The Good from 2020

The Good from 2020

As I was snuggling my children to sleep tonight my mind wandered through 2020. After several minutes I found myself laying there with a huge smile spread across my face. Because do you know what? It has been one hell of a year. So many many downs. Yet in the several minutes that my mind wandered not once did it even think of the hard things we experienced. My mind naturally reflected only on the positives. Isn’t it funny how our minds protect us in this way? In the simplest of terms I think it has to do with human preservation. As women and mothers we forget the hard and painful parts of pregnancy and childbirth so we do it again and again and the human species continues to evolve. In this same way, my mind has gracefully left the hard times of 2020 behind so that I can move forward with optimism and love.

Now, I would like to pause for a second to acknowledge the fact that in 2020 I did not lose a loved one to Covid, nor did I contract it myself. Energetically I have lived through the stressful and uncertain climate that this pandemic has brought but by no means have I experienced the tragic loss that so many have. I acknowledge this here because I want you, as my reader, to feel honored and not belittled by my words no matter what you experienced in 2020.

I feel a deep desire to share just a few of my favorite positives that 2020 brought to me and my family. Here are three of them;

First, we already live a slow and together life. We have homeschooled for five years and live in the wild so quarantine didn’t change our day to day that dramatically but it helped slow our slow even more. Instead of climbing camp we bouldered together in the national forest, instead of ski passes we will embrace snow hiking and backcountry sledding. The societal pressure to always be doing is no longer there and in an energetic way it feels lovely that the world has slowed a bit.


Second, I launched ōNLē ORGANICS. At the beginning of the year I invested in creating my own line of products. Ones that I am wildly passionate about and that have changed my families life over the years. What I didn’t know when I launched is that investing in my products was a very small part of the investment it takes to succeed in growing a business. I have since invested a staggering amount of money and time in self development. It has transformed me into a new women, mother and partner. The me that has always been but a new version that is on super fire. I feel unstoppable and cannot wait to continue to grow and evolve and most of all, to share it all with the world. ōNLē is no longer simply a product brand. I am creating courses and offer a select few coaching sessions. My passions for quality wellness, pregnancy and postpartum, homeschool and plant-based living that have built up in me over the years are now pouring out in the most beautiful of ways. The universe is aligning me with people all around the world who are in need of my offerings. It is absolutely remarkable.

And third, the beautiful new traditions that my family started this year. From dry ice bombs on Halloween to fire roasted veggies on Thanksgiving and caramel apples on Christmas. Book exchanges on the summer solstice and star gazing on the winter solstice. Saturday hikes and warm soup on Sundays. We have settled into a rhythm that is all our own. We love it and will gladly take it all forward with us.


I know that the world is naturally in an unsettled state. That most peoples tendency is to try to run away from 2020 as fast as they can. It is of course okay to feel this way but I urge you to allow your mind to wander through the year to find the positives that you want to hold onto. Together we can walk into 2021 with a positive energy because you know, where we put our energy the energy goes. 

Take care dear friend. And cheers to a beautiful year ahead. 

XO - Sarah

Oh! And here is a link to the caramel apple recipe that we will forever enjoy on Christmas Day. 

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