How To Make Social Distancing Memorable

How To Make Social Distancing Memorable

As a family we made the choice to keep our kids home. I have spent all day every day with my kids since becoming a mama. 3,513 days to be exact. I hope this post touches you in an inspirational way. I know we have a leg up here, not because we are better but because this is our everyday. This does not come from a place of judgement but a place of experience. When we aren’t traveling we live in a little home in the wild. One of our top priorities is to have long slow days where our kids have the freedom to feel bored. Where they can sink so deep into not knowing what to do that they find magical inspiration in the most simple of things. We intentionally practice social distancing regularly because space is what allows us to live most in tune with our own hearts.

With all of that, we sometimes find ourselves in a funk. Maybe we didn’t sleep well the night before, maybe it is windy and we can’t go outside. Maybe we simply get antsy. I have compiled a list of ten things I would recommend to any family who is all the sudden trapped at home and has no idea what to do.

  1. Your kids are going to remember this time. Make it memorable. Your home is not a classroom so forget about trying to replicate it. Your kids are not going to fall behind or forget all they have learned in school. This situation is what it is so make the most of it by doing things you enjoy doing together. Turn on some fun music and settle in. 
  2. Honor and prioritize personal time. Taking care of ourselves allows us to take care of each other. I usually go for a walk right after breakfast. The kids have free time while my husband cleans up and then he usually goes for a run during down time.
  3. Sink into a rhythm. This is key to having good days. Rotate back and forth between active and calm activities. Breakfast all together, free time to play, snack and read together time, maybe some comic kids yoga on YouTube, down time, fresh air time, make dinner together, play a game, take a bath and call it a day.
  4. Establish a down time. A time mid day where you lay down with your kids. Yep, I mean it. Get all cozy together in one bed. This will allow all of you to lay quietly and recharge. We turn on an audible. My two babies nap while my six and nine year old listen to the book. I try to listen with them but sometimes doze in and out. This time saves my everyday. I know I can make it through any kind of morning because I have this recharge hour to rely on. A few of our favorite audibles are The Little House on the Prairie series, Charlottes Web (E.B. White himself reads the book and it is sooo amazing), The Trumpet of the Swan and Anne of Green Gables.
  5. Whether it be the book you read aloud together or the audiobook you listen to, let it be a family experience. The Little House series has been so much fun. Make snacks from the books, watch the movie or tv series. Let them come alive.
  6. Get in the kitchen together!! Bake and create. Kids LOVE this. It’s okay if the recipe isn’t followed exactly. Just have fun.
  7. Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t go outside. Drive somewhere you have never been, park the car and follow your kids. My mind always pictures walking on a path or in the road but naturally my kids always take off up the mountainside. And it’s always way better. We find old bones, moss, snow plants and little animals. This can turn into a full day if you throw a few snacks in your pocket and sink into the moment. Find magic with them.
  8. Be gentle to yourself. Everyday isn’t amazing. Sometimes the tv gets turned on and that’s okay. You can try to make it intentional by only allowing educational options or make it a whole family experience by popping some popcorn and building a “movie theatre fort”.
  9. Download the Down Dog yoga app. This suggestion is not sponsored, it is just an app that keeps me sane.
  10. Tuck the kids into bed early. After spending the whole day together it’s okay to call it at 7:00. In fact it’s lovely for everyone.
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I love this post. Thank you for all the positive ideas. your husband sounds awesome!


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