Some Must Haves for Your Non-Toxic Home

Some Must Haves for Your Non-Toxic Home


As my family and I are getting settled in our home after traveling for nearly NINE years, I wanted to share a few of my favorite non-toxic, microbiome friendly things that makes being home feel so damn good! Because our environment directly impacts our internal health and well-being. And you deserve the very best. Inside and out!

When it comes to your microbiome health it is so important to filter your water. Especially if you live somewhere that the water is treated.

"Treated" means chlorinated and chlorine not only kills the pathogens in the water but also the good bacteria in your body. It is so important to use a nano water filtration system that filters out that chlorine.

Your scalp absorbs what you wash it with. For a long time I thought brands like Aveda were "healthy". Hello greenwashing!

Under Luna is the only shampoo and conditioner I will every use now. It is the most beautiful microbiome friendly brand in the world.

HOT TIP: Scrub your scalp with Wash Bar Soap first, then wash with Under Luna. It will not only pull toxins but also make your shampoo last twice as long.

Considering we spent about half our day in our beds, our mattresses have a tremendous impact on our health.

When we renovated our home a few years ago I invested in the best of the best mattresses. (Thank you airbnb guests for wearing them in for us!)

These heirloom Home of Wool mattresses are handmade and are truly a piece of art. The outer material is all organic and the filling is 100% wool. I cannot recommend them enough.

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