many times I have been the topic of a conversation. Like, have you seen her son? Oh my gosh. And she's refusing all these meds. Because I was like, we are not doing this. I'd share updates and stuff of his journey and I'd be like, we're not doing that. And we had, our doctors were like, we will call Children Protective Services if you refuse.


And I was like, do it, do it. It got to the point that I was like, I don't care. Because even though I was refusing and Yahi looked like and felt like that, I knew that we were on the path of healing because I would see small changes every single day. I'd see he was sleeping through the night. Like it...


it got to the point that we would apply steroids on him and then we'd have to put pajamas on him. And we could feel his body heat through his pajamas. We could see the pus from his patches. Like we would have to pry it off of his body. Same with his sheets, his like bath times. It's so traumatizing to even like think about, to just to like remember those. Like I...


Juniper (17:49)





Brookelyn Norris (18:07)

filmed myself like every day, like a few times a day, like talking about like what we did today, how he was doing, what he looked like, how I felt, and like I haven't even looked back at those videos because like I just don't even think, even now we're like almost a year out, that I can quite literally go through that. And I talked to my therapist about, I'm in therapy because like it's so bad, like it was just, I don't know, I just, it was just super traumatizing for me but


Juniper (18:38)

Well, so, okay, so when did he start healing? When did, like, what was that process for you? What, like, how did you learn how to heal his body or what he needed or what to do?


Brookelyn Norris (18:38)

I don't


Um, so I had looked up like topical steroid withdrawal symptoms and stuff like that. So then I had joined a few like natural healing eczema. Like naturally there's a few Facebook groups. I had joined them. Um, I had joined the TSW groups. I had joined the eczema with children's, um, eczema groups. Like I had joined all these groups. Um, he wasn't sleeping, so I would just stay up and research. That's all I did. Seriously.


At this point, I feel like I was like a farm, like I was like a pharmacy person. Like I just knew like what not to use on him. What was fine to use on him? Like I was just like, wow, I did better with this than I did in school.


Juniper (19:40)

laugh right now? I laugh right now because this was literally me. And so I, again, I'm just so grateful to be having this conversation because I remember being in the thick of it and I didn't know what was wrong. And surely like, you know, so my journey was 10 years ago and I wasn't really


Brookelyn Norris (19:48)



Oh yeah.


Juniper (20:08)

I didn't use Instagram, I didn't use social media. I was completely alone. I had no idea that anybody else ever experienced anything like this. And surely it was me. I was doing something wrong, or I had done something wrong in pregnancy, or I had caused this. And even with social media and, you know, these different communities, it can be so isolating and it can feel so lonely and like, you are the problem.


Brookelyn Norris (20:08)





Juniper (20:35)

and you or your child are the only one going through this, but everything that you are saying, I experienced. I spent hundreds of hours Googling and Googling and Googling, and I would find something like, okay, Candida, maybe this is Candida, and I'd bring it up to the pediatrician and they'd be like, that's not a thing. Everybody has Candida. Or like anything that I learned, I was immediately shut down. And so...


Brookelyn Norris (20:37)



Me too.






Juniper (21:03)

Like had I been listened to two years before we finally learned how to heal our son, two years of our my son struggling would have been saved.


Brookelyn Norris (21:15)

Yep, same. Yes.


Juniper (21:18)

Okay, so you were part of all of these groups, and so your awareness was broadening. You were becoming an absolute expert.


Brookelyn Norris (21:21)



Yes, literally. And I had gotten down, I'd gotten into the rabbit hole, like deep, and I was like, okay, I'm gonna try this. If the pharmaceutical way is not working, why not try, you know, Earth? Like, that's literally, and my grandma, she was very crunchy, like beyond no process, nothing. She canned every little thing. They, you know, their meat was brought in from my grandpa.


you know, band, you know, just everything that you would think, like when you think of the old ways, that's how it was. And she died in 2021 and she was that way until she died. So it was like, I had a little bit of like guidance from like, you know, just growing up and like going to her house on the weekends and like stuff like that. So I kind of knew like earth was, you know, the way to go, like natural remedies and stuff like that. So I was aware of those, but I had just been like sheltered from Easton's


Juniper (22:09)



Brookelyn Norris (22:26)

Journey and everything like they were like no this needs to happen So finally once I cracked that open and I was like I need to leave this era here. Um, I had Gotten and I found your Instagram and I found Just a bunch of other things like medicine food is medicine and stuff like that I was like, I need to change his diet as and maybe he


Juniper (22:29)



Brookelyn Norris (22:48)

you know what overgrowth and just like you, I was like, maybe it is like a yeast overgrowth in his gut. Like I was like, anything's possible. So I'd bring it up to his pediatrician. And she was like, no, but if you think so, I'll go ahead and write a prescription for you. And I was like, I don't want a prescription. So I had just taken the leap. I had done the, still to this day, we use your skin, had the soap, the rose hip oil, the gel, everything.


