All Things Silver Supplements

All Things Silver Supplements


Hey mama. Welcome back to Follow Your Gut with me, Sarah Bennett - founder of ōNLē ORGANICS as a mom of four. I've gone through the ups and downs of sleepless nights. Undiagnosed symptoms gotten the complete runaround from the medical system. And I've found a different way. No more waiting out your child's symptoms, endlessly Googling in the middle of the night and feeling lost and alone in your family's wellness.

This podcast will empower you to take leadership of your family's wellness. So your family can experience that deep level of health and happiness. You so greatly deserve. I'm so happy. You're here. Let's dive into today's episode.

Welcome to episode 20. All things, silver supplements. Chances are you have either never heard of liquid silver supplements. You've been told to avoid them, or you have used coital silver at some point in your life. I'm sharing this episode with you because when I was first introduced to silver, I was skeptic.

If it's so magical, why hadn't I heard of it before? Why is it so controversial when I Google it? Why do some naturopaths approve of it while others say to never use it? I first learned of silver when my second child was two and a half years old from birth. He had struggled with symptoms like chronic red, itchy rashes, bloat, colic as an infant speech, developmental and growth delays allergies.

Restless sleep. And as he got older behavioral issues, we had taken him to every kind of doctor. We had his blood drawn and I tried every elimination, diet, nothing improved his symptoms when he was two and a half, we finally found a naturopath who was the first healthcare professional to validate what I knew inside that all of my child's symptoms were connected.

He told me that my child had a significant gut imbalance and everything to do to heal my child's gut. And one of those things was to give him a silver supplement. I went into this appointment, trusting this doctor and ready to try anything he suggested. By this point in our journey, I had been fighting for so long.

I was desperate for help. I was willing to try anything. I committed and sure enough, after a few weeks, my child's symptoms began to fade. Within two months, he was perfectly healed and was this sweet content and happy child that I intuitively always knew he was buried beneath pain, discomfort and inflammation.

once his symptoms were healed. I naturally discontinued the silver, but within a few days I noticed subtle symptoms coming back. So I experimented by giving him a little silver. I was shocked. The subtle symptoms went away, but I was weary. I didn't understand. Why at the time, but I could tell that for whatever reason, he thrived with just a tiny bit of silver every day, I didn't wanna bother the naturopath.

So I began Googling if it was safe to give him. A small daily dose. And of course I found very controversial answers. So I ended up reaching out to the naturopath to check in with him. He assured me that the silver he had given me was of such high quality that my child could drink a gallon a day and be okay.

A simple teaspoon was absolutely fine, but being a mama. An advocate for my child, the gatekeeper to his wellbeing. I had to dig in and learn some myself. So in this episode, I wanna share with you everything I learned and what made me get to this point of feeling a thousand percent confident in giving silver to my family daily, we are gonna go deep into the science of silver.

What it does in the body and why I sell it in my gut balancing shop, we are going to talk about any possible risks associated with taking a silver supplement. I will share a few things that are important, you know, before consuming silver and what makes my product cleanse different than other silvers on the market.

Lastly, I'm going to share with you a few different ways that my family takes and uses cleanse regular. After I reached out to my child's naturopath and he assured me that, yes, it was okay to give a small daily dose. I just had to, I dove headfirst into my own research. I actually contacted the doctor who was on the bottle that my naturopath had given me and the manufacturer.

Here's what I learned. Silver is as old as the earth and has been used for many different things throughout the history of humans. It was once used to create goblets for Kings swords, for nights, spoons, for the wealthy to purify water and to create operating tools since the 15 hundreds, the purpose of using silver in every one of these examples is the.

Because silver kills bacteria yet it is still the most effective natural antimicrobial agent known to date. As it destroys fungus, certain viruses, bacteria, yeasts, parasites, and mold inside and outside the body. Most antibacterial agents such as rubbing alcohol or bleach work by directly killing things on contact, meaning they kill every particle that they can overtake, including good bacteria.

Whereas silver works to destroy fungus. Certain viruses, bacteria, yeast, parasites, and mold by stealing the electrons that make up their cell walls. When the walls have been robbed of their electron, they become much weaker. The cells actually collapse on themselves and in the process of collapsing, the dead bacteria cells draw in excess silver.

They carry it to other bacteria cells and collapse them on the way out the dead bacteria and the silver are safely expelled from the body through your urine. So neither the silver or the dead bacteria will accumulate in the body. Something else you should know is that the good bacteria has a different cell structure than bad bacteria.

There isn't any electron to steel, so it leaves the good bacteria, untouched. This is why it is so beneficial to take silver when rebalancing the gut, it kills the bad bacteria and the yeast while leaving the good to flourish. Now let's jump into any possible negative side effects from taking a silver supplement.

First, we're gonna talk about something. Geria geria is a condition that is exclusively connected to silver solutions that are made in people's homes. It is when the skin quite literally turns silver, it will look blue or gray, and this condition is not reversible. You may have heard of the blue man. This is where many people's fear of silver comes from.

