My Experience with Candida

My Experience with Candida

WARNING: graphic photos of my babies poop when he had Candida. I want to share because when I was desperately searching for answers for my sons health relatable photos would have been so helpful.

When my second baby was only weeks old I knew something was wrong. I have a terribly vivid memory of the time I went to get him out of his car seat and his entire head was dripping with blood because he had scratched himself so badly. I called the doctor right away and was told eczema is incredibly common with infants and was sent home with a prescription for a steroid cream. I went to the pharmacy in tears because I didn’t know what to do. My baby was suffering but my mama gut told me that a steroid was not the answer. It was a mask to a big problem. I never did fill that prescription. I remember another time when my husband was standing next to me staring at our baby with tears in his eyes because he was so scared. Our baby was laying there in front of us banging his head, covered in scabs. And everyone kept telling us he was fine.

Just 1 month old and ohhh so itchy.

Just 1 month old and ohhh so itchy.


Mucus poops. Not normal. But his pediatrician insisted it was "fine"

Undigested food in his poop.

I went to his pediatrician, ran blood tests (they all came back “normal”), had allergy testing done (he tested positive to nine different things), found an Ayurvedic doctor and tried elimination diet after elimination diet (mind you we were already strict organic vegan by choice). I went to lactation consultants, chiropractors and midwives. Anytime I had the chance to talk to anyone new I felt a little glimpse of hope. I was desperate for help. Two years went by and his list of symptoms grew right on with his growing body. He couldn’t sleep and would nurse all night long as it was his only comfort. As a two year old he was nursing more than my first baby did as an infant. His mood was angry and unpredictable. Everyone told me that was what two year old boys were like but I knew that wasn’t him. In his heart he was a tender being with a gentle demeanor. His stools were all over the map. Some diapers were full of mucous while others had whole undigested blueberries. They had the most sour smell and I just knew it wasn’t right. I googled every symptom and never found my answers. No one could tell me what was wrong and I was terrified for my sons life. My gut told me that if I didn’t find health for him all of these symptoms would manifest into something much worse such as autism, autoimmune disease or cancer.

Eczema all over and hard belly.

He was always covered in scabs from scratching. 

When he was two and a half we landed in a naturopaths office. Within minutes he said “oh I know exactly what is wrong. Your son has candida”. It was the first time someone shook their head and said “yes, I have seen this”. I walked out of his office in hysterical tears of hope. We went home and followed exactly what he said to do. I gave my son the supplements and within weeks his skin cleared, he started sleeping, his mood calmed and his stools normalized. It felt like I met my baby for the first time. The soul I had always known was in his little body but had been trapped under layers of discomfort.

Time went by and we continued the supplements. His symptoms faded away but never completely disappeared. That’s when our naturopath ran a food sensitivity test. It turned out my son is highly sensitive to wheat and sulfur. As soon as we cut the wheat and paid attention to foods high in sulfur his body completely healed. I continue to give him a small dose of the supplements for daily immune boosting goodness and he is thriving.

Over the years I have shared this story with friends. So many times I have found myself buying these supplements from my naturopath to send to mamas.

Fast Forward to summer 2019. My four month old baby came down with all the same symptoms. I jumped on it right away and within weeks of giving him the supplements his symptoms subsided. It was right then and there that I knew this incredible healing system needed to be available to all mamas and ōNLē ORGANICS was born. 

I created a product line of the supplements mentioned above that helped my children overcome candida overgrowth. You can visit me shop HERE

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