Why NOURISH Probiotic is Different.

Why NOURISH Probiotic is Different.

I had a mama reach out to me recently asking if I had ever heard of PANDAS. I hadn’t but because I love learning about all things like this I dove in and read all about it. Turns out it is a curable autoimmune disease caused by a strep infection. Her naturopath instructed her to find a spore-based probiotic so she reached out to ask if mine was. I was so happy to share all of my information about NOURISH with her and it reminded me of how proud I am to carry the absolute best of the best. That my product is exactly what her naturopath said she needed to cure her son was definitely a highlight in my business path thus far.

Below you will find an explanation of why I formulated my specific probiotic blend, why they are superior to what you might find at a local market and why I believe everyone can benefit from taking them.

Most probiotics are non-spore-forming. Which means immediately after production, these probiotics start to die because they are living organisms that require water and nutrients to stay alive. The inside of a capsule is a very harsh living condition with no water and no freely available nutrients so these organisms quickly die and by the time you purchases your pretty bottle of 100 billion CFU the majority of them are already dead.

On the other hand, spore-forming probiotics edge out non-spore-forming probiotics with their ability to form spores, and that literally makes a difference between “life and death”. The spores are protein sack that cover the DNA of the probiotics. And after forming this sack, the rest of the cell is discarded. As you know, DNA is a blueprint of life that defines the organism. As long as the DNA is intact, simple organisms like bacteria can come back to life when the condition becomes favorable. Until then, they stay dormant inside the sack. And when they sense water and nutrients, they rebuild the rest of the cells from the DNA.

 A visually pleasing metaphor is a cucumber, carrot or beet seed. When you have them in a little seed packet they stay dormant. But soon after you put them in soil and sprinkle them with water they begin to germinate. Essentially, that is what happens to spore-forming probiotics. After a prolonged period in a non-livable condition, they come back to life.

You may be wondering why only some bacteria can do it, and not most others. That is like asking why people do not have wings. Our DNA simply does not contain wing genes. Likewise, non-spore-forming bacteria simply do not have spore-forming genes.

Per FDA regulations I still have to write “at the time of manufacture” on my bottles but these spore-formers remain viable for a very long time. The probiotics stay dormant waiting for a chance to come back to life. And when you swallow the capsule with water, that’s the first sign for them to begin the regermination process.

NOURISH is a powerful blend of three spore-forming probiotics. They are safe for all ages. For my young children that cannot swallow the capsule I simply open one and mix with either CLEANSE or water. It has a natural, slightly sweet flavor that my kids actually like. 

If you have any questions that I have not answered in this post please reach out to me anytime.  

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