Is your probiotic actually doing anything?

Is your probiotic actually doing anything?

Transcript: [00:00:00] Hey mama. Welcome back to Follow Your Gut. I'm Sarah Bennett, founder of ōNLē ORGANICS. Once a survival mode, getting by mama turned, standing tall, homeschooling, world traveling, wellness sharing woman, but it wasn't all that long ago that I lacked the confidence, the knowledge and the time to focus on growing and truly leading my family's.

[00:00:33] Fast forward through many hard years, hundreds of hours of searching for answers, getting the complete runaround from the medical system and so many, many tears. And you'll see the life that I have today. One where my family thrives. I created follow your gut podcast to share the awareness of what is at the very root of your family's entire wellbeing.

[00:00:56] Clue your gut help. I'm gonna give you actionable ideas and inspire you to become the leader of your family's wellness. If you are an open minded mama looking to lead your family in natural ways that will undoubtedly change your life, you are in the right place. Let's get started.

[00:01:33] Woo. I underestimated COVID I know that COVID is a big deal and I know that everyone experiences it differently. And. That millions of people around the world have had this and millions of people have lost loved ones to this. And I was so silly to think, oh yeah, I'll just keep on recording podcasts while I have COVID.

[00:01:58] Whew. I was down for a solid week. It went through, my husband had it first, then me and my daughter got it at like the exact same moment. And then it wiped through all of our boys. And now here we are one week. Post my first symptoms. And I'd say I'm functioning here at about 80%. I have some serious brain fog happening where it's really hard to describe, but it's kind of like my brain is working slower, but I can feel that it's working slower and I can't make it speed up to my regular speed, really bizarre feeling.

[00:02:38] I've completely lost my sense of smell and. I, I heard this at the beginning of COVID, but I hadn't heard it for a while. Both my daughter and I zero taste or smell and the weird one, I can't sense temperature in my mouth. So I can't tell if a food is hot or cold. So I tell you it's kind of comical in our kitchen right now because I warming up soup and everybody's like, mama, it's cold.

[00:03:08] Um, or it's like, so darn hot. How are you eating it? Mama and, well, here, we're at it. Anyways. The last part I wanna tell you is my hips. I felt like I was in active labor for like the first two days of having COVID. I don't know. I just wanna share this with you because I, I ran a poll on Instagram and.

[00:03:33] Hundreds of, you said that you experienced this too. And I had never heard of this symptom. I don't know if it's with the newest strain or what is happening, but wow. That was really, really intense for me. I actually remember I was laying on my bed and I started crying because my husband was squeezing my hips together, just like he did when I was in labor and I just started crying and he.

[00:03:58] Are you, is it too much? Is it hurting? And I was like, I just am so emotional. He's like, oh, I'm sorry. You're emotional. What happened? Oh, babe, you haven't squeezed my hips like this since I had a baby, I wanna have another baby. So bad. and he's like, oh, oh, you know, he's had a vasectomy. And he's like, well, we can't have another baby, but I can squeeze your hips anytime, babe.

[00:04:24] Oh my gosh. Okay. Anyways. Thank you for being here with me. I might be a little bit slower as we move through this episode, but I'm not, not recording it because my brain is working slower. I wanna show up real with you all the time, and this is where I'm at right now. So. Grab a cup of tea, and we're gonna talk all things, probiotics, how to tell if your probiotic is working for you, what probiotics to look for when buying one to nurture your family's gut health.

[00:04:57] And yeah, let's jump into that. So there are two categories of probiotics. And I know you're thinking, what are you talking about? There's millions of different probiotics and you are right, but all of those millions of different strains of probiotics fit into two categories, spore forming, probiotics, and non spore, forming probiotics, a non spore forming probiotics.

[00:05:23] What this means is at the time of manufacturing is that its most potent its most potent state it's the most strong it's ever gonna be. And it kind of dies from there. These probiotic strains are very fragile and they do not thrive in a capsule. so they begin to die. And by the time you consume them a lot of times, unfortunately there's not a whole lot left and they're so fragile from living in an environment that wasn't very nurturing to them that they kind of die before they make it to your gut.

[00:05:58] Anyway. . So if you are investing in a probiotic for your family's gut health, what you really wanna look for is a spore forming probiotic. What this means is that at the time of encapsulation, it actually goes dormant. So I like to look, think of spore, forming probiotics. Like maybe like a carrot seed. You buy carrot seeds, they're dried, they're dormant inside that bag.

[00:06:28] And then when you plant 'em in rich soil and you give them water, they germinate and they grow the same is true for a spore forming probiotic when you consume it germinates and it becomes more inside your body. these streams of probiotics tend to be more hearty and they're stronger, but they're kind of hard to come by.

[00:06:56] They're much harder to manufacture up front and they're much more expensive to source. And so many, many, many probiotic companies out there. Unfortunately in it for the, like the quick turnaround, right? They get to say this many CFU on the front. That's how many back live bacteria there is per capsule.

[00:07:21] But that count is at the time of manufacturing. This is true for both categories of probiotics, but when you're buying non spore, forming probiotics, when you finally consume them, it's much less than that number. Whereas a spore forming probiotic, you can bet that it's pretty. To being that initial number.

[00:07:42] So say it's 5 billion CFU is what is in each capsule. By the time you consume it, you can bet it's pretty close to being still 5 billion CFU, except when you consume it, it actually expands. It grows. It becomes more. And so when you are investing in a probiotic for your family's gut health, having a spore forming probiotic, Is really, really amazing because what it does, it kind of, it goes in and it makes, so there's no space for those bad bacteria.

[00:08:16] And so when you first start taking a spore, forming probiotic you'll know that it's working because you might experience some die off symptoms. This is where again, you take this for forming probiotic, it germinates when you take it and then. Excuse me. And then it leaves very little space for the bad bacteria.

