When you child has unexplainable symptoms

When you child has unexplainable symptoms


When you are doing everything right in motherhood and symptoms still persist. 

You are conscientious about what you eat. About the cleaning products that come into your home. Even about the water your family drinks. And you still find yourself so confused because your child has unexplainable symptoms. 

Symptoms like sour smelling poop, chronic skin rashes, problems with sleep and behavioral issues. What the heck! Right? What’s wrong? What’s missing?

Well first of all, YOU aren’t doing anything wrong. These symptoms are common and what you are seeing in your child is actually very normal. 

I didn’t know this though and I spent the first 2.5 years of my second child’s life desperately seeking answers for all of his symptoms. I blamed myself. I thought surely I had done something wrong. Maybe it was something I was eating, something I had done during pregnancy? 

I am here to tell you that that’s the only thing I did wrong. Was down myself in guilt.

What I desperately needed was for someone to validate what I was seeing in my child. For someone to tell me they had gone through it all too. That everything would be okay. So I want to be that person for you. 

It can be exhausting and sometimes even scary. It’s easy to lose hope. But you don’t have to. I have had many mamas reach out to me lately asking what’s wrong with their child. Sending me photos of their child’s poop or skin rashes. I am here for it all. Alongside motherhood my life calling is to share the knowledge with mamas of exactly how to heal from the inside. 

Above I said what you are seeing is common. Now this doesn’t mean that you need to settle with these symptoms. What this means is that imbalance in the body is common. When imbalances arise our children’s magical bodies communicate with symptoms. I want to teach you what is actually causing your child’s rash, sour poop, sleep disruptions and/or behavioral issues. To teach you how to heal your child from the gut outward. 

I️ cannot wait to connect more with you and share more of my knowledge about this. 

XO - Sarah

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