Gut Health in Dogs

Gut Health in Dogs

This whole experience has me so fired up. Mostly because this is my area of expertise! But I am grateful to be thrown back into the runaround bullshit because I know many of you are in the thick of it with your children - the way I was for 2.5 years. It isn’t okay and together we can do better! 

I took our Walter buddy to three different vets. Not a single one of them asked about his food. They were all so quick to throw out solutions to the symptoms but never paused to consider the root. When they saw his dry nose after giving him antibiotics they said "huh! We better test him for autoimmune disease!" I declined because inside I knew it was connected to the antibiotics he had just taken. But see? That's the problem. Most healthcare professionals and vets never make connections. Walter never had a dry nose before the antibiotics. 

Anyway, after the runaround I was left with no where to turn other than inward. I dug and dug to figure out what on earth was causing his belly wounds. Turns out it is something called atopic dermatitis. Which is actually a fancy word for eczema. HELLOOO??? This is one of the biggest red flags of a gut imbalance in humans. As soon as I read this I knew exactly what to do.

I immediately started giving Walter large doses of Cleanse and Nourish, wiping his belly twice a day and gently rubbing Relieve on it. I also threw his preservative filled food away (I thought it was "healthy" but should have known better. We were feeding him the Kirkland Salmon and Sweet Potato) and started making his food. My plan is to do this until his belly is completely healed and then I will source a higher quality food for him.

Photos are so helpful in making connections and identifying the symptoms you are seeing. So while these are graphic, it is important for me to share. I will upload more photos as his belly and nose continue to heal. These are three days into the above treatment. 

I wish I had thought to take photos when his nose and belly were at their worst but here is his nose three days into treatment. The entire sides and into each nostril were crunchy like you see on the very corner. His lips were also a bit crust on the back corner. 

This is the atopic dermatitis. Again, day three of treatment. Before we started those red open wounds covered the entire area. His skin is healing so rapidly its amazing to watch. 

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