Yeah, I mean, I just was like, we have to do it. And Kobe's like, it's expensive. I was like, nothing is more expensive than him being healthy. So just knowing that he's gonna be healed one day is enough for me. I don't care how much it's gonna cost me. So I was like, no, we have to do it. And so we did it and his changes were very... Yep.


Juniper (23:36)



So you purchased the Gut Rebalance Kit and the Skincare Kit. And do you, when would, when, like how old was he when you got these? Do you remember?


Brookelyn Norris (23:55)

May, June, July. 15 months old. Yep. 15 months old and so about day five, I noticed, well, his diapers were very scary to me. I had seen things in there and I was like, what's that? And it was a parasite and I was like, there's no freaking way. And I told Kobe, I was like, there's worms in his diaper.


Juniper (23:59)



Brookelyn Norris (24:22)

He was like, no, no. And I was like, no, I'm serious. So I like looked at your page and I was like, is this normal? And I had seen you in your other posts and I was like, oh my gosh. And we have not seen any of them like now. We don't see them now. But at the first, it scared me. It startled me a lot. I was like, this is terrifying. Like this is what's inside of his body. And then we seen the redness go down on his cheeks and his body and his back. He wasn't as itchy because.


Juniper (24:40)



Brookelyn Norris (24:49)

For some reason, his defense mechanism was like, okay, so when we'd go wake him, wake him up in his crib in the morning, he would immediately like scratch his arms. He'd like rub it against the bars and his sheets and like he'd rub his face. Well, that slowly started to stop. And I was like, okay, maybe he's not as itchy. Well, then his body temperature started to regulate better. He wasn't so hot all the time. I'm not even kidding you. I wish you could have felt his back. It literally felt like hundreds of degrees because of this.


His body was just like withdrawing so bad. And we finally did get a...


What's the word for that? Diagnosed, he did go through topical steroid withdrawal. They did diagnose him with that. Yep, and it took a lot of crying. A lot of name calling and everything, like, you know, but finally we did, and I was like, thank you. I was like, thank you, that's all I needed to hear. And I was like, I don't. And we have gone through three before everything, before the healing journey and everything. We had went through three dermatologists.


Juniper (25:34)



Wow. Oh my gosh.


Brookelyn Norris (25:57)

Yeah, three of them and we needed a referral for every single one. Three different towns. Yeah, we have a new pediatrician. Like everything. I was just like, you know what? I want everything new. I want somebody that's going to understand me, that's going to understand his journey, that's going to understand my beliefs, what we've been through, be an open book because I'm not your typical, you know, first time mom. And I, because I was.


Juniper (26:02)

Of course.




Brookelyn Norris (26:26)

I was so blinded and they tricked, they tricked first time moms because you want to be the best mom ever. You want to do everything right by the book. You compare your children to a book and if your child doesn't meet those needs health-wise, growth-wise, developmental-wise, you're not doing anything right. That's probably what they make you feel like and it's, I'm so, so happy I'm past that because it haunted me. I was like, he's not, he's not meeting milestones. He's not talking. Like he's not.


Juniper (26:51)



Brookelyn Norris (26:56)

babbling like he should be. 15 months old, yeah, he was making noises, but you know, he should be saying mama, dada, all these things. Like everything was just not it. Well now, he's like a whole completely different kid.


Juniper (27:12)

Well, speech delays, so my son also experienced this and it's one of the most, like, I feel like easily disassociated symptoms of imbalance. And, you know, your child could have, like, regular digestion, healthy skin.


Brookelyn Norris (27:34)



Juniper (27:35)

a lot of people's imbalances are just different. A lot of people experience many symptoms, all the symptoms we've talked about my son had, but a lot of children only experience speech delays and the connection between their speech and their gut is so sadly our system does not recognize that. But okay, so I wanna talk about that more because what I saw in my son was


Brookelyn Norris (27:54)



Juniper (28:04)

absolutely profound and I did not expect his speech to like develop so quickly after we started rebalancing his gut. So what was that like for your son?

Brookelyn Norris (28:16)

Um, so he would only say like mama when he was like crying like because that was kind of his like


He couldn't say or do anything else. So mama that was like his like mom. I need you like come get me So that was really all he could say. Um, and then he started talking more Saying like up down in august september of last year So we had been on the gut rebounds since july Yeah June july, I can't remember exactly um So it took about a month two months


Juniper (28:51)



Brookelyn Norris (28:55)

for it to kind of all just kinda, well now he's been on it for quite some time and he's now no longer, they're questioning, like if he's at, if when he, it's two years old, if he's not meeting these requirements, we're gonna go in ahead and evaluate him for autism. Well now that's no longer a thing because he's saying all these words and he's, his like movements and like everything is just where it's, you know, where is he supposed to be?


