It is Never too Late to Become The Leader of Your Family's Wellness

It is Never too Late to Become The Leader of Your Family's Wellness


Hey mama. Welcome back to Follow Your Gut with me. Sarah Bennett, founder of ōNLē ORGANICS as a mama of four. I've gone through the ups and downs of sleepless nights. Undiagnosed symptoms gotten the complete runaround from the medical system and I've found a different way. No more waiting out your child's symptom.

Endlessly Googling in the middle of the night and feeling lost and alone in your family's wellness. This podcast will empower you to take leadership of your family's wellness. So you can experience that deep level of health and happiness. You so greatly deserve. In today's episode, we are talking about trusting in your mama.

Got let's dive in.

When it comes to your family, you know, best that is the simplest matter of fact, but unfortunately it's more complicated than that. There is so much polar information out there on everything from bananas to vaccines. Who do you trust? How do you even know who to trust, especially if you have experienced the runaround from the medical system?

The way I did when my child wasn unwell. Who do you listen to? Where do you go when you need help? Sometimes it's all too much throw in social media and influencers and new information that counters everything you've ever believed or been told. And no wonder children are suffering from unnecessary symptoms and mamas have no idea what to do.

you have been conditioned to always look outward for every answer. When a symptom comes up, the first thing you do is schedule an appointment with your family and care provider. You're likely told that your child's symptom is normal and it just waited out. Or you're given a medication that will treat that one specific symptom, maybe blood work is done, or maybe you are referred to a different specialist, but ultimately the why was never even addressed.

Why did your child develop that symptom? That should be what happens in medical appointments uncovering the why? So you can heal from there. Symptoms like red itchy rashes, constipation, diarrhea, colic, restless, sleep, chaotic energy, the chronic catching of colds, behavioral issues, and even developmental delays are not diagnoses.

They are symptoms of an underlying issue. and here's the problem. Our system is reactive and we, as mamas are unknowingly following suit, it is called Western medicine for a reason. Medicine is used when something is wrong. Medicine isn't used when everything is going well, think about it. You don't take medications when you don't need them.

You don't go to the doctor when you don't need to, but as soon as something comes. You are right there living in reaction, leaning on a reactive system, but there's a way to break this cycle. And in today's episode, we are going to talk about what it means to really be the leader of your family's wellness.

This is not an episode. That is anti-medicine. It is an episode about tuning into yourself. The actual definition of a leader is the one in charge, the person who convinces other people to follow a great leader, inspires confidence in other people and moves them to action. being a leader means that you are strong and passionate.

You have a plan before you need it. You are empowered with knowledge. So inside of you, you know, the best plan forward, no matter what life throws at you. And in regards to being the leader of your family's wellness, you are deeply familiar with what is at the very root of human wellness, gut health. 70% of your immune system is located in your gut.

Many hormones, including serotonin are produced in the gut. If your gut is imbalanced, this means your immune system is compromised and your hormones are not functioning. Optimally. Imbalance makes it harder for your body to regulate your blood sugar levels. And your body is not able to absorb nutrients as well.

An imbalance gut causes inflammation and our whole medical world today agrees that all disease stems from inflammation. It is at the root of every autoimmune disease, cancer arthritis, heart disease. You name it inflammation itself though is not a D. It is a symptom of something that something is a bacteria imbalance in the.

Picture it like a family tree bacteria imbalance leads to inflammation, inflammation leads to symptoms and symptoms. Eventually lead to disease. Let's break down an autoimmune disease. As an example, if you are suffering from one, you can probably trace it back many years, no matter what autoimmune disease you have, it likely scarred started with a skin issue.

Some kind of rash or acne or something that wasn't your normal prior to your gut bacteria imbalance, then unhealthy poops and possibly even anxiety or depression came on. This was the bacteria imbalance phase, but it wasn't addressed. So your symptoms progress. Then maybe you experienced headaches, chronic fatigue or fogginess.

The bacteria imbalance was even more profound by this point and causing a lot of inflammation and because it still wasn't addressed all of your symptoms continue to progress until eventually you were diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. So maybe this is you, you are in the thick of living and unwell life, or maybe your child is suffering from an itchy rash or chronic ear infections.

Maybe they can't sleep. Maybe they've tested positive to multiple allergies, but even avoiding those allergens, hasn't made a difference. It is never too late. To become a leader. So let's talk about how to do this, no matter where you are in your family's wellness journey, we're gonna break this into two different stages, preventative and diagnostic.

You are in one of these stages. So right now identify which one, because as we go along, I'm going to speak. Differently to the, these different stages what's gonna motivate you. Okay. No matter if you are in the preventative stage, looking to proactively become the leader of your family's wellness, or if you are in a diagnostic stage, meaning your family is struggling with symptoms of any degree, this is going to be so empowering to you.

And quite honestly, Me becoming the leader of my family's wellness has completely changed our lives. We have not needed to seek medical help in years with the exception. Of course, if my husband breaking his leg and needing surgery, but as far as symptoms go, we are solid and it started with me becoming the leader of my family's wellness.

This episode is going to empower you to do the same. I'm gonna share four things with you that you can do right now to step into this leadership role. The first thing you need to do is tune into yourself. This is probably the most hardest part, but is the absolute, most important thing you can do. So please don't skip this, do everything you can to strengthen that powerful, inner voice of wisdom that you were gifted when you became a mama.

