How to Use Sleep Deprivation to Make You a Superwoman

How to Use Sleep Deprivation to Make You a Superwoman

I haven’t been sleeping that great the last few nights and I know this is something you experience from time to time too so I wanted to talk about it.

Sleep is one of those make it or break it things. And let’s be honest, we all naturally dread sleep deprivation. I know this is going to sound crazy but! What if you shift that dread to permission?

When you dread something you allow all of your weaknesses to surface and you spiral in negativity. You question, you over think and try to fix everything that feels wrong and ultimately exhaust yourself even more. 

When you allow yourself to see normal things like occasional sleep deprivation as an opportunity and give yourself permission to be tired while also embodying the woman and mother you desire being - this! Is when you change your life and become a superwoman. 

So? How the heck to do this? When you have a process that you lean on it can change everything. So today I want to share mine. I use this process anytime I am feeling off. Sleep deprivation or just overall funky. 

Step 1: Validate. 

What is causing your sleep deprivation? Hormones, newborn, big exciting shifts in business? Gut imbalance? 

Step 2: Super commit to your self- care. 

When you are tired this is when your mind will try to trick you that you can’t do it. You don’t have time. No motivation. Everything else around you is so wrong you just can’t fit it in. NO! 

  • Gratitude journal.
  • Brain dumping
  • Sip tea
  • Go for a walk
  • Read a book for fun
  • DON'T skip your daily ritual!
  • Do the simple things that make you feel good. (Earrings etc)

Step 3: What matters most?

Write down the minimum you need to do in motherhood, homeschool, business, house work. Focus your energy there and no where else. Make space for rest. 

Step 4: Menu Plan

This is when you likely slip on your nurturing foods. You are tired and don’t want to make meals from scratch. I get it! But! When you eat processed foods you keep the cycle going longer. Make a big batch of soup in the morning and eat that all day. Simple is best!

Step 5: Nurture your gut health.

It is possible that gut imbalance caused your sleep to slip OR whatever caused your sleep to slip will most likely impact your gut bacteria. This is a time to double down. For me this looks like taking a dose of cleanse, nourish and balance.

Step 6: Have conversations with yourself. 

“I know that seems like it needs fixed right now Sarah but right now it’s best to just leave it. Come back in a few days if it really matters. I am tired right now and it’s okay.”

When you learn this process and try it out you will feel so good. Of course you will still feel tired but that’s it. No more with all that emotional drama you create for yourself. It really is these vulnerable times that are the true opportunities for us to step into who we desire being. 

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