Juniper (28:55)





Brookelyn Norris (29:24)

Um, and so yeah, it was just, it was not a night and day thing, but it did not take long either. Like a month, I'll take that over a year, two years of speech developmental classes and stuff like that. So, yep, everything just kind of unfolded probably like by like September. He was just a whole different kid.


Juniper (29:49)



I remember seeing your pictures of like his skin before and after, and I feel like his healing is really remarkable because a lot of times skin tends to be the symptom that takes the longest to heal. Like a lot of moms report back like, okay, they're not constipated, they're pooping really well, or they don't have chronic diarrhea. Their digestion heals first, and then it tends to be like sleep and mood and development and...


Brookelyn Norris (30:06)





Juniper (30:21)

A lot of times skin is one of the last symptoms to heal, but his skin really, really healed quickly.


Brookelyn Norris (30:28)

very quickly.


I think it's because when I made the change, I made everything the change. We cut out dairy, gluten, processed sugar, ketchup, every little thing. We did not welcome into our home. We would go out to restaurants. We would make sure that there were alternatives that met his needs. And I really do think that making the diet changes is what sped up the process. Like for us anyways, I...


Juniper (30:54)

I appreciate you saying this so much because a lot of times, I always wanna be really transparent that supplements, it's only part of the healing, like real true healing from the inside. It takes commitment. And this is why I give you free access to my course. When you purchase the Rebalance Kit is because there's the whole food component that is equally important. And when you really, really commit to the whole thing together, the entire...


Brookelyn Norris (30:58)

Thank you.






Juniper (31:24)

healing the food side, the, you know, toxins in your home, the supplements, that's when the healing, it's like, it's like, wildfire.


Brookelyn Norris (31:29)



Yeah, and that's back to the whole like food is medicine type of thing. And that's like me and my husband now, like our pantry, like there's snacks in there, but they're like the alternative snacks. We, you know, they told us, well maybe it's red meat, maybe it's, you know, these things and I was like, no, he just needs like his gut, his screaming for help.


Juniper (31:41)







Brookelyn Norris (32:06)

We click we like our friends hate having that conversation of food with us because we are we're not like that annoying but like we will educate you like we will sit here and be like you know, this isn't what you want in your kitchen you want this instead like and Food is just something that we have just kind of it took us to figure out. I mean your cookbook helped


Your do's and don'ts helped, obviously. And when we saw changes in Easton, we were like, okay, well, we feel the same way. Granted, we don't look like he does. We feel the same exact way. So when we started implementing those things into our everyday life and our diets, well, we started feeling better. And my husband, his thing is smoothies. So like he just, the amount, if you compare smoothie to a year ago to now.


His was like juice and like banana and strawberries. Now it's like, oh my gosh, I can't even tell you. It's just crazy and it's good. Like it's so healthy for you. He feels so refreshed. He takes life and health and everything. It's just so, we just don't take it for granted anymore because we've seen it being stolen from us every single day. So between the food, yeah. Yeah, it's just.


Juniper (33:18)

Well, and this is exactly like the whole healing journey, right? Is a lot of times we find ourselves in these situations for our children, and our whole life is like completely ripped out from under us, and including our marriage as we talked about. And then...


Brookelyn Norris (33:43)



Juniper (33:45)

when you get to witness that healing in your child and you implement it as a whole family, and then you're suddenly connected on, like in ways that you could have never imagined. And this is like the beauty of healing. And so like, whether you're here for yourself or your child, like if you embody the healing, it's going to...


Brookelyn Norris (33:53)



Juniper (34:14)

transform your life in ways that you could have never imagined. And so the same was true for me and my husband. Like, we saw the healing in our son, and so we implemented everything, and it completely changed us as humans, individuals, and our relationship. And I'm so happy for you that you guys get to experience that.


