Supplementing for PMDD

Here is a list of the supplements I am taking to heal my PMDD. I have hyperlinked every thing here for you. These are the best of the best quality and among the only ones that meet my standards.

I am taking all of these daily with the exception of Vitex. I take this everyday except for during the bleed phase of my cycle.

Organic Evening Primrose 


Vitamin A 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin D 

Vitamin E 

Vitamin B Complex 


Cleanse Alkaline Silver 

Nourish Probiotic 

Balance CBD

In addition to supplementing I am drinking hot lemon water first thing in the morning, making sure to nourish my microbiome health with recipes from my cookbook, doing castor oil packs regularly to detox my liver and spending time in the sun. (Link for Castor oil, and wrap)  

I am moving my body daily (with my cycle), cold plunging, and for my emotional health I have been really on top of my homemaking. I know this might sound silly but simple things like having a designated time to wash, fold and put laundry away has been so liberating. I have found so much joy in our slow homeschool days, reading aloud for hours and connecting so deeply with my children. Also prioritizing time to have uninterrupted conversations and time with Ty has been important too. Journaling, restorative yoga on the Down Dog App, mediating and reading for pleasure also play a huge in my emotional health. Right now I am loving Gathering Moss by Robin Wall Kimmerer

For my spiritual health - well. I have a really special podcast episode coming up soon for you. I recorded a session with a spiritual healer and tapping coach. You get to join us and hear so much that was uncovered. Make sure you are subscribed to Follow Your Gut so you don't miss it. ❤️