The Simple Process That Will Cultivate True Healing

The Simple Process That Will Cultivate True Healing

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Welcome to Episode 33; The Simple Process That Will Cultivate True Healing 

Healing you or your child’s symptoms by balancing your gut isn’t a stand alone thing. Your journey is beautifully entwined with your motherhood as a whole, how you parent, your relationship with yourself and others, your business or job if you have one and everything in between. Your healing is a piece of your life right now and is part of your journey that is leading you and your family to where you are meant to be. 

But healing won’t happen if you are lacking the most critical component. 

Before you buy or commit to anything external you must commit to your state of mind. If you don’t believe that healing is possible you will never heal. Your mindset is the most important yet rarely addressed piece to a thriving life. 


Before we go further I need to acknowledge that this podcast might not share the same audio quality as all of my other episodes. My family and I took a spur of the moment adventure across the county. I might share more about this later but for now, I have to tell you that I had to leave my microphone behind so I am recording this episode with the voice memo app on my phone. I hope you can hear past the lack audio quality and take this experience as an inspiration to fully commit to your hearts calling even if it isn’t always perfect. Even if you have to make sacrifices and improvise to show up fully in all that you love. I am just so grateful to be here. Audio meh, who cares. This episode is a powerful one! So let’s do it!

Okay! We were saying that if you don’t believe that healing is possible you will never heal. 

Learning how to manage the state of your mind is a skill that will benefit you and your family far beyond healing symptoms though. This episode, like many other Follow Your Gut Episodes, can be applied to every part of your life. So even if you or your child aren’t currently struggling with symptoms you will still get so much value out of this episode. 

Many mamas come into my world after trying everything. They themselves have suffered with symptoms for years, even decades. Or they have endlessly fought so hard for their children’s health. They have gone to every kind of doctor. They have purchased every supplement and tried every elimination diet.  Nothing has worked. They are both desperate and defeated. They have lost hope. 

This was me after battling so hard for my son for 2.5 years. I took him to 17 different healthcare professionals and I was lost and alone and had completely lost hope. So I completely understand and this is partially why I have created ōNLē. To be the person who shares validation and hope with you. Because that hope is where healing begins. 

Your past and all the heartache that has lead you here doesn’t matter anymore. I say this with all the love in my heart and I am not intending to minimize how long and hard your journey has possibly been. But it’s time to let go. The tighter you hold to the past and everything that hasn’t worked the more closed your mind, body and soul are to healing. Let go. 

You are here right now and there is no chance associated. You were universally lead to listen to this episode because it is exactly what you need to hear right now. I am creating this episode by letting universal wisdom flow through my body and speak directly to you. So that you are able to finally begin your true path of healing.


Right now I invite you to close your eyes. We are going to repeat a powerful affirmation together. 

“I surrender. 

I release. 

The past is not my future. 

I am committed to a new path of healing. 

One where I manage the state of my mind and I choose to believe.  

To believe that healing is possible and everything I desire in life is available to me.” 

We are going to repeat this one more time. Write it down if you need. Make this commitment to yourself and the universe.  You are the leader of you and your family’s wellness and it begins with you believing that healing is possible. Repeat. 

Nothing in life happens for you when you only seek external answers. This is why all of those doctors have been unable to help you. Because the universe needed you to get here. To a place where you are ready to turn inward. To embrace yourself and believe in the power of YOU!

I want you to feel the power of this message so we are going to have one conversation two different ways. 

Let’s say you or your child has been struggling with an itchy rash for many years. You have tried every topical ointment, elimination diet and sensitivity test to help but no matter what you do - that darn rash won’t go away. 

This is your story. Yes! Absolutely. And it is valid and so frustrating that no matter what you do it won’t go away. Even more than that, it’s infuriating that no one has been able to help you! 

But your story can lead you in one of two directions. It can keep you spinning in the same circle or you can choose to turn in a new direction. 