Brookelyn Norris (34:16)



Yeah. I hate that it took the journey that we had to go on the journey that we did to be where we are now, but I am I am grateful for it because you know we help we help others too like our family knows like they have questions they can come to us like and I can't even tell you how many messages I've gotten from like friends from people that I haven't talked to in years that are like what did you do to help your son because my


example, son has eczema, his diapers are strange, he's colicky, and I would just be like, look, this is what you need to do. I'd break it down for them. I would suggest, you know, your website, I said, take a look. Yes, it's expensive, but I will tell you right now, it is life-changing, and you will not regret spending a penny. I said, it is life-changing. I said, do it now before, you know, you get wrapped up in the whole...


steroids, you need to stop breastfeeding, you need to stop doing these things, you need to do this instead." I said, no, you need, I was like, you need to follow like what I'm saying. I said, I have been here firsthand. I'm willing to help you. I will literally hold your hand through it all. It will be your support, everything. And I cannot tell you how many friends I have made from people I don't even have never met in the world. And one specific that she does


when she does the gut rebalance. Her name is Liz. I'm not gonna go into detail or anything like that. Just keep it private. But her son is the same age as Easton and his story is so, so similar. So similar. And we are like best friends. Like we text at least once a day, updates on the boys. And we talk about meeting sometime, like traveling to see each other. It's just...


It's just the journeys that you go through in life, like you're like, why has this happened to me? Like, my life's hell right now. But there's, like, it's just, I cannot change it any other way, honestly.


Juniper (36:32)

Well, I mean, we were the same way. Sometimes we have to go on these really hard


journeys to get to exactly where we're supposed to be. And both of us going on our really, really hard journey with our sons has us here where we are now able to share real healing with others and connect with others. And as it turns out, there are millions and millions of children and mothers and families.


Brookelyn Norris (36:37)



and connect. Yep.


Juniper (37:01)

going through this exact same thing. And our system is failing us and we can do better and we do better by showing up like this. And so you being here and sharing your story and continuing to share the healing is so powerful. And I believe as part of my purpose, part of your purpose, part of all of our purpose of why we've gone through this is to


Brookelyn Norris (37:07)

Oh yeah.




Juniper (37:29)

not only heal our own homes, but to share it and empower others. And so I'm so appreciative of you being vulnerable and sharing your experience.


Brookelyn Norris (37:37)

Yes, like.


Yes, that's something like, because I used to be so hush-hush, like, it was embarrassing. Like, yes, my son looks like that. Yes, I'm doing everything I can. No, nothing's working. Like, it was embarrassing because, you know, like I said earlier, we were the topic of conversations and it's hurtful. But when, you know, people think we're crazy because we do things a different route than what is suggested. But then when they start seeing, you know, the changes and everything and it's like...


we're actually being healed, rather than just put a bandaid on it. We'll deal with it in six months type of thing. It's just, it is life-changing. The turmoil that we've had to go through, obviously was rough, traumatizing. There's nothing that can experience, I can't describe the experience that we had to go through. But I share on all my platforms, just the multiple different,


Juniper (38:18)



Brookelyn Norris (38:40)

natural things like, I don't know, it's just changed me as an individual because I remember thinking, grandma you're crazy. Just take the ibuprofen.


Like you know just, and but now like I, even though I seen it being used in my, like my grandma, she would do things so different but I'd be like, oh I just pop two pills and I'm fine. But then like, no. No, no, no. Um, just-


Juniper (38:50)



Brookelyn Norris (39:07)

It just really does change your life. Like your marriage, me and Kobe have been through so, so much. And we're still in the process of healing our marriage. Like it was a lot to see our son, because he was our rainbow baby, we had lost a few prior to him. So like seeing, getting him was like the gift, like that we prayed for. So seeing something that we had wanted so bad for so long.


have to go through all these things and then it started affecting us as individuals. Cause like to me, I felt like no one was listening to me. I felt alone, very isolated. And I just felt like I was failing as a mom. What caused me to not necessarily resent Kobe because he wasn't on the same. I mean, he was feeling the same things I was, but he's very like, I'm gonna keep my emotions to myself until I'm ready to talk about it, till I know 100% and stuff like that. And I'm not.


I'm very like spitfire. I'm like, I'm upset about this because of this. Like I was very, but then like I started to close myself off a little bit and I wasn't who I, like I wasn't who I was because this was affecting me so bad. And then it was the, you know, I knew in the back of my mind, he was like saying, I just wish she would just do what the doctors are saying. So that would piss me off. So, you know, that would cause a lot of issues and I'd be like, you're not listening to me. I feel ignored by my own husband.


Juniper (40:25)



Brookelyn Norris (40:32)

So it would cause a lot, a lot of issues. And of course, we're still rebuilding that. And you know, the journey and everything and the healing and stuff has really changed his thought process on everything and whatnot. But yeah, I did feel crazy there for a while. I felt absolutely insane.


Juniper (40:45)

Absolutely, yes. Now I have a question about your current pregnancy. Have you been tested for group B strep this pregnancy? No. So how far into, when are you due, do you know?


Brookelyn Norris (40:56)

No. Mm-mm.


Juniper (41:05)

Of course you know, 28 weeks, okay.


Brookelyn Norris (41:05)

I'm 28 weeks. 28 weeks, 28, yep. I think they do it around like what, 30-ish?


