Coming Home: Why I let my Entire Business Team Go

Coming Home: Why I let my Entire Business Team Go

Coming Home

I just took the biggest leap of my life. I let my entire business team go. We were on track to hit millions of dollars in sales a year within the next two years. But it didn't feel right because my goal is sustainability over rapid expansion.

How do you know when it's time to pivot, and what does it take to summon the courage to make that change? Whether it's in your business or personal life?

Join me for a raw and vulnerable conversation behind the scenes of my personal life and business. About coming home both physically and emotionally. A journey where we discover that embracing change and trusting your intuition are the keys to true success.

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A successful life isn’t defined by getting everything right the first try or even the 10th. Success is not about achieving perfection or reaching predetermined milestones; it's about our ability to adapt, grow, and pivot when needed. In this episode, I want to dive deep into the concept of pivoting and how our ability to do this determines our true success in all of life. Being unafraid and unashamed to pivot has played a significant role in finding my success in both my personal life and business. And you guessed it - it all stems from the gut. 

This episode is raw and vulnerable. I am taking you behind the scenes to share with you the power of pivoting. Reflecting back, pivoting is what has always led to my greatest successes. From healing my children when they were incredibly unwell to realigning my business with my number one purpose in life; my motherhood. I will be sharing stories with you about coming home. Both physically and emotionally. 

The road to success is rarely a straight and smooth path. It's filled with twists, turns, and unexpected obstacles. Often, the pursuit of success becomes a journey of trial and error. We may not get everything right on the first attempt, and that's perfectly okay. In fact, it's more than okay; it's essential.

If you have been following along with me on Instagram or have listened to previous episodes you may know that my family and I have spent the majority of the last 8 years living and traveling in our airstream. We loved the road so much and after traveling most of the United States, Canada and Mexico - our wanderlust souls were craving new adventure. So over the last year we built a bus with the intention of shipping it to Europe to travel abroad for a few years. While building our bus we continued sharing our home on airbnb and committed to a season of sacrifice to pull off this big dream. Our family of six moved into a tiny 200 sq foot cabin on our property. Without running water or a bathroom this was quite the adventure, let me tell you! Especially considering that we had many -28’ days last winter. 

Our bus was completed in May and we have now been living in it for the last 5 months. We planned to be in Europe months ago but amazing passion based opportunities opened up for our children so we stuck around to attend those. And then my dad recently needed neck surgery and I felt it deep in my heart that I needed to be there to support him. None of us wanted to go back home but we knew it was right. So we went back to Montana for five weeks. During our time there my sweet uncle Butch who is mentally disabled was life flighted for an unknown blood clot in his brain. He underwent 3 emergency surgeries and being there was so very special. We got to celebrate our oldest babes 13th birthday, spend time with some of our dearest friends, attend in person music lessons and wild beyond all of this - While we were there we made a radical realization. 

What we once found inside ourselves while traveling is no longer there. This is heart wrenching to admit. Because the indescribable peace we once experienced is no longer there.

We poured our hearts into building our bus. From losing friends to drugs to being completely uprooted for so long. The rockiness of marriage, the test of my husband's sobriety. The unsettled feeling of trying so hard to push ahead on a path that we didn’t belong. 

This is a transition of seasons. A time of letting go and inviting in change. Where we once craved day to day adventure, we now crave roots. Slow and steady days full of fireside family meals, soulful expansion and deeper connection. Gardening with the seasons and sharing our sanctuary with kindred animals. 

This shift is a breath of the air we have been needing so badly. Just a few weeks left in our and then we will be home. 

Home for the first time in 8 years. We have occasionally visited home but we have never been home. We always had one foot out the door and airbnb guests on the future calendar. 

This time we are going home with two feet in the door. No more guests. No more airbnb. Home. 

Maybe I am speaking your language, or maybe all of this is completely unrelatable. But something we have learned is that wanderlust isn’t a feeling. It isn’t a phase or something that passes or that can be cured. It is part of the soul. A precious part that when nurtured will awaken fire and passion. 