If you haven't heard of him, I'm going to tell you a little bit now, because honestly there's nothing that we will not talk about on this show. I love talking about the good and the beautiful and the bad and the ugly, because I believe transparency is where magic lives. So Paul Harrison known as the blue man was a big deal.

He was big news when his skin turned blue, after he consumed massive amounts of a codal silver, he was creating in his own kitchen. This is a concoction he was making at home. The homemade silver healed his arthritis completely. Unfortunately, it turned his body blue when his story was sheer, though, many important factors were overlooked.

I think culturally, everyone was just so shocked to see this man with this very gray. Skin that they neglected to ask really important questions. This man drank 10 ounces of his homemade silver concoction every single day for many, many years, that is a deliberate overdose, whether he knew it or not. And using this blue man as a reference of what can happen when someone drinks silver, isn't a fair comparison.

No one is going to advise that you drink 10 ounces of any type of silver every single day, over many, many years, no one asked him what energetic frequency he used to break down the silver molecules and no one checked the source and the purity of the silver that he used and what other ingredients he used in conjunction with the silver, all of this to this day is still a mystery.

And so. Whether you had heard of the blue man prior to this episode, or if this is new to you, I want to challenge you to think outside the box and not use him as a comparison of what can happen to you or your child. If you consume silver, good quality silver products are safe. Health Canada reviewed silver and in June of 2016, according to their findings, silver has.

Side effects with the exception of geria and in their research, they found 30 known cases over a 30 year time span. That is one person per year. And all of them are among consumers who are making their own silver solutions in their own. If you have just one takeaway from this episode, I want it to be knowing the truth behind geria, that there has never been a reported case of someone developing this condition from a professionally manufactured.

Silver, never.

Really quick mama, if you are wondering where your family's got health stands right now, if you or your child or your partner has an imbalance of any severity, I have created a really quick and simple quiz where you can find out in less than 60 seconds. If you have a minor imbalance, a significant imbalance, or if your gut is beautifully and perfectly balanced.

And no matter what your results show, there is no shame. Gut imbalance is incredibly common, but when you know where your gut health is right now, you are empowered to create your best healing path forward. To live your happiest and healthiest life. I have attached a link to this quiz in the show notes below.

So you can scroll right down there and follow that to find out today where your family's got health is now let's jump right back in to today's episode.

Now let's talk about heavy metal poisoning. Not because it is a risk, but because it is understandably a concern and one that I had myself before I dove deep into the silver world. Let's talk about the element silver itself, the Meric index, which is basically a Bible for doctors has reported that silver is a metal that does not accumulate in the fat cells.

It is also the only metal that is not considered to be a heavy metal because it does not produce heavy metal poisoning. Silver leaves the body through normal excretion within one day as quoted by the EPA. Silver leaves the body. By the next day, there is no possibility of silver accumulating in the body, unless you are making your own concoctions in your own home.

And the particle size is not small enough. Therefore it metabolizes in the organs. And this is when you develop geria. But when silver is professionally manufactured, Leaves the body in your urine. Here's what happens when you take a professionally manufactured silver, it travels through the digestive system.

It enters the circulatory system, passes the kidneys and pools in the bladder and leaves the body without sustaining any changes. In essence, it does not produce any harmful byproducts while in the body. And it is not toxic. It simply steals electrons from bad bacteria and kills it along with fungus, certain viruses, yeasts, parasites, and molds, and then flushes all of that yuck out with your urine within 24 hours.

Now I wanna take you back to my personal story with silver for just. After I contacted the naturopath who gave a silver, the doctor who was on the bottle in the manufacturer, Anna Dovan did all of my own research. I started giving my son one teaspoon a day, and what I noticed is his symptoms like his sleep quality, his mood, his poop, and his skin health got healthier and healthier and stayed so healthy.

Fast forward a bit. And we introduced our third and then later our fourth child, when our fourth child was four months old, he developed an eczema, rash and symptoms began stacking on from there. His sleep went to heck. He was fussy all the time and his poop started to smell really sour. I suspected a gut imbalance, but.

It took me a little time to make the connection because I had blocked out my second child's experience from my mind. Plus at that time, I didn't know that gut imbalance was. I thought it was some fluke thing with my second child that he had experienced that. But once I made the connection and introduced silver among with a few other things, my fourth child's symptoms healed within weeks.

Just like my second child. It was at this point that my heart felt called to share our experience with other mamas. I knew that if two of my children experienced significant gut imbalance, We weren't the only ones I wanted to share. The natural supplements that helped heal my children. And it all started with silver.

I reached back out to the doctor whose name was on the bottle that I had gotten from our naturopath and asked him if he would help me create my own brand. Our shared passion was contagious. And he, so humbly said yes, within a week I was in contact with the manufacturer and my very own brand of silver was being created.

All while at the same time, I started giving a silver to my whole family, just a very small amount each day. It made such a huge difference for all of us. And we have taken it ever since we take one teaspoon twice a day for gut health maintenance and more, if we are susceptible to an imbalance, like if we catch a cold.

