Medical Freedom

Medical Freedom

Medical freedom goes beyond

having the autonomy to make your own medical choices. It means taking precautionary measures to really own your health. It means doing everything you can to separate your family from our broken system that is profit driven and doesn’t give a shit about your health. It means educating yourself so you have enough self trust to be free. 

What can you do to enhance your intuition and belief in yourself? How can you find more courage to be free? What tools do you need to order so you are ready and prepared? How can you make sure you don’t find yourself in a situation where you know what intuitively feels right but you aren’t prepared so you end up having to settle? 

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Years ago, I learned a really hard but really valuable lesson. I learned that our medical system doesn't care about me or my child. When you first come to this realization, it can feel really, really scary and really isolating, especially when you are a vulnerable mother fighting so hard to help your unwell child.

After taking my son to 17 different health care professionals for symptoms like head to toe eczema that was oozing. And literally, I would put those little mittens on his hands. We'd go for a five minute car ride. And somehow through those mittens, he would still scratch himself so badly that when we stopped, he was dripping in blood. He had mucus and blood poops that often had undigested chunks of food as he got older. He had really deep, dark circles under his eyes.

severe bloating among so many other symptoms. And I was shoved under the rug by every single one of these professionals that I took him to. This is when I vowed to become my family's own doctor. During this time, I saw just how little my son's health mattered to the system. And once I finally healed him, I decided I would only seek medical help.

in an emergency situation like a broken bone. If you've listened to episode 84, which if you haven't, please go give that a listen. It is heart wrenching, but really eye opening. And I really think it's, it's the push for so many of us to say, okay, I'm going to do the internal work that it takes for me to have the confidence to be the real leader of my family.

Anyway, in this episode, you really learn that when you lean on the system, you don't have autonomy. Once we open up that door, we are surrendering our freedom. So again, if you haven't listened to it, please go right after this episode. It's really long. It's an interview with a mama who shares her heart wrenching story of her child being medically

I'm covered in chills thinking of our conversation. Go give it a listen. This episode, I actually just shared it on Instagram and the post went viral. There are over 5,000 comments of people saying, this happened to me too. People from around the world saying their child was taken from them or they were threatened and harassed because the advice they were given didn't feel right. So they questioned it.

When my child was struggling, I was oblivious to this side of the system. I just knew that no one was interested in really helping him. All they had to offer were band-aids. I didn't know that choosing to not fill the prescriptions that they sent me home with or canceling future appointments could put me at risk of losing my child. It is already so much fighting for your child's health.

Throw in this and I honestly cannot believe how many people have come forward and share their experiences of this happening. Hearing their stories made me pause and really reflect back and is changing the content that I create moving forward. Because this is what happens when you come to this podcast. This is the bigger message of my brand, Only Organics is empowering you so that you can really nurture.

the foundation of your health, your gut, and have medical freedom. I woke up and realized that...

So in our journey, after going to see so many, many doctors and for so many different symptoms and not one of them asking me fundamental questions like what is your son eating? Or did you have to take any medications during pregnancy? None of them were helping me dig or find the root of what was wrong with my son.

Instead, they just kept asking the same systematic questions over and over again. Questions like, so are you ready to start vaccinating him? We should really get him on a schedule. Are you breastfeeding? You should start formula because if anything's wrong, he's probably just reacting to your milk. Do you hear this? This tone that I was spoken to with was very dismissive, very undermining.

I was being told, you know, there's not really anything wrong with your son. His blood work looks great. Good job. Here my son is though screaming in pain for hours and hours a day. He's not sleeping. He's breastfeeding around the clock because his body is so uncomfortable and his body is not absorbing nutrients. His poops smell really, really sour. His skin is so itchy. He's scratching himself till he bleeds.

He's trying to rip his penis off. As he gets older, he's banging his head against the wall. Something is really, really wrong inside my baby. And everybody is telling me he's fine. This is a system that doesn't care about my son or helping me heal him. All they had to do was offer treatments. Here, just rub this steroid cream on or try this other antibiotic. Here's an internal steroid. This will help.

I woke up and I realized they weren't there for me. I was looking to heal my child, not make things worse. I didn't want to give him medications that would make him reliant on the system. I wanted to heal his body so he could be free. So I stopped going. I stopped going to doctors. It was a naturopath who finally validated.

what I had known all along, what I had been screaming so loudly, hoping to be heard, that all of my child's symptoms were in fact connected to one root cause. We learned that he had a significant gut imbalance. The naturopath told us how to heal him, and this is when we really found our freedom. I have since had two more children.

This might be really shocking to a lot of you listening because we are so conditioned to believe we have to go to well child checks. We have to go to these appointments, to have our children measured and make sure they're developing correctly. How does a professional that we meet with for 20 minutes once a year or whatever that vaccine schedule calls for, how

is that they could possibly measure our child more accurately than we ourselves can. So

I've never taken my children to the doctor since our son healed. This was, let's see, almost eight years ago. I have since had two more children. Again, I have not taken any of my four children to the doctor other than to the instacare for one set of stitches and a broken foot. My values and goals do not align with the system. So why would I take them?

This means my two youngest, they have never been to a well child check. They aren't even in any medical system database because they were born naturally at a birth center. I didn't know there was a term for this, but it's called medical freedom. Am I negligent? Absolutely not. My second child's health journey empowered me. It taught me that I am my child's best advocate.

that my intuition is incredibly powerful and it deserves me to listen.

to it above everything else. It taught me how to heal common things like ear infections and how to avoid needing antibiotics. I have to mention here, I have never given any of my four children antibiotics. And it's because I learned how to be my family's doctor. And today we are all healthier than I could have ever imagined.

especially in our world where we are chronically exposed to toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, pathogens, bacteria.