So say you call me and you tell me your story and my response “wow! You have done so much. This is probably just how your life is going to be. I mean maybe you can try this topical gel that I sell or you can try to incorporate my gut balancing supplements. Maybe it will all help a little but since you have already done so much I don’t have much hope for you.” 

How does this feel? Terrible right? In this conversation I jumped on your old story bus and together we spiraled into having zero hope of your rash ever healing and so it never will. Because this conversation was lead by your past experiences. Not by intentionally creating a new one.

You cannot kind of believe in something. You have to choose to either be all in or it isn’t worth your time, energy or money. 

It does not matter the quality of a supplement. If you do not believe it is going to work, it won’t. I do sell the best quality and most effective healing products and supplements out there but if you don’t believe in the possibility of healing, you will not heal. 

Now let’s have the same conversation a different way. Let’s say you call me and you tell me your story and my response is “I know. I am so sorry you have been through this. But I know you can heal. Let me teach you a few things about the underlying root to your rash and you will be empowered to heal not only your rash but your whole body.” 

These are the conversations you get to have in your mind. You can either spin with your past or you can control the state of your mind. Do not surrender to symptoms. They do not have to be part of your story anymore. Make healing the only option and when I say this I mean you have to get rid of statements like “well maybe this will work”, and “I guess I’ll try that and see if it works”, and “I heard it worked for someone else but I’m different, I wonder if it will work for me?” 

No! This statement right here needs to be your everyday mantra. “I am an intuitive woman and I choose to heal right now by committing the first step of true healing which is believing it is possible.” 

Do you know why you are here? Why I was there? Why as a culture we have the dialogue that prevents us from being able to really heal?

There are three reasons. 

First, because it is too risky for someone, no matter their degree or license, to tell you that whatever they do will absolutely work for you. There are too many variables and no one wants to be responsible when their “promised cure” doesn’t work. 

Which is connected to the second reason. You are the one who determines your commitment to healing. A professional fitness trainer can’t guarantee results because they cannot control how committed you are to following their diet and exercise plan. They can prove that it worked for them and many others so the potential is there for you - absolutely. But ultimately you are the only one who can guarantee it will work. 

And third, our medical system is not designed to heal people. It is designed to treat symptoms. We are all asking the system to do something it is not designed to do. 

Instead we need to step into our own power. You don’t need anyone external to tell you what will work for you and what won’t. Intuitively, inside of you, you know. You don’t need a professional to guarantee that something will work. It is up to you to educate yourself and then turn inward. If a healing path feels right to you then it is.  If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right. You are so damn wise and you have to start trusting in your born given wisdom.

It’s time to start claiming your life with statements instead of ending your thoughts with question marks. 

Instead of “I wonder if that will work? Should I try it?”

Claim it. “That healing path interest me. I am going to learn all that I can and if it still feels intuitively right I will heal with that plan”. 

Before we keep going I want to recap what we have gone over so far. In order to truly heal (meaning you or your child’s symptoms go completely away and you are thriving) you must believe it is possible. And not just hope but really and truly believe it is will happen. 

So? How does all of this relate to your gut health? 

I want you to visualize a neighborhood. One builder builds on one side of the street and a different builder on the other side. 

The first builder diligently levels and packs down the earth. His homes go up slower but he takes care to make sure the foundation is really strong and stable. 

The second builder is so excited to get the houses up that he doesn’t take the time to even acknowledge the ground beneath the houses. 

Eventually both sides of the street are fully built, families move in and time passes. 

Like in all houses, problems come up. But the two sides of the street experience different severity of problems. On the side where focus was put on the foundation they have minor things happen like their washing machine stops working and a baseball flies through the window. Not related to the structure of the home but just regular life hiccups. 

On the other side of the street not only do they experience the regular hiccups of life but their walls are cracking and pipes are leaking. The owners have no idea why or what to do so they call different repair men to fix each individual problem. But every time they fix one problem another seems to surface. They can’t catch a break.  

Do you understand the analogy here? Your gut bacteria is the foundation of your wellness. It is the ground that your health is built upon. If you don’t take the time to balance it, your body will never fully thrive. 

