The Art of Being: Transformation in Motherhood and Business

The Art of Being: Transformation in Motherhood and Business

In this episode, host Sarah Bennett talks strengthening by simplifying and doing less by BEING more. Tune in today to find inspiration in the joy of dialing in and tuning down. 

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Welcome to episode 42; The Art of Being: Transformation in Motherhood and Business

Again, we are in the middle of a series where my husband Ty is joining me to share the evolution of our gut health journey and gosh. Just like last week - I have to interrupt the series. I promise! We are going to finish this series! The reason I am coming on solo today without Ty is honestly because I am a hot mess. I debated on showing up at all but I am committed to being here. Even if it is simply to validate you. We are all human, we all go through ups and downs. I am in the midst of motherhood with you and I will tell you. Being a woman and a mother and a business owner and a dreamer is freaking amazing and so freaking hard at times. I didn’t feel that I could record an episode with him that would be worth your time so here I am. Ready to be a bit vulnerable with whoever needs to hear it. 

Something happened last week that I didn’t see coming and it has taken me for a wild ride. I am in the process of rebranding my business ōNLē ORGANICS. This rebrand is about so much more than just a new logo and updated packaging. It is a deep dive into my soul and my mission to support women in their family’s journey towards holistic wellness- particularly starting with their gut health. 

And while none of this is new - this has always been my mission. I have a new sense of clarity and confidence that far exceeds the business I launched in 2020 and its time for me to show up stronger as a brand. What happened last week is that as I was working on the rebrand, I found myself in the midst of a personal transformation. So much of my past unexpectedly came bubbling up to the surface and I feel like I am shedding layers of skin that have been weighing me down my whole life. Personal transformation is hard. But with this process, I am emerging as a new version of myself - one that is unafraid and unapologetically ready to serve you beautiful women exactly as I am. We all have self doubt and limiting beliefs. This transformation surfaced all of mine and here I am - trying to learn who I am without those while simultaneously trying my best to mother my babies. It is exhausting and so hard. But the more I embrace the power of transformation the quicker I will move through it and the stronger I will become. 

I am ready to DO less and BE more. BE more in my own life, create new habits that allow me to show up as the best version of myself and simply be. We have all been conditioned to belive that to BE the best versions of ourselves we have to DO more. This transformation is inviting me to do the opposite and I hope that by sharing it you can reflect on your own life and consider the concept of DOING less and BEING more. BEING represents both being in your own body and embracing your whole and true self while also going deeper into the things that fuel your heart and soul. The idea of BEING is permission to love you and to share your light with the world. 

I will share more about my transformation as it continues to unfold but for now, I just want you to know that transformation is beautiful. It is hard and our naturally tendency is to want to run and hide. You can do that but you will never step into the woman you are supposed to be. Instead - show up as the vulnerable version of you. The one who is ready to be her best self. 

The concept of BEING creates space for you to align with your hearts desires. Before I go I want to give you a tangible example of what I mean here. Just two weeks ago I was in a chronic state of DOING DOING DOING. I announced in my instagram stories that we are in the process of getting all of my gut health supplements on Whole Foods shelves. And while this sounds amazing and I really meant it. We are deep down the path of pursuing this avenue of the business - this transformation has me questioning if that is really what I want? Is that really what the business needs? Or is it wiser to just be? To go deeper in the way I am currently making an impact in the world? I don’t have solid clarity yet but I am putting everything on the table so that I move forward from this transformation with intention. You need to know this - ōNLē isn’t going anywhere. In fact ōNLē has evolved into a powerful force that will always be. This rebrand and personal transformation are just strengthening it. 

When you go big for your dreams and pursue your life purpose - whatever you create is part of you. In my case - ōNLē is an extension of my heart and soul. The timeliness of rebranding and this personal transformation is not a coincidence. The two go hand in hand and in order for one to become stronger - the other must too. Its beautiful and raw, vulnerable and fragile. But there is no other way. This is called human evolution. 

I am going to wrap this episode up by sharing my disclaimer right here loud and proud. This is at the end of every episode and on everything I create. I have always been very transparent that I am not a doctor or a licensed medical professional. And when I receive messages on instagram from mamas asking for medical advice I am always very clear that the answers I share are just what I would do personally. This new version of me is even more excited to settle into this transparency. I believe in the power of women and I personally prefer the advice of an experienced mom than I do of any healthcare professional. And that? Is exactly what I am here do to for all of you. I believe in you and your ability to lead your family’s wellness. I don’t have a hint of doubt in my mind that YOU and your family can thrive. 

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