The more you nurture yourself, the stronger your all-knowing voice will speak to you because she will feel heard and validated when my second child wasn't well, I eventually hit rock bottom. I had taken him to every kind of healthcare professional I could think of pediatricians, chiropractors, allergist, naturopath, functional medicine practitioners, even an our Uve doctor.

I lost myself while seeking his wellness. My marriage was in ruins. I was sleep deprived and I was so scared having exhausted all other directions. I was forced to look inward. There was nowhere else to go. I didn't know what I was doing at the time, but at my wits end, I began walking. All by myself without my phone or any other distractions, I'd go for 30 minutes every morning and just be with myself and my inner voice.

And she eventually started speaking loudly. And clearly to me, the second thing you can do is to allow yourself to believe in what you desire. This might take some time. My walks evolved and I started talking to myself. I'm okay. I'm a good mama. I'm strong. I know I can help my baby heal. I know he'll be okay because there is no other option.

Your body and your life follows where your mama mind goes. And it is important for you to tell yourself. And to believe that you are deserving of the life you desire that you and your child and your family deserve to feel good, and it is possible for you to be happy and healthy, and that you'll get there because there is no other option.

Be brave and say positive words out loud to yourself. I know this might sound out there, but this was critical in my journey of becoming the leader of my family. I had to change the stories that had been cycling through my head. I was rightfully scared and I had every bit of evidence I needed to succumb to the awful thought that my child would never heal and our life would be miserable forever.

Had I not intercepted this by stating my desires out loud as if they were already, my reality, our life would not have changed. I would've not been the strong leader that my child needed to eventually. Heal him because I would have been too exhausted and hopeless. Give yourself space and honor your soul.

If you need guidance on how to even do this, I have a $27. Minicourse where I share all of my soul care practices with you. Your soul care is critical in the process of taking leadership of your family's wellness. Please do not skip this. Once you commit it will quickly evolve and your beautiful inner voice will guide you forward.

I'm gonna link my, I'll put a, a link to this mini course in the show notes. If. This would be helpful to you never any pressure. I've just, I'm just providing it because gosh, I had to pave my own path. I had no idea what I was doing and it took a really long time. It would've been amazing for somebody to say here, here it is $27 and it'll guide you.

So that's available to you if you want it. The third thing is to give yourself freedom. The freedom of only sourcing information from people and places that you trust and that resonate with your inner voice. Turn the rest off. If information confuses you, get in tune with why that is. Is it because it counters what you intuitively know or is it because it is different than what you have always been told?

Follow what your inner wisdom knows. Do you know what I'm talking about? When I say your inner wisdom? it's that first answer your body gives you in any situation. The one that you hear for a slight second before your brain has time to interfere before the questioning and doubting happens. Listen to that first answer.

That's your inner voice, listen to it all the time and don't allow your brain to distract you commit right now to trusting in yourself. Going back to the beginning of the episode, when I asked you, who do you trust? How do you even know who to trust, especially if you've experienced the runaround. Who do you listen to?

Where do you go when you need help? The answer to all of those questions should be you. You need to be the answer to all of those questions. When you are this person, you are the one that you consult. This is when you become the leader of your family's wellness. This doesn't mean that you will never need to see a professional.

Again, this doesn't mean that you won't need to look externally for answers from time to time. What it means is that you will seek that help after you first consult the person you trust the very most. Which is you. The fourth step is to learn all that you can about your gut health. Again, it is at the root, the very center of you and your child wellness learn what it means to nurture the gut.

What common foods are harmful to the good bacteria and what supplements nurture balance. This is so important. No matter if you are in the preventative or diagnostic stage, if anyone in your family has an imbalance gut. They will not experience optimal wellness. You can lead your entire family to wellness by learning how to nurture your gut.

You can heal their symptoms, reverse disease and prevent future illness. This is what I teach in my course, happy and healthy from the inside. How I teach you the. Inside and out in very digestible lessons, everything you need to know to lead your family's wellness from the very center of your being. When you enroll in this course, you also get to printed workbook.

That includes all of the sole care practices that I mentioned earlier. I am so honored. You are here to me. This means I am one of your trustworthy sources of information, and that greatly humbles me. I was in your shoes and I had to pave my own path. I had to figure out how. To become the leader of my family, because while we live in a beautiful world, no one cares about my family.

The way I do, no one cares about your family, the way you do, you are the most powerful advocate and leader that exists for your family. And I am here to empower you to run with that leadership, to share my knowledge with you. So together, we can lead our families in living our most happy. And healthy lives.

Thank you so much for joining me today. I'll be back on Monday.

Thank you so much for joining in today. Before you go, something you should know is that everything I share on this show is also applicable to you, not as your child. And did you know, I started only organics as a way to create and share the absolute best quality supplements and products that support gut balance shop

that's Lastly, I always wanna be very transparent that I am not a doctor, a nutritionist or a dietician. I am a certified family health coach, and most importantly, a mama with a passion sharing my story and the products and practices that have brought abundant health and happiness to my own family.

Please always listen to your own inner voice of wisdom and your healthcare professional. See you next week.

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