My Life Changing Self Care Rhythm

My Life Changing Self Care Rhythm

Do you have a solid self loving rhythm?

If you are like me, maybe you have dreamed of one for years but you haven't committed quite yet. Because "you have young children", "you don't have enough time" or fill in the blank. We all have our reasons but I freaking committed last month and I have never felt better.

Today I want to share with you HOW I am showing up for myself and WHAT I am doing.

First, I got out of my head. Instead of using my co-sleeping children as my excuse for not getting up early, I set up a training program. I spent a week teaching my children how to wake up without me. How to make the bed, their own breakfast and how to clean up after themselves. I created boundaries and told them that between 5:00 and 7:00 AM I am unavailable. I taught them how to do their own morning journaling and guess what?

They love it just as much as I do! It turns out that self discipline radiates and my children have also never felt better. 

So in my time here is what I am doing and loving. (Stick with me until the end of the email because there is one thing missing from my rhythm. A big thing that I am manifesting and cannot wait to share a massive discount for it with you because I know you will want to incorporate it too!)

  • 5:00 AM Wake up and do a tapping meditation. (Click HERE for a free trial to my fav app)
  • Sip tea next to the fire and journal (HERE is my fav Journal. There are only a few left.)
  • 5:30 Hop on my Peloton for a 20-30 minute ride. Getting out of my head and into my body is pure magic! Especially in the Montana winter!
  • 6:00 Cold Plunge (I just fill my bathtub with cold water. It's perfect and simple.)
  • Shower and connect with my audience on Instagram.
  • Jump into mama, homeschooling and homemaking mode for the day. 
  • Take a few pauses throughout the day to do whole house cleanups. 
  • My children go to bed at 7:00. Yes, even my 13 year old. Our days our full and wholesome and by 7 everyone is ready for bed. I read a book for my own enjoyment while I snuggle my youngest to sleep. 
  • 7:30 15 minute Down Dog Restorative Yoga Series (my fav yoga app!) with my husband, Ty. Fireside!
  • 7:45 Meditation on my acupressure Pranamat. (Click HERE to save a bit on your own mat.)
  • 9:00 Non negotiable bed time.
* One other thing that we NEVER miss is our supplements. We take Cleanse, Nourish and Balance every single day for microbiome balance, steady moods and immunity.

Okay! Now for the BIG thing I cannot wait to incorporate into my morning routine. Right after my cold plunge and probably again in the evening after my Pranamat meditation . . .

Sunlighten Infrared Sauna

Yes! This is for real my screensaver right now. I am doing everything I can to manifest this sauna. I even cleared the space in my bedroom to let the universe know just how ready I am. I'm not joking around.

Let me tell you why!

This sauna has far, mid, and near infrared light energy, and now also red light therapy. In just 15 minutes this sauna will help detox your body of heavy metals and toxins more effectively than any detox program out there. This sauna will take my wellness rhythm to the next level and I cannot even wait! 

The best part? Sunlighten shared a discount code with me and said I can share it. From now until November 25th this link will save you up to $1,149!!! (after that this link will still save you $600+).

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