Juniper (41:12)

Sure. So if group B strep comes back positive, you can rebalance your gut. And like so many women have shared their tests going from positive to negative. And also, I don't know, do you guys still use cleanse and nourish? Do you take it?


Brookelyn Norris (41:24)







Juniper (41:36)

Yeah, oh, you're gonna, I can't wait for you. You're gonna have to share with me when you get tested because, yes, please do. And I will like follow up on this on another episode, but I am very confident that you're gonna be negative.


Brookelyn Norris (41:41)

My results are okay.




Yeah, I ended up being negative for Easton, but I was borderline.


Juniper (41:56)

Really interesting.


Brookelyn Norris (41:58)

Mm-hmm, so they're like well we wouldn't have given it to you anyways, but we obviously did because we didn't know but They're like we just want you to know you were borderline. I was like Okay Yeah, but


Juniper (42:11)

Thank you. Yeah. Well, so amazing. And I...


I'm in awe of you. And there's really, you know, you talked about like being embarrassed and I know that. Like something that I think about when I see your pictures is how you did something that I wish so badly I had done. I was so embarrassed is such a hard word to use but like...


Brookelyn Norris (42:23)

Thank you.




Juniper (42:47)

maybe ashamed too. Like I really blamed myself and I have these big pockets of time where I don't have pictures of my son because I couldn't accept it enough to even photograph him which sounds so horrible to say but I don't have documentation of that time and so a lot of the pictures that I share you know so we went through this with our second child and then


Brookelyn Norris (42:48)





Juniper (43:15)

A couple years later, we went through it with our fourth child because I didn't connect the dots. I didn't continue the journey. I closed that door because our experience was so hard. And I didn't know that my gut was important through pregnancy or that I had passed it on. And so when my fourth child was four months old, like so many pictures that I share, it's my fourth child. It's not my second child. And


Brookelyn Norris (43:20)





Juniper (43:44)

we were able to, like, I was like, oh my gosh, it's gotta be the same thing. And I was able to like catch it really early and we healed his body really quickly. But I love, love seeing the pictures of your son because something that I feel like I definitely missed in my son's experience was I was so consumed in fear and trying to figure out how to heal him. I forgot to capture the moments.


Brookelyn Norris (44:06)





Juniper (44:14)

Yep. And that is absolutely something that burdens my heart now.


Juniper (44:25)

We are back recording, so I'll just cut this little bit out and we'll keep going.


Brookelyn Norris (44:28)

Okay. I forgot where we were at. Yeah, oh no. So


I was definitely embarrassed at first. I would do absolutely anything to hide it. Like if he had a good skin day, that's the days I'd take pictures and post them. But then it kind of got to the point where I was like, no. Like this is who he is. This is his journey. I'm not, I'm tired of hiding what we're going through because like I said, it was lonely. So when I started sharing his journey and everything,


Like we were getting, granted, we were getting the side eyes, but we were also getting people out of the trenches, like out of the bushes that were like, I'm here for you. I want to read your story. Like I want to understand. I'm I can't tell you how many people that are like, Brooke, you should write a book. I'm like, I am not that educated to write a book. I could not. I mean, the story would be amazing, but me myself, I could never, I don't know. I just don't think I ever could, but maybe like...


down the line or some sort, I'll do it. But there's just so much into it that I tried to hide.


And even my husband was like, I don't want to take him out, I don't want to do this. So we stayed in the house a lot. And that's another thing, I was telling my friend Liz, she also feels the same exact way. She's like, I hate the way people look at me, I hate the way that they make me feel, I hate the side remarks. I'm like, screw them. They don't know what it's like.


Juniper (45:54)



Brookelyn Norris (45:57)

to live the life that we have lived. They don't know a single thing. They think, oh, just put some lotion on him. Believe me, if lotion was the problem, it would have been fixed at the beginning. I can't tell you how many people would jump into my messenger and be like, have you tried this lotion? Like, yep, tried it all, done it all.


Juniper (46:22)

And so that's definitely like something that happens when we are vulnerable and we share our experiences. He opened the door for all messes, positive and negative. But I think that the beauty of it is we can create community. We never want to normalize this because it is not normal.


Brookelyn Norris (46:27)

Mm -hmm.




Juniper (46:51)

but healing is possible. And so normalizing healing, in order to do that, we have to share our journeys. And so I am the same way. A lot of times I will get messages like, how can you monetize your son being so unwell? I'm not monetizing my son being unwell. I'm sharing healing. And so it's just...