Our travel days will never be “over”. 

We are simply reversing the way we have been living. Instead of a few weeks or at best, a few months home a year and the rest on the road - we will live at home for most the year and travel abroad 2-3 months a year. 

Abruptly pivoting like this comes very natural to me. But not so much for my husband, Ty. At first he felt like we can’t just change our minds like this because it means we will have failed our life plans. But here’s the thing - who are those life plans for? Us. And if something that deviates from the plan feels more in alignment, the only way to fail would be to not listen. 

Pivoting is the art of recognizing when a change in direction is necessary and having the courage to make that change. It's about listening to your inner voice, that gut feeling, and being unafraid to adjust your course accordingly. It's not about admitting failure; it's about acknowledging and accepting growth.

We aren’t abandoning our dreams and what we have worked so hard for. We are surrendering and allowing ourselves to live how we are supposed to right now. If you are craving this - please go listen to episode 67; Nurturing Your Mind and Microbiome for a Better Life. Promise - its a life changer!

Anyway, along the same time as making this massive personal life pivot, at the end of July/beginning of August, during the big full supermoon I experienced a wild sacral hell yes that I could have never seen coming.

I let the entire ōNLē team go. A decision that could never make sense on paper. I loved my team. I loved where we were going and all that we stood for together. But this decision was so right.

I had been sensing a growing misalignment within ōNLē, and I couldn’t understand that my business was flourishing, yet there was never enough money to pay myself. The realization struck me that I had inadvertently built my business based on society's definition of success. Society says a thriving business is continuously scaling and expanding. What I realized though is that relentless expansion isn’t my authentic goal. My goal is to make an impact while running a business that is sustainable for my family. And me spending hours a day managing a team sure as heck was not sustainable for my family. Especially considering that given the trajectory ōNLē was on, we would have needed to generate $100,000 in sales per month to meet my family’s income goal. We were on the trajectory to meet this number really soon but why? The pressure, the problems that come with serving this many people. The having to rely on everyone doing their job right so that nothing fell through the cracks.

I had been spending so much time and energy managing a team that it removed me from my motherhood in a way that absolutely did not align with the life I desire. Not only that but I was also so greatly removed from the work that I love doing. I built ōNLē to connect and support women and mothers. Not manage a team! 

It all happened really fast. I had this sacral hell yes and I quickly got pen to paper. I meticulously reviewed and consolidated everyone's daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities. Once I deleted all the extra communication, team meetings etc. I realized that letting my team go meant that I could actually spend less time working. And without a team, the time I do spend working is doing what I love. This pivot was hard and sudden but there was no way around it. Work less and instantly be able to meet my family’s income goal all while being back IN my business connecting and supporting the women I love. 

It has been nearly two months now of me back in and running my business solo and I have to tell you - it is the best decision I have ever made for myself, by business and my family. I love my work again. I am lit up in a way I have missed for a really long time. 

I know it is unconventional to talk about stuff like this. Money and the behind the scenes of personal life and business. But I hope to inspire you. To talk about the hardness and beauty of being an intuitive woman. We must listen to our internal wisdom or we are doing a disservice to not only ourselves but everyone around us.  

If we resist where we are supposed to be because we are too stubborn or scared to pivot - we will never be where we are meant to be. It is always okay to stop and acknowledge when something isn’t working. When life isn’t working or things don’t feel aligned - it isn’t bad. I doesn’t mean that you are failing in that particular area. These times are simply an invitation to turn inward and pivot. To make life yours again.

At the heart of successful pivoting is trusting your instincts. That inner voice, that feeling in your gut, the compass that guides you towards the right direction. It takes courage to listen to that voice, especially when it contradicts the expectations of society or even your own plans.

To tie this episode all together I want to end by touching on how Caring for your microbiome offers remarkable clarity - give yourself this gift. It will help you pivot with ease. Tune in to episode 63 to learn how to begin or deepen your gut health journey. Living in balance strengthens your intuition to communicate with unwavering clarity, empowering you to pivot without fear.

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