Or if we're going on vacation, or we know we've been exposed to a sickness or when my children are going through a growth spur or teething, all of these naturally compromise the good gut bacteria. So we proactively support our bodies with a little extra silver during these times, my husband and I will take two tablespoons twice a day.

For four days and then go back down to our regular one teaspoon twice a day for our children. We'll give them one tablespoon twice a day during harder times, and then back down. We'll do that, sorry for four days. And then we'll go down to the one teaspoon twice a day. So maybe by this point in the episode, you're feeling intrigued.

Ian, you wanna go buy some silver, you wanna try this and see what magic it does for your family. And there are a couple important things you should know. There are different kinds of silver products on the market. And if you've heard of silver before this episode, It is likely a colloidal. Silver. I wanna teach you about the difference between colloidal silver and the silver that makes up my product called cleanse colloidal.

Silver is the simple combination of purified water with microparticles of silver suspended in it. The silver particles remain suspended for a time. But eventually they settle to the bottom of the bottle. So if you have a colloidal silver, it's important that you shake the bottle pretty rigorously before you take the silver.

Silver by nature is acidic, which makes colloidal, silver, a fine option for short-term use, but not ideal for long-term use as the acidic base is hard on the. Cleanse differs from colloidal silver because the micro silver particles are suspended in an alkaline structured water. When positively charged silver ions dissolve in water, the water forms, a sphere of hydration around each silver ion making it structured.

Silver. Structured silver is composed of 10 parts per million elemental, silver and deionized water. So what this means is that unlike collo silver, the silver in cleanse is not separate from the water. It cannot settle at the bottom, the silver and the water. Our one molecule and the structured silver is pH balance to match the human body.

So if you choose to incorporate silver into your family's wellness routine, I highly recommend looking for an alkaline structured silver, and you wanna make sure that you trust your source. Like everything, not all companies have the same values and you wanna get your silver from a company that values quality over a profit.

And if you're using silver to rebalance and maintain gut bacteria, you balance, you wanna make sure that it has that alkaline base. Now I'm gonna share with you some different ways that my family uses cleanse. As mentioned above, we drink a small amount every day for preventative health imbalance. And if we happen to bite our cheek and we get a Kinger sore, we swish with it like mouthwash.

We garal for sore throats, drop a few drops of it, like dip a Q-tip into thick cleanse and then drop it in the ear for ear aches or ear infections. It is like pure magic. My children have never once needed to take antibiotics. Okay. Cleanses, truthfully my first line of defense for everything. My mom has used it for toothaches.

You can spray up your nose for sinus infections and add some to your bath for urinary tract infections. I've received feedback from mamas using it to cleanse parasites and group B strep. I have personally used it when I had mastitis instead of taking antibiotics. I also have a topical silver. In my store called relief relief consists of the seam structured silver as in cleanse, but it is in gel form for topical use.

It is amazing for wounds, blisters, burns, sunburns, bug bites, tattoos, ear piercings, eczema, diaper, rash, literally anything topical every single time my family uses it. It completely blows my mind. We use. Every single day, and I'm not kidding. You can imply it to like a wasp sting and I don't even fully understand how or why, but the pain and the itch.

Instantly goes away, both cleanse and relieve are available for purchase on my website individually or in bundles. And you can get either of these on subscription order, meaning they will automatically send you at the frequency you desire and you'll get 10% off and free shipping all orders that include cleanse or relief.

Receive a little booklet with all the different recommended uses. If you're interested in grabbing a vital of either, I'll be sure to include a link for both in the show notes, something else you should know. If you are interested in incorporating cleanse to help balance the gut, it is really powerful when combined with nourish probiotic.

If you're curious to learn more about probiotics and how important it is to source a spore forming probiotic, please listen to episode 10. The last thing I wanna share here is that supplements of any kind supplement, the lifestyle that you live. I have firsthand seen the profound healing benefits of cleanse and they are all greatly enhanced.

Even further. When you live a gut nurturing lifestyle, this is what I teach in my course, happy and healthy from the inside out. So if you are interested in a full holistic healing approach, the combination of the course with cleanse and nourish. Is incredibly powerful and I would love to welcome you in and support you while you transform your family's wellness.

Woo. This was a long episode. Thank you for sticking with me. I am so passionate about empowering you with all the information. So you can be the leader of your family's wellness and make educated decisions that are best for your family. I'll catch you next time. My friend.

Thank you so much for tuning in. Before you go, something you should know is that everything I share on this show is also applicable to you, not just your child. And did you know, I started ōNLē organics as a way to create and share the absolute best quality supplements and products that support gap balance shop

That's Lastly, I always wanna be very transparent that I am not a doctor nutritionist or dietician. I'm a certified family health coach, and most importantly, a mama with a passion sharing my story and the products and practices that have brought abundant health and happiness to my own family.

Please always listen to your own inner voice of wisdom and your healthcare professional. I'll see you next.

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