Brookelyn Norris (47:08)



that it is possible, like, because they tell you, you know, they tell you like, there is no cure for eczema. Well, it's, it's, there's a root cause. So yes, there is a cure. And you know, Easton, he is the perfect example, perfect reason to keep going because there for a while I was like, this is never gonna end, never going to end. And now that we are




out of that. We still do things to avoid to keep everything balanced. We still do those things every single day. But now I'm like, wow, I wish I would not have listened to all these people. Here I am, so we survived. It's just crazy. And I have no embarrassment anymore. I am like, please ask me questions.


How can I help you? I'm very like, no, you're not a burden to me. Message me. And I hope that I'm helpful to others. They say that I am and whatnot, and they inspire how strong I am as a mother and so on. And of course I love hearing that, but it's like, I want to help you. I wish that I could come up with something like how you came up with all this only organic stuff.


I want to do something like that so, so bad, but maybe my time will come that I can come up with something like that. But this is what worked for us and it literally saved my son's life, my life. His white blood count levels were always so high.


Juniper (49:08)

Yeah, I know, isn't it, it's scary to think about. Like, I, my eyes are welling with tears with you thinking about like what could have happened because I know I saw it in my son. If I didn't heal his body, something really, his body was fighting so hard that something really bad was coming. And I don't know if he would have become autistic.


Brookelyn Norris (49:31)



Juniper (49:37)

if he would have developed autoimmune disease or cancer or I knew that if I did not heal his body, we were on the fast track of being there. And I can see it so vividly. I would have been divorced. I would have been a single mom to a child that was dying. And so...


Brookelyn Norris (49:40)





Yep. And like, I just... It just haunts you, honestly.


Juniper (50:05)

Yeah, and that we get to be here on the other side is absolutely beautiful and I'm so grateful to be here with you.


Brookelyn Norris (50:16)

He did it because I honestly never thought I'd be here. Thinking back, I was like, I'm never gonna be out of it. Because it's so long. Every day felt like a replay, constant replay. It was like, what am I living for? What's he living for? Every day he's miserable. Ugh.


Juniper (50:25)



You're in that.


Brookelyn Norris (50:38)

Juniper (50:39)

So can we talk about what your gut, like, gut health protocol, what you guys do today? What are you, like, how are you maintaining? What are you doing? Are you still, is he still like doing rebalance kits or is he in the maintenance? What does this look like for you? Because I know a lot of people come to OnlyN and they're like, well, this freaks me out. Am I never gonna be able to eat these foods again? Or am I gonna have to take these supplements forever? And my response is always,


We don't have to figure out forever right now. Heal the body and then learn what your body needs or what your child's bodies need because everybody is different. And you know, for me and my family, we have just learned that strictly avoiding the foods that feed bad bacteria, yeast, fungus, mold, parasites, when we avoid those foods, we feel our best and that's worth it. If we feel good, that means our bodies are healthy on the inside. And after...


Brookelyn Norris (51:10)





Juniper (51:39)

living in survival mode, there is nothing worth it for me and my family to compromise our health. And so we gladly avoid those foods, but that's not always practical for everybody. That's okay. And so I love hearing how other people do it, how you maintain your gut balance. And then really quick, the other part is the supplements.


Brookelyn Norris (51:53)



Juniper (52:08)

My family does take the supplements every day because again, we feel good. And yes, they are absolutely an investment. It is really, really costly to be a small business and to create the best quality supplements. But the amount of money that we save by not going to the doctor, of not having


Brookelyn Norris (52:20)



Going - not going to the doctor.


Juniper (52:35)

you know, we homeschool and we have not been sick in so long. We have not missed any of our school or our activities or, you know, I am able to show up to my business because I nurture my body. And so he investing in myself and you know, you might be saying, well, you own the business, it's free to you. It is absolutely not free to. And.


Brookelyn Norris (52:50)

Thank you.


Yeah, I very well, yes. My family is business owners. I know all about that.


Juniper (53:05)

And so investing in myself intentionally, preventatively now is absolutely what we do. And I will talk about this all day every day. And I'm not afraid to talk about it because it makes our life really amazing. But so many people up front are really intimidated and


Brookelyn Norris (53:21)

Mm -hmm.


Juniper (53:28)

I just, you know, I feel like it's really powerful to hear what you guys do and how it impacts your day -to -day life now and your thoughts on this.


Brookelyn Norris (53:40)

So, how we, you know, stay, you know, put about it, like how we stay strong is our diet, honestly, what we have in the fridge. Me and Kobe are not gluten -free because we just can't get past the taste of it. It's just not something that I can just, I just can't, I can't do it. But with Easton, everything that is not gluten -free, you know, sugar, wheat, have...


