Parenting a Child with a Gut Imbalance

Parenting a Child with a Gut Imbalance

It is likely you have done this several times without evening knowing it. Having the awareness of how your child’s behavior is connected to their gut health is incredibly empowering. I’m talking behavioral shifts, sleep disruption and zero tolerance. Instead of reactive parenting you can support and guide.

It isn’t easy though. When your typically reasonable child (of any age) is suddenly moody, isn’t sleeping and fights everything you say you often wonder what the hell happened? Friends, gut imbalance is NORMAL! It happens to everyone all the time. But knowing how to assess and identify a gut imbalance is like having a new lens to see your child through. It doesn’t always matter what caused the imbalance. Knowing how to move forward with hope and nurturing love is a life changer though. When your child seems off it is safe to assume it is gut bacteria related. Here are eight ideas to help you navigate these times. And while it’s likely a gut imbalance, these tips can’t hurt no matter what.

1 - Make a menu plan together. Healthy foods that your family loves. Kick the boxed meals, pull out the big pots and make large quantities of the healthy foods that your child loves. For my littles it’s soup, beans and rice and avocado rice cakes. Don’t let them get hungry. Avoid processed foods as this will feed the bad bacteria. Don’t be afraid to talk to your child about why you are choosing really healthy options.

2 - Screen time is the easiest distraction but it really fuels the fire. If you need a break embrace a little screen time but I recommend watching positive shows like Tumble Leaf for littles or Just Add Magic for olders. But better than screen time, download a new audiobook, lay down together and just be.

3 - Take care of YOU. So you can show up from a place of understanding and love.

4 - Lots of fresh air.

5 - Check in with your child. Ask how their bodies feel, I’d there is any part of them that feels lousy. Their answers will surprise you!

6 - Repeat this mantra over and over to yourself. Better yet - include your partner and repeat them together. “Parent through the good times, love through the hard”. 7 - Hold space for knowing this will pass. And the more you nurture their gut the quicker it will pass.

8 - This is when we hunker down on our supplements.

Contact me if you have any questions or need support. Sending big mama hugs.

XO - Sarah

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