Abundance Beyond Limits. This Happens When You Rebalance Your Gut

Abundance Beyond Limits. This Happens When You Rebalance Your Gut

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to attract good luck effortlessly while others face constant setbacks? In this episode, we explore how the frequency you live in—shaped by your gut health—can unlock a life of abundance and limitless possibilities.

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Have you ever been around someone whose energy is so vibrant and radiant that they seem to be glowing and living on a different wavelength? You find yourself wondering how they do it. Maybe you know this person a little more intimately and notice that life always seems to fall into place for them, from always getting that cosmic parking spot right up front at the grocery store to having their family trips go without any hiccups. They appear to live a perfect life. Were they just born lucky? Are they doing something different? What is their secret?

Then there are people who seem to experience life completely opposite. They have the worst luck, from spilling coffee on their clothes right before an important meeting to missing their flight due to unexpected traffic. Everything seems to go wrong for them.

Where do you fit into this? Are you the so-called lucky or unlucky person? Something I learned a few years ago that completely changed my life is that it's all connected to the frequency that you are living in. Today, we are going to talk about how this frequency is all connected to your gut health.

While skateboarding with my kids I overheard someone say to my husband “we were all asking ourselves ‘who is this Juniper lady’ and scouring instagram and her website to figure out who on earth she was”. My husband Ty just laughed and responded “she is a lady who moves mountains”. 

I am going to share a story today that speaks to the abundance that comes when you rebalance your gut and allow yourself to become the very best version of you. It changes who you are and what is possible for you and your family. This isn’t an episode about me. It is about you and the limitless possibilities ahead of you.

Back in January I took my son to skate with a man named Mitchie Brusco. Mitchie is my sons absolute favorite vert skater. If you are new to the skate world, there are different kinds of skateboarding. Vert is the big ramps and this is the type of skateboarding that my son is madly connected with. Anyway, we had seen Mitchie was hosting a one day camp in Tacoma Washington so we gifted this to our son for his birthday. He spent the full day skating with Mitchie along with a dozen other kids while I watched in absolute wonder. My son and Mitchie really hit it off and before we left I got Mitchies coordinators contact information. 

A few months passed and as we were beginning to think about summer my son was invited to an invite only, advanced skateboarding camp with a few professionals. I asked him if he wanted to go to that camp or see if he could spend a week skating with Mitchie. Without any hesitation he said “of course, Mitchie!”. So I reached out to Mitchies coordinator and asked if they had any week long camps scheduled. He responded that they didn’t have anything setup but if we wanted we could create it. So we did. We scheduled a week-long camp to skate 9:00 - 2:00 everyday with Mitchie and our four children. 

Now fast forward to the actual unfolding of this . . .

Something you have to know is that my family lives a very slow lifestyle. We purposefully under schedule ourselves to allow for so much time to just be. But the month of June was wild. We went in knowing it would be a lot and a lot it was. In the best of ways. My husband and daughter went to a week of fiddle camp together in the woods of Montana while my three boys and I packed up and headed on our own adventure. We went to SLC to watch Mitchie in the Vert Alert. A big skateboarding competition where all of the world's best skaters compete for a spot in x-games. Mitchie took 3rd. 3rd best vert skater in the world and my boys watched him knowing that the next day they would get to skate and learn all day long with him. What a surreal experience. All the while we were staying at the Evo Hotel. If you aren’t familiar, it is a super rad hotel in SLC with an indoor skatepark and bouldering gym. The rooms are absolutely beautiful and abundance flows through the air. We didn’t know this but many of the Vert Alert competitors were staying there and my boys got to skate for hours with the boy who took first place. 

Meanwhile, fiddle camp ended and Ty and my daughter drove down to Utah. My boys and I checked out of our hotel, stocked up on groceries and we all reunited at an airbnb in Park City. The next morning we started camp with Mitchie. 

It all came together so seamlessly and you know how when you are in the thick of life, you know it's magical as hell but you don’t really reflect on the significance of it? This has become our normal state of living. Creating dreams our own ways and showing up for them. But this hasn't always been the case and when I overheard my husband and Mitchies coordinator talking, time stood still for me. 

We find ourselves in this wildly abundant place and it all started with the transformation of our gut health. If you aren’t familiar with my son’s story, give episode 100 a listen. If you or your child are in the depth of symptoms it will fill you with so much hope. But healing our son, learning about the significance of our gut health and adopting his healing protocol as a family lifestyle changed our lives. It birthed a passion and a clarity in me and ōNLē was born. Now sharing the healing and transformation that our family experienced through ōNLē has taught me a kind of abundance I never knew existed. It's a limitless frequency that made this whole story with Mitchie a reality. 