Processed food is not welcome. Like that's just something that we have noticed within our own experiences. It makes us feel like trash. Like there's not a single thing that you can do differently that doesn't make us feel like that. So processed food is just a no -go. Everything is in moderation when it comes to Easton's diet. Like he eats a lot of fruits and vegetables. A lot of meats. I do...


a lot of his snacks are gluten -free still just because I can sometimes give him something not gluten -free and it's not that I'm super super strict about it like I was in the beginning like I said in moderation but it just works for us it's a little bit more pricier but knowing that like this is the better alternative I'm paying two dollars more so I know that he's not gonna feel like crap because I can tell like when we go out


Juniper (54:54)



Brookelyn Norris (55:07)

to like a friend's house and like their kids are not obviously not on the same diet as like Easton is, he does kind of get a little bit bloaty. He has some stomach cramps. And I think that's just because his body is still learning how to process everything because of all the changes that have happened so quickly. But we just do everything in moderation, lots of fruits and vegetables, meats. And he is an amazing eater. He was not.

so much before, you know, we did everything. We tried our best, but it was just nearly impossible. Everything was literally nearly impossible. So he's just now he's an amazing eater. He loves the gluten free chicken nuggets, you know, the typical toddler foods and stuff like that. We also make a lot of our stuff at home, like a homemade bread, buns.


Brownies, you know, homemade cookies and stuff like that. All I make. I know the ingredients. I know the substances that I can use to, you know, I don't want to use this kind of oil. Okay, then I'm going to use this instead, you know, the different kinds of flowers, yeast and like stuff like that. And then for the supplement wise, immune spray, just because he was so prone to getting sick constantly. And we, we do that too. We have like our daily greens and stuff like that. That's my husband's thing. I don't really do it.


because I don't see much of a big difference for me anyways. And then we do the cleanse and the replenish and stuff like that. But really it's just diet and staying on top of it, it's expensive, but I don't even want to say it's expensive because at this point it's just kind of something that we've budgeted into our life. So it's not really anything new. Like...


We're not like, we don't just like carry a basket of fruit around. I mean, if that's what you want to do, then that's what you want to do. But like we have like just different things. There's other things out there rather than, you know, going through McDonald's, Burger King. Like there's just things that you could do differently. Small changes make big improvements. That's something that I've learned along with all this. We use Bee's Keeper Naturals.


Juniper (57:24)





Brookelyn Norris (57:28)

We like them super clean. They don't make me feel sluggish because there for a while I was taking some stuff that was making me feel kind of like brain zappy and like sluggish. Like I had no energy. I just, I didn't want to wake up. Like I was just like, eh, I need to change it. Like there's something going on. Like so, but now we're very content with.


Juniper (57:42)



Brookelyn Norris (57:54)

our routines, everybody's got a routine, like my husband's routine in the morning, Easton's routine, his bath routine, we use the bar, the oil, the gel and stuff like that and Easton's so good about it. He likes the squeezy part of the rosehip oil, so I will let him play with that, like I'll close it and I'll rub it on his face and stuff and he's so good about it. He now, it's definitely become a routine.


He'll take his washcloth and put it on the soap bar. It's just something that... Another thing that I want to point out really quick is people thought that I was taking away his childhood from him. Like, he can't have this candy. He can't have this cupcake. He can't... And it's not... Yes, he cannot have that. But you know what? There's things that he can have because I know how to make gluten -free cupcakes.


I know how to make dive -free cupcakes. I know how to do those things. Yes, it took me a long time, and there's so many people that are like, Brooke, how do you have the time? It's like, this is my life. I literally think I was put on this planet to be one. I know for a fact I was meant to be his mother, but I was supposed, one day I'm gonna have to teach his wife, this is how you're gonna have to do things.


And he's gonna know how to do it. But it's just like, I truly feel like that's what I was meant to be here for. So with all the changes and like everything that we do and like people were like, that's crazy. You're taking his childhood from him. I'm like, no, I'm not. I'm making his childhood possible because without all these things, he wouldn't have a childhood because he didn't. For almost two year, a year and a half, he did not have a childhood. He was miserable. So making these small changes and...


Juniper (59:20)





Brookelyn Norris (59:51)

Like I can, we can go out, we can be humans. Like we can be a family for once. And it's like, yeah, it might seem like a lot, but once you start doing it day to day, every day, and making it a priority, it just becomes part of your life. Like it doesn't slow me down. As a matter of fact, it makes me, you know, I want to get up. Like as I know, like I have energy to do these things today.


I have to do these things to keep my family up alive and healthy. Like that just makes me, I don't know, makes me want to be a better person knowing that I can fuel my family and myself with what we need.


Juniper (01:00:34)

Absolutely, it is very fulfilling. And when we are mothers, we instinctually are like, our purpose is to nurture our families. And when we're able to do that, it makes us feel alive. And so that is, I love that you touched on both of these things that, you know, that people are like, you're depriving your children.