I have given myself the role of being my family's doctor. And what that means is my family is really, really healthy. I am not relying on some external system to keep my family healthy. Now, I wanna share a story with you that really emphasizes the power of this that happened just last week. So my family has not been sick.

with even the slightest cold in well over a year. And I would say within the last five years, we did get COVID, but other than that, we've had maybe a day or two here and there feeling really tired and run down. We could tell that our body was fighting something, but there were no symptoms beyond that. Well, last week we caught a little cold. For the first time, I can't even remember the last time we were sick. My son Remy,

woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain in his ear. He has never experienced anything like this. So you can imagine it was really scary for him. And he was moaning and moaning in pain, just holding his ear, crying. But I knew exactly what to do and I got right to work. So what this does for our children is I want you to imagine we as

pilots, airplane pilots of our families. If our jet hits turbulence and we as the pilot get scared and we freak out, we say, I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do, here take this, I'll rush you to the doctor first thing tomorrow, our passengers, our children are going to feel even more afraid. But if we are so grounded in our capabilities that we can genuinely hold our children and say,

I know exactly what you're going through and I know exactly what to do. You're going to feel better and you're going to be okay. We share our strength with them. We empower them.

So this is what I did. I dropped a few drops of cleanse alkaline silver into both of his ears, one at a time, and massaged the silver into each ear for two minutes. So again, you do it one side at a time. You always want to do both ears when there's an earache or an ear infection because oftentimes you can have an infection in one side, but feel the pain in the other. So just to be sure, you always wanna do both sides.

Then I gave him a dropper full of Balance CBD to help with the pain and his sleep. And I'm not kidding you, within five minutes, he was not moaning anymore. He was in the deepest sleep and he slept all night long. He woke up without any ear pain the next day. And other than a cough, he was better. Had I not had these tools, it would have gone very differently.

I would have had to give him Tylenol for the pain and then drag all four of my children to the doctor the next morning, where we would have very likely been prescribed antibiotics. This is a really profound example of how my medical freedom empowers me to really lead my family. Tylenol is not the best option for pain.

Tylenol would have wrecked his gut, which would have weakened his immune system that was already fighting for him. And that means the infection in his ear would have likely come in full force. Antibiotics would, of course, have wrecked his gut even further. The following morning, I was sharing all of this with my 10 and 13 year olds and how proud I am to have created...

tools like cleanse and balance that I'm not only able to use them to support our family's health but how I get to share the healing with others, how I get to empower you to be the leader of your family. Both of my 10 and 13 year old, they looked at each other and they said, thank goodness, mama, Remy would have been such a grump for a really long time if he had needed any of those medicines.

stood still for me at that moment. I realized how rare it is that we are able to really see the only supplements shine like this. We take and use them every single day. So we are in a constant state of balance and optimal health. These supplements are helping us every single day to fight the bad bacteria that are so abundant in our environment on our foods and our air and our water, the things that we touch.

pathogens, yeast, parasites.

So you know how when you do something like you meditate every single day, you don't realize what a difference it makes until you miss a few days. And then you're like, oh my gosh, I'm never going to miss days again. I can never live without this. I'm such a better person with my daily meditation. I had this moment of wow, I know these supplements are really powerful and I believe in them with my whole heart. Because

They saved my second child. When my fourth child was four months old, he also experienced a little bit of an imbalance. They healed him. I have seen the power of these supplements, not only heal those two of my children, but now thousands of other children around the world. And in this moment though, I got to be reminded right there in front of my face.

how effective and powerful they really are. And so pulling my 10 and 13 year old aside and recognizing how far we've come and how proud I am of myself for taking on this role, for being the leader of my family and empowering others to be the leader of their families, that was a really special moment for me. I think we so often, we forget to celebrate ourselves. We forget to...

reflect back on how far we've come and the mountains that we move. And that's something I'm really trying to do more of is slow down enough to, to celebrate myself and me sharing how proud I am of myself with my children. That normalizes self love and self gratitude for them. And I'm getting on a tangent here, but

There's so much power in that too. And our mental and emotional health and relationship with ourself further empowers our confidence and our ability to really be our own leaders. Being able to avoid dragging my children to the doctor on a really cold and snowy Montana day was miraculous. But more importantly, being able to avoid my son from needing.

Tylenol and antibiotics really reminded me of the power of this. My two older children's comment of Remy being really grumpy, they're absolutely right. When the gut is imbalanced, which antibiotics cause 100% of the time and it takes two years for your gut to restore itself. So if you've needed antibiotics, you really want to...

consider rebalancing your gut. But being able to help Rummy avoid needing them, his mood, sleep, and digestion are all solid. If he had needed antibiotics, all of these would have been so greatly impacted. His mood, his sleep, his digestion, we would have struggled for a while his body tried to get back on track. We can go even further.

Without this medical freedom or the ability to do this, you can imagine what would happen next. Those antibiotics would lead to behavioral issues, which would lead to trouble in school, or for us, we homeschool, which would lead to self-esteem and confidence issues. This would lead to some other professional who would most likely prescribe yet another medication, and the cycle would never end until you decided to end it.

I want to wrap this episode up with my hope of where this leaves you. I hope it validates and inspires you. I hope it gets you thinking about ways you can be even more medically free. What can you do to enhance your intuition and believe in yourself? How can you find more courage to be free? What tools do you need to order so you are ready and prepared? How can you make sure you don't find yourself in a situation?

where you know what intuitively feels right, but you aren't prepared, so you end up having to settle.

Thanks for joining me today.

Thanks for joining me today. I believe in you. You are one powerful force, and your family is so lucky to have such a grounded, courageous leader.

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