What You Need to Know About Fevers

What You Need to Know About Fevers

As a first time mom

As a first time mom, fevers terrified me. I always thought that fevers were bad and scary but as it turns out, fevers are one of our bodies' superpowers. 

So often with the slightest fever, we flood our own or our children’s bodies with over the counter medications and we unknowingly stop our bodies from doing the job they were designed to do. 

It has taken me having four children and learning so much to get to this place of honoring fevers as a gift. In this episode I hope to share this perspective with you so that you can grow your confidence in supporting your body and your child’s body in doing its magic. 

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To really understand fevers I think it’s important to go in the body and take an inside look. It all begins with the hypothalamus, a small but mighty control center in the brain. This regulator plays an important role by overseeing your body's temperature. When it senses an invasive intruder, it initiates a series of responses, signaling the body to raise its temperature. This rise is the body's way of creating an inhospitable environment for the invading pathogens.

Your body is so intelligent. It raises its temperature because it knows that many viruses and bacteria thrive in a cozy, normal body temperature. And when the temperature goes up, it becomes challenging for these pathogens to survive and procreate. Essentially, fevers serve as a natural defense, slowing down the intruders' growth.

Simultaneously, that fever kick starts your immune system into high gear. It prompts the production of specialized immune cells and proteins that function optimally in higher temperatures. This mobilization accelerates your body's ability to recognize and attack the invading pathogens more efficiently.

As a culture we are so quick to medicate even the slightest fever. Unfortunately this not only stops the body from doing it’s magic, it compromises the immune system. Making it so the body is more susceptible to getting even sicker. 

Let me explain. So over the counter medications like ibuprofen and tylenol definitely bring temporary relief but they turn the body's defense system off and they are very disruptive to the gut microbiome. This matters because 70% of our immune system resides in our gut so we certainly don’t want to compromise our gut when our bodies are already working hard to fight an invasive pathogen. 

Several years ago I threw away all of our ibuprofen and tylenol. Instead, when my children, husband or I get a fever I give us a dose of Balance CBD. Unlike conventional fever reducers, Balance harmonizes with the body's innate systems, offering support without disturbing the intricate microbial balance that is so important for optimal health. It alleviates the discomforts of a fever while supporting the body in performing its natural healing process.

When fevers get over 102’ something else I do is wet sock therapy where you get cotton socks wet, put them on and then put on a pair of dry wool socks. When we do this I apply Balance CBD to the souls of our feet first. It is important to drink lots of water and eat and drink nourishing foods to support the immune system. 

Now just like everything I share, please take this information and always use your best judgment. This is not intended to be medical advice but rather an awareness of why we get fevers in the first place so that the next time you notice someone in your family getting hot you can consider your microbiome and support your body in performing its own magic. Take care.

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