Brookelyn Norris (01:00:50)



Juniper (01:01:02)

people can just make their judgments and it's okay because they don't see behind the walls. They don't see the whole journey. They don't see that we are actually giving our children a childhood. And you know, I talk about this a lot that missing out is actually like not showing up for what is right for you and your family. It is not about anything external. Missing out has nothing to do with what other people are doing. And


Brookelyn Norris (01:01:03)





Juniper (01:01:31)

being a very intentional family that maybe brings your own cupcakes to a birthday party, how freaking cool is that? That we get to teach our children what it is like to fit in, to fit into our own bodies and coexist with a culture that maybe doesn't prioritize the same things and that's okay. And.


Brookelyn Norris (01:01:39)



Yes, for sure. Just everything looks, every childhood and everybody's life looks different. And even if like, you know, the first few pages aren't going to be the same for everybody, but like ours is obviously very, very different, but it doesn't mean it's any less than, you know, what someone else's is.


Juniper (01:01:59)



So is Easton's skin completely clear today? Is it okay? I know that you share your pictures, but I always just want to be really respectful and ask, is it okay if I share like his like run after pictures attached to this episode in the show notes because it's. Okay.


Brookelyn Norris (01:02:19)





Yes, please do it because honestly the pictures are what made me be like, okay, like, bye now. Like, I want my son to look like that. Because of like the dramatic change that I witnessed within myself, like, I would want a mother or father in the same shoes as me to see those and be like, that's how I want to be. So that, yes, I like, I love when you share his pictures because like all the comments are like,


wow, like this is crazy. And like even when I share my personal pages, they're like, oh my God, Brooke. Like it's crazy what, you know, yes, a journey, but what, once you start prioritizing your health and figuring it out yourself, unfortunately yourself, I have to highlight that yourself because that's what it literally takes sometimes to do it yourself. It's just life -changing. And like, I don't think I will ever shut up.


Juniper (01:03:11)



Brookelyn Norris (01:03:34)

about it because like I like even though like when we welcome like our second baby like you know like everything like new like another baby to love like yes of course of course but like I'm just going to implement the things that we do into his life as well so it's just you know it's it'll never it'll always be a part of me like so like the pictures and like everybody sharing everything yes I'm so for it because


Juniper (01:03:52)



Brookelyn Norris (01:04:04)

that can honestly be like the deal breaker for someone.


Juniper (01:04:08)

Well, and I love that you receive those comments that way because you should feel really proud. You saved your son.


Brookelyn Norris (01:04:16)

Yeah and like sometimes I'm like holy shit I did that like and it made me I had to look like a crazy person there for a while like but you know what I wouldn't want it any other way like of course I would never want him to go through this journey to begin with but you can't change things that are meant for you and it is it is crazy it's a crazy story but


Juniper (01:04:44)

Well, thank you for sharing your story. And I loved hearing what you guys do now because, you know, kind of like I said, my family, like I'm kind of like a really extreme person naturally. And it's not very relatable to a lot of people. And your take on like maintaining balance is probably a lot more like people can grasp that. Like,


Brookelyn Norris (01:04:53)

Mm -hmm.


Yeah, and a little bit on like normalize.

Juniper (01:05:12)

Yeah, and it's beautiful. And every, I mean, I guess the bigger message is that everybody is different. So when you ask, am I going to have to do this forever? I'm going to have to avoid this forever. I don't know. Like your, your journey will tell you. And, and that's beautiful. And I love that you have figured out exactly what makes you famous and what works for you. Yeah. Brooke, thank you so much for all your time.


Brookelyn Norris (01:05:24)



what works for us.


Thank you for having me, I love sharing. It's just nice to talk about it sometimes, to people who understand or who are going through it or who will one day be where I am because it's very




Juniper (01:05:51)

Yeah, if you're in the thick of this right now, you will heal just like my son and me and Brooke's son and Brooke. And Brooke, I'm gonna, is it okay if I put your Instagram in the show notes? Because community is so powerful. So if there is a mama, if you are listening and you are really struggling, you are in the thick of it, both of us, we invite you to connect with us because you are absolutely not alone. So I'll connect.


Brookelyn Norris (01:06:00)







Juniper (01:06:21)

works Instagram, you can send her a DM and connect with her. And as always, I'm available both on DMs and the Gutsy Woman community is a really beautiful place to come.


Brookelyn Norris (01:06:34)

Yes, definitely take advantage of that because it helped me.


Juniper (01:06:37)

Okay, thank you so much, Brooke.


Brookelyn Norris (01:06:39)

Yes, of course.

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