The Connection Between Food Sensitivities, Intolerances, Allergies and Gut Health.

The Connection Between Food Sensitivities, Intolerances, Allergies and Gut Health.


Hey mama. Welcome back to Follow Your Gut with me, Sarah Bennett, founder of ōNLē ORGANICS. As a moment of four, I've gone through the ups and downs of sleepless nights. Undiagnosed symptoms got in a complete runaround from the medical system and I've found a different way. Normal waiting out your child's symptoms, endlessly Googling in the middle of the night and feeling lost and alone in your family's wellness.

This podcast will empower you to take leadership. Of your family's wellness. So you can experience that deep level of health and happiness that you so greatly deserve. In today's episode, we are talking about the connection between allergies, intolerances, sensitivities, and gut bacteria. Let's dive in.

If your child is suffering from a long list of food, sensitivities, intolerances, or allergies, and it is not genetic in your family, meaning you or your child's father, your parents, your grandparents don't suffer from these same sensitivities, intolerances and allergies. This is a huge red flag. Of a gut bacteria imbalance.

And the same is true for you as a woman in your twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, if you are experiencing the onset of new sensitivities and tolerances or allergies. This isn't normal. This is your body communicating with you that something's wrong. Something's gotta change. So in this episode, I'm gonna share a personal story with you, of how my son overcame his allergies.

When we rebalanced his gut bacteria, I'm gonna share a story of a mama who went through my course happy and healthy from the inside out. How she experienced the same remarkable healing in her son. And I'm gonna share some ideas with you to safely go about hopefully overcoming you or your child's. I share this story a lot because it's where.

Our journey started is what prompted me to learning the gut inside and out and dedicating hundreds and hundreds of hours of researching the gut and how to heal from the inside. When my second child was born, he was. Born with a lot of symptoms. He was covered in a red itchy, rash, so itchy that he would just scrape his skin off and be covered in blood.

He would try to rip off his penis. He didn't sleep. His stomach was so hard and so painful. He was scream for hours in pain. He had really unhealthy poops. Sometimes they were full of mucus or blood. They smelled really, really sour. Over two and a half years, I took him to 17 different healthcare professionals.

And when he was four months, Leading up to this point, I'd gone to his pediatrician. I had taken his diapers in, I had gone to a naturopath. I'd gone to a chiropractor and a lactation consultant, and it was decided upon that he probably had allergies. So we went to an allergist and they did the full on test.

They pricked his. I don't know, 150 times he tested severely allergic to nine different things. Well, of course at this point, you know, he's four months old, I'm exclusively breastfeeding. Obviously I cut out every single one of his allergens, but not only from my diet, from our entire home, I was desperate to help him heal.

Our life was miserable. My son was living in pure survival. We were not. Okay. And the problem here is I cut all those foods out. Every single one, strictly cut them out. I carried an EpiPen everywhere with me, but his symptoms didn't go away. He was still covered in that same rash. He still had the same unhealthy poops.

He was getting older and he was eating solid foods and he was there. His poops were full of undigested food. He was experiencing off the wall, behavioral issues. I could see it in his eyes. He was just in so much pain, but here we are, he was four months old when he tested. Now he's two and a half. We're still facing all of the same problems, except they're getting worse and worse and worse.

And I'm still strictly avoiding all of these foods. It was, our diet was so restrictive. But I was desperate and I was scared. I, the allergist said he would have, the, his allergies were so severe. He would have them for the rest of his life. Well, I finally learned that all of my son's symptoms were connected to an imbalance in his gut bacteria.

So when I rebalance his gut and all of his symptoms went away, I was curious, did he still have these allergies? So we went back to the allergies. we retested him and did the whole full panel. Again, every single one of his allergies was gone. it took me a while to understand this because the allergist that he had never seen anything like this before.

So the way my brain works is I dove in, I had to research this. I had to learn how this happened, what happened and what I came to. is when the gut bacteria is imbalanced. It causes inflammation in the gut and an inflamed gut is not able to send clear communication to the brain it's misfiring and sending incorrect signals all throughout the body.

This is what happens with allergies and intolerances and sensitivities. When the gut is imbalanced, it's inflamed and it's sending incorrect signals everywhere. Had I taken my child to the allergist? The initially when he was four months old, even one week later, it is likely that his allergies would've been completely different.

This is why I hear this a lot from mama's. We did this at home test and we did this at home test. We went to the allergist, we went to this person, all of the results are so different. I don't know where to start. I don't know what's wrong. I don't know what to believe. This is why is because it's actually not even a food.

Sensitivity intolerance or allergy. It is the gut misfiring and sending incorrect signals to your brain. And your brain is incorrectly responding in that moment. Are you still with me? So. I thought, well, wow, this is really profound. This is fantastic. So we reintroduced all those foods. My son is fine with every single one of them to this day.

I share this story in my course, happy and healthy from the inside out to inspire mamas and share with them. What is possible when you commit and rebalance the gut bacteria yet? Well, I recently had a mama reach out to me who. Gone through my course. And she shared her testimonial with me. I had to bring it here with you.

And it's actually what prompted me to create this episode for you. Her child experienced the exact same results. I'm not sure if you're gonna hear this. There's a massive thunderstorm going through and it's starting to pound on our metal roof, but I've gotta, I've gotta finish this episode for you because I've had so many mamas recently reach.

Asking about the connection between intolerances, sensitivities and allergies and gut bacteria. So this mama, she did the exact same thing. She learned everything in my course, she implemented it. She rebalanced her child's gut. Yes. It took a while. It took a solid six months, but all of his symptoms, just like my child's and just like every single mama who goes through my course.

His symptoms healed. So she was curious, is he still allergic to these 23 different things? Do we still have to live with this very restrictive diet? She took him back to the allergist. Sure enough. Every single one, except one was gone. He went from 23 allergies to one. that one allergy that was left. That is a true allergy.

And guess what? Her dad shares that same allergy. It is genetic. So my big takeaway for you today, if you or your child is struggling with food, sensitivities, intolerances, or allergies, and you intuitively feel like it's just not right. Why is this happening? I invite you to enroll in my course. I'm going to link it below.

So no matter where you are listening to this podcast, you can go to the description and there'll be a link to take you to the show notes and I'll have my course available for you there. This course is changing lives. I am on a mission to help and support as many mamas and children as I can. because I genuinely care, no child or mama deserves to unnecessarily struggle the way my child and I did for two and a half years.

Learn how to rebalance your child's gut, rebalance their gut rebalance your gut. Retest your allergies and see what happens. I'm pretty certain you will experience the exact same thing as my child and this beautiful mama who shared her testimonial. If you have any questions, please reach out to me on Instagram @onleorganics.

I am right here with you, mama. Ready to support you and meet you where you are. You are not alone in this journey. I'll catch you next time.

Thank you so much for joining in. Before you go, something you should know is that everything I share on this show is also applicable to you, not just your child. And did you know, I started only organics as a way to create and share the absolute best quality supplements and products that support gut balance shop only

That's Lastly, I always wanna be very transparent that I am not a doctor, a nutritionist or a dietician. I am a certified family health coach, and most importantly, a mama with a passion sharing my story and the products and practices that have brought abundant health and happiness to my own family.

Please always listen to your own inner voice of wisdom and your healthcare professional. See you next week.

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