I am not here to fool you and tell you that I have a magic cure to every health problem in the world. Of course a baseball might fly through your window and your washing machine might break. You will have hard days and experience occasional illness. Just like how the smartly build houses above still experience life circumstances, you will too. BUT! They will be so breezy and you will be able to easily overcome them. 

I am here to tell you that if you continue to seek external answers and solutions to individual problems without addressing the foundation of your health, you will not heal your body. This message is intended to empower you to learn more and to take your wellness into your own hands. And it all begins with your gut. 

When your gut is imbalanced your foundation is unstable. Symptoms like itchy rashes, allergies, a compromised immune system, headaches, restless sleep, digestive issues, unstable hormones and rapidly fluctuating moods negatively impact your life. The average person calls specific repair men like in our house analogy or different doctors for all of these symptoms and sure - they are treated but the root cause as to why these symptoms came on it the first place is never even addressed. 

The body is amazing and symptoms need to be viewed as a gift. Symptoms are your body asking for help. Telling you that something isn’t right. Instead of treating them, it is time to first focus, heal and strengthen the foundation of your whole bodies wellness. 

Say you experience digestive issues. Chronic constipation. You need to balance your gut in order to get clear on what further actions need to take place. But if you try to bypass that step you aren’t really healing. You are treating. Do you see the difference?

The leaky pipe might get fixed, the walls re-plastered. But more pipes will leak and more walls will crack. Because the ground is still unstable. You can treat your migraines or extreme pms but other symptoms will continue to arise if you don’t take the time to strengthen the foundation of your body. 

Balancing your gut is equivalent to rebuilding the foundation of those houses. 

The connection between your mindset and gut health is the educational piece. Believing in something by itself isn’t enough to make anything happen. You have to take action. You have to learn about the foundation of your bodies wellness so that you know where to begin. 

You must commit to learning about the gut. And you are in the right place here. If you haven’t subscribed to this podcast yet go ahead and do so now. I am here to teach you about the foundation of your wellness so that you can thrive without all of those unnecessary symptoms. 

So . . . Now it’s time to take what we have discussed so far and I am going to teach you the Simple Process to Cultivate your desires. I am going to give it to you in a checklist format. You will probably want to write it down. These steps can be used for anything. For healing you or your child’s body, for building a business, following through on your dream of traveling around the world. Literally anything. So really, if you need, take a second to grab a pen and paper. 

While you do that I , I am going to share a quote from my favorite mindset author Jen Sincero. 

“Our thoughts become our words, our words become our beliefs, our beliefs become our actions, our actions become our habits, and our habits become our realities.”



  • You have to get clear on what you want. How do you want to feel? How do you want your child’s health to be? Don’t be afraid. Get a clear visual because this is how you are going to create a plan of how to get there. 
  • Start talking about it. That you are going to heal or get fit or sleep or whatever you desire right now. It is going to happen and there is no other option so its time to start talking about it. 
  • Believe it is possible. Without this you can just go back to bed. You HAVE TO BELIEVE that healing is possible. No matter what you have already tried. 
  • Take action. First learn about the foundation of your bodies health. Your gut. Tune in next week for The Essentials of Gut Health episode.
  • Establish habits that move you toward your vision. So for example, if your first desire is to heal your gut - make taking your supplements a habit.
  • Let it all unfold. Don’t worry about all the how’s. Just let it happen. Because when you follow the above five steps - it will. It works EVERY SINGLE TIME!



I am going to link my favorite audiobook in the show notes. It is You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. This book will give you a bit of guidance on how to really step in and be the boldest badass of your life. I recommend the audio version because the concepts are so foreign that it really takes listening to it over and over for it to sink in. But it is pure magic.



  • Get clear on your desire.
  • Talk about it.
  • Believe it is possible.
  • Take action and learn all that you can.
  • Establish habits that move you toward your desire.
  • Trust in your intuition and let it all happen. 



Thanks for joining me today, I’m not sure where my family will be for the next episode but regardless, I’ll be back here next Monday. See you then!


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