All of our skateboarding friends keep asking us “wow! How did you line that up?” and “whoa! I bet that was an investment!”. My response is simple. We put out there what we wanted, we made it happen and we didn’t make decisions based on cost. We made decisions based on what was aligned for our family and trusted that the universe would allow the financial side to come together seamlessly. And it did. 

I know this might sound really out there for you. We were once there too. Where finances in particular were the foundation of every decision we made. But this is the transformation I am talking about. No, we don't come from wealth. I have had to break free from generational mindset blocks and limitations and have created my own wealth. But it all started with me practicing what I show here every single week to preach. We are the creators of our experience here on earth. The way we perceive is the way we receive. I am not special. I was just gifted the opportunity to heal my body, brain, mind and spirit and the same is possible for every single one of you listening. 

In a later conversation with Mitchie and his team we talked about what they meant by ‘who is this Juniper lady’. Because they want to find more of me. People who say what they want, pay the price without question and show up. But what they don’t know is I wasn’t born this way. Rebalancing my own body freed me from the constraints of cultural limitations. And in return has radiated through my family and now my children know no limits. 

Different people arrive to this unlimited frequency in different ways. Take thought leaders like Tony Robbins and Jen Sincero. Did they get here by rebalancing their gut? I’m honestly not sure if they made lifestyle shifts that impacted their gut health and gave them the clarity to find abundance or not. But I know this was my entry point and it’s one I hope so badly you choose to experience.  

And I know that if you rebalance your gut, you will. Every single day I hear from women saying “I can’t believe it! I am x many days into the rebalance and I woke up in the night with this universal message telling me my life purpose.” or “I finally have the mental capacity to pursue this idea I have had for so many years”. “I just bought my first house after living a life in poverty and never even dreaming this would be possible! It all startee when I rebalanced my gut with you and gained mental capacity to get my dream job”. “My son suddenly decided to potty train himself!” “My son just came and culled into my lap. He has never wanted to be touched and this is the first time he has willingly come to me to be held”. “My husband rebalanced and I don’t know if it’s connected but he suddenly quit his job to start his own company that he has talked about for years!”.

It of course isn’t about anything superficial like someone's status but about putting yourself in circles where the frequency is so high and you become it. It about finding a place where you are no longer searching or yearning for life to be different. Have you ever experienced that? A sense of contentment that runs so deep through your heart, body and soul that you aren’t waiting for anything to change. You are deeply satisfied with life exactly as it is. 

Imagine a life where unimaginable opportunities unfold effortlessly, where your passions and dreams take center stage, and where abundance flows naturally through every aspect of your existence. This isn't just a far-off fantasy; it's a tangible reality waiting for you. Just as rebalancing my gut microbiome opened doors I never knew existed, it can do the same for you.

Don't belittle yourself by comparing where you currently are to me, the story I just shared, or even your neighbor. Honor yourself by receiving this message as inspiration and an invitation to step into this frequency. Maybe your finances are really tight, your child is unwell and your worry for them consumes all your energy, or maybe you've been struggling with health issues for years and feel hopeless and depleted. This isn't easy. I've been there, and I am living, breathing proof that you can evolve your frequency and transform your human experience in this lifetime. Will it be easy? Absolutely not. But will it work? Absolutely. The work is the magic; it's never about the destination but the becoming along the way. It's a journey that's about finding your truest self and unleashing your full potential.

Think about the life that could unfold for you. One where your health is at its peak, you have mental clarity and you are spiritually aligned. A life without financial or physical limitations. What dreams would you pursue? What adventures would you embark upon? The possibilities are as vast as your imagination allows and there are no limits. 

Just as my son found himself skating alongside his hero, Mitchie, you too can find yourself in extraordinary moments that surpass anything you've ever envisioned. It's about stepping into a life where limitations fade away, replaced by a sense of purpose and abundance that permeates every aspect of your being. One where your five year old wakes up asking to call his new best friend “Mitchie”, without a clue in the world of how unbelievable it is to know someone of Mitchies frequency, let alone befriend him. 

Again, rebalancing your gut is an entry point. My family has been on this path for years and years now and every single day our minds are open more and more to new possibilities. It takes time to break old thought patterns. It takes time to create new habits, to read books that open your mindset to new possibilities and to embody your new self. The path may not always be straightforward, but with each step towards balance and wellness, you're paving the way for a future where you become known for moving mountains.

This state of frequency is limitless and always evolving. It's a place where you don't see obstacles as roadblocks but as doorways leading you to exactly where you're supposed to be. You trust that every single thing in life is happening for you. It's a place where happiness doesn’t depend on external things or the weather; it comes from deep within.

Embrace the journey, trust in the process, and watch as your life unfolds in ways that once seemed beyond reach. Your story of transformation and abundance is waiting to be written. Are you ready?

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