[00:08:42] So those begin to die off. You might experience pimples or headaches or a little bit restless sleep for a few days, whatever your symptom is of imbalance. So. Again, maybe pimples, maybe like a vaginal itch. Um, whatever your body's weakness is, however, your body, most typically exhibits symptoms. Every person has their thing.

[00:09:13] Like one of my children, it's an eczema rash. One of my children, it's her mood one like every person for me, I will occasionally get a pimple or surprisingly for me, I get more constipation than diarrhea, but a diarrhea is a lot for, is very common for a lot of people. So whatever your body. Way of exhibiting symptoms is you will likely see that in the first couple of days, this is a good sign.

[00:09:39] The SPO forming probiotic is doing its job. Just stick with it. Don't give up too early. okay. I wanna tell you one trick with children to know if their probiotic is working. If your child is experiencing behavioral issues, you can give your child a probiotic and then just kind of observe them for like 10 minutes.

[00:10:02] And if you have a probiotic that is a quality. Spore forming probiotic that works, you will see it impact their behavior like that. It is so amazing and beautiful to watch because they can be like, I have one child who he's kind of like my fire, nice child he's very spicy. Um, and when he has a little bit of a gut imbalance, his behavior is the first thing to go and.

[00:10:32] I can just see there's a different look in his eye and he just gets real. He's real quick to make kind of poor decisions and you can see it. It's like on purpose. Um, But beyond his control, it's really, really fascinating, but I'll give him a probiotic. And in within 10 minutes he is calm and content and peaceful in his body.

[00:10:57] And you can see he's like thinking things through and making purposeful good decisions. It is wild. It is so wild to see. So if you have a quality probiotic, you can do this test and you can even do it for yourself. If you are experiencing maybe mood fluctuations, or maybe you're having a behavioral outburst, you can take a probiotic and feel yourself, write it down.

[00:11:26] I took it at nine 40. How am I feeling chart it every two minutes or so. And within 10 minutes you are gonna feel so different. I don't wanna leave you hanging here, like, uh, okay. A spore forming probiotic. Where on earth do I get that? Um, I've already done all that legwork for you. When I created only organics, I was sure to source the absolute best quality spore forming probiotic.

[00:11:53] And I have it very reasonably priced. If you get it on subscription, you get 60 doses for $33. Free shipping. You will not find another probiotic like this, of this quality for this price anywhere. And I'm not trying to sell you again. I will say this. And I mean it, from my bottom of my heart, I will repeat this over and over and over.

[00:12:20] And every episode I have not created this podcast to sell you. I'm here to educate you and empower you with information so that, you know, how to take leadership of your family's wellness. What to look for, how to live a gut nurturing lifestyle. But there's a lot of parts where like, I'm writing this with you, I'm doing this alongside you, and I've already done a lot of the work.

[00:12:46] And so I feel that it would be selfish if I didn't say, here you go. So this is me here. I'm not trying to sell you nourish probiotic, but if you are looking, it is a fantastic option. And if you have any other questions about maybe a different brand or a different. One that you have, and you wanna kind of compare labels, or if you need anything like that, you can, um, you can send me a DM on Instagram at only O N L E organics.

[00:13:17] I love, I love it all. I love going over it with you. I can't tell you how many pictures of poop. I get every week, little diapers is what's wrong with my baby's poop or look at my baby's rash or look at this probiotic. Is this a good one? Should I start here? Is this a good one for my infant? What should I do?

[00:13:37] And, um, Which actually brings up one last question that I wanna go over before I wrap it up for today is nourish is a capsule. And this is on purpose it's because at time of manufacturer, right, it's for forming. And so you put it in a capsule, it goes dormant until it's consumed. And I didn't want any different, I didn't want a different option for children who can't swallow a capsule.

[00:14:01] I didn't want a chewable that's full of preservatives and dyes and flavors and sweeteners. Nourish is just pure. It's only what you need. Just like every single that's actually why I named my business only organics. It's only the ingredients you need and no fillers or extras or anything more. And so when you give your child, if they can't swallow a capsule, you just open that capsule and you mix the powder with a little bit of water or with my cleanse product or.

[00:14:31] Um, I've heard of moms putting it on apple sauce or in yogurt and you just mix it together and they just take it once a day and children love it. It has a very naturally occurring sweet flavor and it's no big deal. And if you have an infant, that's not yet like drinking a little cup of water. Something you can.

[00:14:55] I actually sell something in my shop called a little convenience kit. It's $3. It's a little medicine cup with a syringe so that you can mix the probiotic. with whatever you're choosing, um, water cleanse and, or even breast milk. And then you can just give it to your infant with the syringe. Okay. Mama, thank you so much for being here today.

[00:15:18] Again, this isn't a sales pitch. It's just, I've done this work for my family. I'm sharing it with you. If it. And it, it resonates with your heart. Okay. I'm not gonna commit when I will be back here soon because I'm being really honest. This has wiped me out. So I'm being gentle with myself as I recover from COVID.

[00:15:42] Um, but you can expect, I have a whole lot of inspirations building up inside of me and I'm gonna be back pretty consistent coming up soon. If nothing else I'll see you next Monday, but hopefully sooner.

[00:16:01] Thank you so much for joining in today before you go, something you should know is that everything I share on this show is also applicable to you, not just your child. And did you know, I started only organics as a way to create and share the absolute best quality supplements and product. That support, that balance shop only

[00:16:21] That's Lastly, I always wanna be very transparent that I am not a doctor, a nutritionist or a dietician. I am a certified family health coach and most important. A mama with a passion sharing my story and the products and practices that have brought abundant health and happiness in my please, always listen to your own inner voice of wisdom.

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