Welcome to Day 3 of The Thriving Child Workshop

Welcome to the third day of this workshop. Were you able to start journaling about your child's symptoms and did anything jump out and spark your intuition?

That was the goal of yesterday. To start connecting dots and deeply honoring your intuition. Don't be disappointed if nothing jumped out yet. This all takes time. It took me years to piece it all together and connect all the dots.

Today I am going to dive in deep about how gut imbalance is NORMAL and how naturally happens to everyone. Enjoy!

Okay, mama! I hope that you find all of this information so helpful and you are feeling a new level of hope. I will see you back here tomorrow!

XO - Juniper

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am a mama on a mission to share my family's story and help bring awareness to the significance of childhood gut health. Please always listen to your mama intuition.