Will Silver Turn You Blue?

Will Silver Turn You Blue?

There are so many misconceptions about silver.

It was first recommended to me for my dog Olive when she was really sick. 

I bought it but even for my dog, I was intimidated and weary. So much so that I ended up being too scared to give it to her and eventually threw the bottle away. 

But how have I swung so far to be where I am today? To this place where I confidently give my entire family, including my four children, silver every single day?

Will silver turn you blue? Will it harm your good bacteria? Will it settle in your organs like heavy metals? Tune in to learn everything you need to know. 

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I remember the very first time I learned about silver supplements. It was way before I had children. Well, except for my bloodhound puppy named Olive. She was my first baby. She came to us with so many health issues and after the vet put her on several rounds of antibiotics and steroids, I knew I needed to try something else. I was really young.

I was fresh out of high school, brand new into college. I had just moved in with Ty, who would soon become my husband. I was naive. I had never, I don't think up to this point, I had ever even just taken myself to the doctor on my own. I didn't know how to fight, how to keep pushing to explore and get to the root. I was just receiving.

Whatever they said to do, I was just like, okay, they're the professionals they know best. But after so long, I just knew I could see this clearly isn't working. They don't have any other options. I have to find something else. So I went to a holistic dog store and the woman recommend I give olive a daily dose of silver. I had never heard of it before. And even for my dog,

I was very intimidated and weary. I bought it, but when I went home, I did so much research. This was 15, 16 years ago, and all I could find were articles about how dangerous silver is. I ended up being too scared to give it to Olive, so I eventually threw the bottle away. Oh, what I wish I had known.

how helpful a podcast like this would have been to me because my sweet and cute baby Olive, she ended up dying when she was just three years old of cancer.

Reflecting back on Olive's story, I am covered in chills. Because I know with certainty, if I had not eventually refound silver through our naturopath, our son was on the same health path as our dog. Doctors just wanted to prescribe the same things as the vet had, antibiotics and steroids. Which are microbiome and immune destroyers. I knew in my gut these medications would only exacerbate whatever was at the root of his symptoms. Which would lead to a devastating life for my son, just like it had for my dog. I never found support for my dog to help me uncover the root of her symptoms and we masked them for so long with medications that made her body sicker. Her body couldn’t fight anymore and we had to say goodbye a decade too early. Although, thinking back, that sweet gray haired woman at the holistic pet store, she had so much to offer but I was too scared to trust. I hope this episode sheds light on silver so you can look within and trust. So you feel confident incorporating it into your family’s wellness and you can actually heal.


In this episode we will mostly be focusing on one particular condition associated with silver. It’s called Ayrgeria. As a side note really quickly though, if you want to learn the history of silver and breakthrough all of the myths and misconceptions listen to episode 72 after this one. 

If you google silver supplements you will likely find this information front and center. How dangerous silver is and that it can cause your skin to turn a permanent bluish-gray color. This was all the information I could find about silver when I was researching for my dog and well? It was scary enough that I never gave it to her. But how have I swung so far to be where I am today? To this place where I confidently give my entire family, including my four children, silver every single day?

Well after fighting so hard for 2.5 years to get to the root of my sons eczema, chronic diarrhea that often contained mucus, blood and undigested food, his restless sleep, behavioral outbursts, speech and developmental delays and so many other symptoms, I eventually learned from a naturopath that the root I had been searching for was a significant imbalance in his gut. He said I needed to simply rebalance his gut with silver and probiotics and starve the bad bacteria, pathogens and yeast. But not any silver or probiotics. Very specific ones. 

So this is how I got here. If it is supportive to you, you can hear more of our sons journey on episode 39. For now, let’s jump into Ayrgeria and uncover any fears you may have. Because you can be certain I would absolutely not give my children a supplement that could possibly settle so deep in their organs it could turn them blue!

One of the most important things to know about Ayrgeria is that it has only been seen in cases where people made their own silver solutions at home. These people drank gallons of silver daily. Ayrgeria is a very serious condition because again, if something changes the color of your skin, this means it is settling in your organs and not flushing out of your body. No one would want this to happen. Especially to their child. 

You must know though that there has never been a reported case of Ayrgeria from a professionally manufactured silver. Not one, ever. This is because professionally manufactured silvers like Cleanse, are created in such a way that the particle size is so small it passes through your body in your urine. None of the silver remains in your body. If you are consuming the right kind. Remember a minute ago I shared how my naturopath said it needed to be a very specific silver and probiotic? 

For the silver, you not only need to make sure the particle size is small enough, you want to make sure it is an alkaline base and it is structured. This will make it so the silver is very gentle on the gut and it won’t ever fall out of suspension. Meaning it would be impossible for this silver to settle in your body. I would never recommend taking gallons of Cleanse, or for that matter, anything by the gallon daily. But Cleanse is manufactured in such a way that I have zero fear of my children having too much. For reference, I give them between 1 tsp and 1 TBSP once to twice a day depending on the state of their gut. 

So to answer the question - will silver turn you blue? If you are buying a structured alkaline silver that w

as professionally made, the answer is no. Will it harm your good bacteria? No. Why do I give it to my children, myself and husband (gosh even our dog, cat, chickens, donkeys and horse)? Because it kills bad bacteria, pathogens, yeast, mold, fungus and parasites. We are all exposed to these every single day and these? Are at the root of every medical condition so we supplement daily to maintain our optimal health. 

I hope this episode answered some of your questions or boosted your confidence in the silver you have sitting on your kitchen counter. Stay tuned for an episode on why it is so important to take a spore-forming probiotic and why my naturopath recommended this very specific type for healing my sons gut. 

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